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Other topics / New person here
« on: 2021.April.13. 22:05:34 »
Hello, I'm Graham, I just joined the board as I bought an Enterprise 64 a while back on eBay and was interested to talk to other people who had one.
I didn't have one when growing up in the UK. I had a Spectrum, 48K then 128K, then a Sam Coupe (wish I'd kept this, they are super rare nowadays) and then went on to Amigas and PCs.
But I'd always thought it looked interesting in the magazines, and when I had the chance I had to add one to my collection.

I have a few questions:
Is the only difference between the 64 and the 128 the amount of onboard RAM? Is it possible to upgrade a 64 to the same as a 128?
Is there an Android app to play back the tapes through an audio lead? Or a program to convert them to WAV files that I could play back? It seems like the Enterprise TAP format is not compatible with the Spectrum one.

Anyway, nice to meet you all.
-- Graham.

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