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Games / Re: Wizball
« on: 2022.September.16. 19:51:40 »
Wow, that's a very promising start!!
At last, this game was really missing from the EP gamelist!
Very good job, thanks a lot, geco!!!

Other topics / Re: OTLA for Enterprise???
« on: 2022.August.22. 18:23:48 »
Try the tapeserver.

Hi Zozo, I will definitely do, as soon as I set my real EP128 up! :)
I was just thinking that it would be easier and far more user-friendly for the average EP noob (like me) to be able to directly convert the readily available TAP files to some kind of turbo loading sound, just like EPTE is already supposed to do with "max speed" option, but in even higher loading rates...

Other topics / Re: OTLA for Enterprise???
« on: 2022.August.22. 10:06:31 »
I could not find so many details on OTLA / K7ZX. Does it add its own turbo loader routine, or is it  handled by original, unmodified hardware and ROM routines?

Hi Zoldalma, thanks for your replies!
I am not a specialist in such things, but I understand that both k7zx and OTLA (which relies on one specific turboloading routine of k7zx) load as first part a tiny "normal" routine on the speccy, which prepares the computer to "listen" to much higher baud rates than these supported by the ROM, and as a second part they load a dump of the whole 48k RAM (when using .SNA or .Z80 files as source), or the main machine code part of a program converted in custom turbo format, which bypasses the ROM standard loading routine.

Of course this method is only targeting to one-time loading programs (not the multi-part games etc.) and unlocked, normal-loading, without any special protection, custom loaders or other modifications already existing into the original source program.
The perfect deal is to use .SNA or .Z80 files as source, as dumped (the whole 48k RAM map) by the various emulators, as these are considered as pure, standard-loading dumps, without any tricky custom loading methods or locking techniques.

You can look at an example here

These work perfectly on any unmodified machine, no hardware modifications needed at all...

Other topics / Re: OTLA for Enterprise???
« on: 2022.August.18. 06:58:27 »
Don't worry kokkiklhs, I am sure that sooner or later a skilled coder will read the source out of curiosity.

I hope so, my friend gflorez!
The developer of v2.2 is Francisco Villa Rodriguez, apparently he is Spanish, I was wondering if there is a way to contact him directly... Does he appear in the retrowiki.es forum, do you know if he is still active? I could write to him, to ask him about it!
He does give an email address, but after all these years, since 2008, I am not sure it will be still valid...

Other topics / Re: OTLA for Enterprise???
« on: 2022.August.17. 06:06:05 »
Two questions. One: Why no try at all? Those experienced EP programmers were at a time exactly the same as you are now. But they tried and learned. Two: Why such a cumbersome thing? Emulation and SD-card readers solve fast loading in a much more convenient way. Not mentioning saving.
One: Too old to start learning such things, at my 50s... Yes, I could surely try, but it would take me years... for an experienced programmer, this would take 2-3 afternoons, since the source code is ready...
Two: I wasn't talking about emulators, it's about those who own the real thing! And SD cards, where are they?
Thanks for your reply!!

Other topics / OTLA for Enterprise???
« on: 2022.August.16. 15:09:24 »
I was thinking about the brilliant OTLA project 2.2:

This is up and going with wonderful turbo loading results from WAV or MP3, since 2008 for the ZX81, Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX computers ( haven't tested on MSX yet :mrgreen: ), so why not also for the EP computers? A normal Spectrum 48k proggy can be loaded flawlessly in less than 30 seconds!!!
Of course I have already tried the "max speed" option on EPTE, which is good, but is this REALLY the max speed that EP computers can handle?

As stated by the OTLA developer(s), this super-proggy is based on one ("slow but reliable") of the multiple turbo-routines as can be found on the K7ZX turbo loading utility for the ZX Spectrum. Unfortunately the K7ZX link seems not to be working anymore:

..., but it originally contained MUCH faster turbo loading routines for the Speccy, than the one used in OTLA and it can still be downloaded (without source code) here:

Anyway, the source code of the last OTLA version (2.2) is freely available, could one or some of you, experienced EP programmers have a look, please?
I believe that most EP enthusiasts who own/use a real EP machine rather than an emulator, cannot easily find/afford disk controllers etc, nor have real -original or not- cassettes, so the main solution is loading .tap files through EPTE or the special version of Tapir.
Wouldn't it be nice to develop a separate OTLA-like seriously fast and effective tape turbo-loading utility for use with the EP .tap files, or even integrate an EP option in the already existing OTLA? Or is it too much what my idea suggests?


Games / Re: Wizball
« on: 2022.August.08. 19:20:01 »
The EP has 8+8 colors in 160x200, similar to C64.
I even have a palette setup which is very close to the C64 colors (BIAS makes it impossible to be 100% accurate)
There are smart techniques for smooth scrolling and fast sprite handling, so a C64-like port is possible.
The only problem is that the resolution of the scroll and sprite positions is 320 pixel on the C64, even if the screen resolution is only 160 pixels. This makes the movements on C64 nice and smooth - something what we can not achieve on EP.

