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Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2019.February.06. 20:00:26 »
Hi Guys,

after a year of sleeping I am finally back again! :)
Thanks to GFlorez and Hans/TMTLogic there is so much cool new hardware available, it really has to be supported :P
SymbOS EP with Graphics9000 support is already working:
My plan is to release SymbOS 3.1 with support for all this new stuff (including SymAmp MP3 support for the EP - ok, I think you already have a hacked version of it? - Graphics9000 support for the EP, and more stuff) during spring time.
It's really great to be back again in the world of Z80! :)


Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2017.August.30. 20:14:11 »
Oops, it seems, that I mixed the SymAmp versions! Sorry Geco, I will check it and update the correct one!

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.December.01. 02:28:17 »
Thanks for the hint! I will check it tomorrow!

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.December.01. 01:29:15 »
On the other side, I can't un-check the Floppy disk option on Control Panel/Mass storage, so I can't create a new device for a SD partition. Is it only me?
You want to delete the floppy disc? Just press "DEL" after selecting it.
But maybe it's another issue? The radio buttons "floppy disc"/"sd/mmc card reader" should work (at least here on my side).

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.December.01. 00:01:53 »
What I miss once and now yet, that HDD (winchester) treatment! Prodatron you plan it...? :-)
Ep128, are you speaking about the IDE interface (which is emulated in EP128Emu)?

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.November.30. 23:25:43 »
I reached module #54 now, no hang at all :D

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.November.30. 23:01:03 »
Thanks so much Geco!
I am currently enjoying my Enterprise 128 as a very cool jukebox with your new SymAmp version and many PT3 modules! :D
I will make more tests tomorrow!

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.November.30. 17:49:14 »
I am not an ESP8266 expert at all, but the only thing I heard is, that you can communicate via AT commands like with a modem. Here you can trigger commands and get results. There should also be the possibility to reprogram the ESP8266 to communicate in another way.
In case of the "M4 Board" for the CPC the core part is an M4Cortex, which is communicating with the CPC and controls both the ESP8266 and the SD card reader. So the Z80 doesn't communicate with the ESP8266 directly.

A few ESPs have just arrived in the post...
Wow! A Z80 machine with Wifi really rocks! :)

Other topics / Re: MSX Computers
« on: 2016.November.30. 17:36:39 »
and it seems, that he already made a SymbOS driver :)
Hm, unfortunately there is only the original code for the Sunrise IDE interface :(
But with this code...
...it should be possible to make a SymbOS driver as well.

Other topics / Re: MSX Computers
« on: 2016.November.30. 17:33:41 »
Ok, I watched some Youtube videos about it, it seems to be something different.
Wow, now I even found the Github project:
and it seems, that he already made a SymbOS driver :)

I will have a look at it...

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.November.30. 13:12:54 »
I said "dreaming". For me that wouldn't be an Enterprise.

I think that the really missing piece on the EP is some form of hardware sprites.
And I am still dreaming about Ethernet for the Enterprise :P

Since this year we finally have a network hardware for the CPC as well (based on the ESP8266 wlan modul):

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.November.30. 13:06:48 »
The V9990 is accessed only by these few ports (on the MSX):

; Port defines
G9K_VRAM                EQU     #60     ; R/W
G9K_PALETTE             EQU     #61     ; R/W
G9K_CMD_DATA            EQU     #62     ; R/W
G9K_REG_DATA            EQU     #63     ; R/W
G9K_REG_SELECT          EQU     #64     ; W
G9K_STATUS              EQU     #65     ; R
G9K_INT_FLAG            EQU     #66     ; R/W
G9K_SYS_CTRL            EQU     #67     ; W
G9K_OUTPUT_CTRL         EQU     #6F     ; R/W

So you only need a range of 16 port addresses and can fully use the V9990, which has its own video ram. So maybe it is pretty easy to build an interface for it. SymbOS supports a resolution of up to 1024x212 at 16 colours.
But I agree that a Graphics9000 output wouldn't look like an Enterprise anymore, but it would be a nice project anyway :)
On the MSX it was a little bit different, as it is still looking similiar to the VDP9938 etc. Though even here there was not that much software released for the Graphics9000, a huge part of the apps which run with the G9K are now coming from SymbOS.

Other topics / Re: MSX Computers
« on: 2016.November.30. 12:30:46 »
Are you speaking about this one?

If yes, it is possible :)
(starting at 3:33)

There is a driver for the SD reader, and the SymbOS installer will autodetect it (you will see it in the video).

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.November.29. 22:33:32 »
The reason why the extended partitions pop up: users want to use Sym Commander as file manager for Enterprise partitions.
Then will be good if all partitions can be accessed.
Ok, I agree... Shouldn't be a problem to extend it for the next version!

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2016.November.29. 16:20:36 »
There is also a "not partitioned" option, probably to format to FAT16/32 within SymbOS. I've not tested if an already created FAT32 partition is detected and used.
Zozo is correct. Today sometimes an MBR is added with one partition, and sometimes there is no MBR, the boot sector of the first partition is directly placed at physical sector 0. In this case you have to select "not partitioned".
I am using the "big" SD card at my EP for all the FAT12 partitions and the micro SD card as a FAT32 device with 32GB for SymbOS only. So I have at least one partition which is shared between EXDOS and SymbOS and one big for all the additional data which can be used in SymbOS (videos etc :) ).
Due to its ability to access larger FAT16 and gigantic FAT32 partitions (up to 2TB in theory) I didn't see the need for supporting extended partitions before (it would made the routine for "activating" a partition a litte bit bigger).

The question are: how many drives (letters) are possible under SymbOS? If also possible up to Z, then only the partition collection routine needed to be extended.
You can use any drive letter between A-Z, but the total number is limited to 8 (again with a nice FAT32 partition this is more than enough :P )

Prodatron say previously it is only possible in the "for extended Enterprise" version, which can be use a different memory map.
That's correct!

Well, with mass-storage solutions now like SD-card, isn't it possible to save the system segment, to the card and restore on exit?
Hm, good idea, maybe the boot loader can do this before starting SymbOS. Then no changes in SymbOS itself are required at all, just a "restore app", which is executed when you quit SymbOS...

This SymAmp are available?
It's currently in Gecos hands :) I just tested his first version from yesterday evening, which he was sending to me.

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