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Display / Re: Rgb2Hdmi enterprise profile
« on: 2021.November.21. 10:29:36 »
Thank you for the info, they actually help, I have a decent profile atm, but I’m using it on a digital ttl interface on the rgb2hdmi since I missing one ic from the analog interface to complete the job.
I’m waiting it from China so will post results and profile as soon as I got it.

Display / Re: Rgb2Hdmi enterprise profile
« on: 2021.November.09. 13:06:50 »
Also if anyone have any of the following specs

The resolution of the computer video output. (If it has multiple resolutions you need the highest one)
The approximate pixel aspect ratio (not the screen aspect ratio)
The sync type (composite or separate H/V) ... “here composite works fine”
The pixel clock frequency
The number of clock cycles per line

Display / Rgb2Hdmi enterprise profile
« on: 2021.November.09. 13:00:28 »
Anyone here with an rgb2hdmi device for some help?
I’ve started to create an enterprise profile for this device, I made some progress but I can’t eliminate a minor number of random black dots noise.
I’ll post the profile and a sampling video by tomorrow.

Maintenance / Re: Extraneous item identification...
« on: 2021.October.15. 11:04:12 »
Here is the serial number, one more question.
I have the 03-07 cartridge with basic and German keyboard 128 EPROMs, i modded it as from your schematic to use 256 eprom and transfer the exdos eprom from the dd interface in place of basic to use the extra ram option on it and it works perfectly, I now have 512k ram. Will this mode allow also to use 512 EPROMs?
Thank you

Ps. Never mind just saw pin 1 a15 is on vcc so clearly no, ha ha

Maintenance / Extraneous item identification...
« on: 2021.October.14. 16:43:13 »
Hi guys it’s a serious post ...

I’ve opened my newly acquired ep128 to do some maintenance, fixed a keyboard contact on the membrane, installing a 2.4 exos eprom and some contact cleaning on the edge for my newly build disk drive interface (thanks to Pear for all info and schematics).
Now at some point this thing on the foto dropped from somewhere, is this some sort of factory patch or user work, just to put it back for originality.
Thank you.

Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2021.September.29. 16:10:13 »
Hi All!

I don't know what happened here? :-) I thought, I started this year with a respectable stock of SD adapters ...
All adapters have been taken away in the last month, currently out of stock. :-/

I just started scratching how i could manufacture ... because some items rely on chinese delivery.

I'll be back when I succeed, I hope later this year!

Any updates on this one?

Wanted / Looking for an Sd card interface
« on: 2021.September.20. 13:05:45 »
I know it’s a long shot but if someone has a spare one to sell you will make me and our Athens Retro Center club and all the visitors really happy. I wrote the author but no reply yet.
I know there is the disk drive interface I already ordered the pcb and have the parts but just in case.
Thank you all.

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Rendelések / Orders
« on: 2021.September.20. 12:58:06 »
Hello my friend,

I’d like to order 2 grey joystick caps and one red secod generation.
Shipping will be registered Mail to Athens Greece.
Thank you, Akis

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