Oh, even that way, we still have high expectations from a powerful machine, like the EP!!!
And I am also very glad that you found my idea about Wizball interesting, I hope that you start your research as soon as you find the time, and please, keep us informed!

Games / Re: Wizball
« on: 2022.August.08. 12:25:32 »
But there is a special attribute mode, which are similar to ZX Spectrum.
Then possible 320x with 16 colors, but with a limitation: in a 8 pixels (character size) only 2 colors possible. One byte used for store pixel data, and one for attribute data which are define the current ink and paper color for the 8 pixels.

Oh, I see, so direct porting of ST graphics is practically impossible... Anyway, EP still rocks!!!

Games / Re: Wizball
« on: 2022.August.08. 11:39:44 »
Surprisingly even the graphics looks better on C64, and the sprites are XOR-ed to the screen on CPC, it was a lazy port of the game :(
I agree, the colors are nice on CPC, but the C64 version has better detail and in general is as good as it could be back then, excellent work from the programmers and sound/gfx artists!

I checked a lot of versions, except the Atari ST version, i did not like the Amiga version either.
I am asking a rather silly and theoretic question, just for the sake of chit-chat here, as I am an EP noob:
I understand that EP can display 320X256 in 16 colors, is that right? All lo-res Atari ST games are in 320X200, 16 colors. Could they be imported to EP somehow? I am not talking for Wizball particularly, but for other games as well.
I mean, could a game port e.g. from CPC to EP keep the Z80 "game engine" (main code) and make use of ready Atari ST graphics? Would this be possible?

Hardware / Re: Internal speaker vs. audio out
« on: 2022.August.08. 11:04:14 »
If you use SCART lead, sound is present on monitor connector. But the tape loading sound is also present.
If you get the sound from tape out connector instead of monitor connector sound pins, then you have no loading sound on tv/monitor.
(Attachment Link)
Yes! The SET SPEAKER OFF disables only the internal speaker.
Unfortunatelly many machine code games don't use the SPEAKER system variable, then switch it on again :evil:
So the first hw hack that the most EP users do: cutting the speaker wire or at least putting a switch on it :twisted:

Oh, thanks a lot, Zozo!! :)
I now have to test all these on my real machine, as soon as I find the time!

Games / Re: Wizball
« on: 2022.August.08. 09:17:59 »
I checked the versions on Youtube, the worst is the CPC version, much worse than the Speccy which is faster, has a horizontal scroll etc.

Good morning!
Yes, you are right, but the colors on CPC are nice. The absence of horizontal scrolling makes it look bad, I think that the best solution would be a combination of CPC graphics with Speccy scrolling routines or someting like that, but I guess that this would need a loooot of work and time...
Let's hope that AoC, as he wrote above, will make such an effort! I think it's worth it for such a special game!!!
Anyway, you guys rock!! I wish I were a programmer, EP has a lot more to show among the other 8bit home computers, it's just a matter of serious and clever programming!

As for 8bit versions, the C64 wins by all means, super sound, great animation and scrolling, unique arcade-quality playability! But the problem is that it has a 6510 inside, instead of Z80...

As for 16bits, the Amiga version looks rather poor, shaggy animation and scrolling, reduced playing area on PAL, while the Atari ST version is far better and faster, you should check it out!

Hardware / Re: Internal speaker vs. audio out
« on: 2022.August.08. 07:38:57 »
You can use command SET TAPE SOUND OFF to disable loading sounds.

Oopsss, that's what happens when you haven't read the manual..!!! :oops:
Thank you! To be honest, I didn't expect IS BASIC to have such an option, this is brilliant!

And what about what Zozosoft said above? If I understood correctly, you can send the sound to an external independent amplifier through tape OUT when using RF for display? Is that right? Can this be done even with the internal speaker previously disabled with BASIC command?
I haven't got my real EP handy right now, to do the testing...

Hardware / Re: Internal speaker vs. audio out
« on: 2022.August.08. 00:12:56 »
One trick: if you connect the audio wires from the Tape output instead the Monitor connector you get a louder sound, and without Tape loading sound.

Zozo, excuse me for coming backto this 5-year old thread, but as I was searching for a solution to avoid the annoyingly loud loading sound of the internal speaker WITHOUT having to turn speaker off, I came accross this very topic!
As I'm using RF instead of SCART right now, can you please explain this trick in a little more detail? I don't quite understand what you mean...

Games / Re: Arcade ports/emulators
« on: 2022.August.07. 22:35:17 »
we have at least 2 :-D
Wizard of Wor

Hey, I hadn't noticed them!!! Both perfect, what can I say...
Pacman is EXACTLY what I was thinking of!
Thumbs up and many thanks!!!

There is also a Scramble variant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m_AjUSxa-w

I had seen this one, very nice version indeed, but I was talking about the "real thing"!
But anyway, thank you, SlashNet!

Games / Re: Wizball
« on: 2022.August.07. 22:31:26 »
Wow, I was sure that there would be interest and even the start of this discussion from you gives a great perspective!
Thank you both, fellows!!!

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