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Hardware / Spider's Computer List
« on: 2006.June.18. 01:30:49 »
Here is a list (with links) of what I have owned since 1983.....
(They are listed in the order of owning - as I remember anyway)

1] Oric-1
First computer I ever owned, way back in 1983 - I was 16 years old.

2] Oric Atmos
Upgraded from the Oric-1 to this true beauty.
Recently I was given another one by a friend, since mine no longer works.

3] Dragon 32
We were given this computer by my cousin, who no longer wanted it.
I had written a BASIC language program for my parents business on my Oric Atmos. Converted the program to run on the Dragon, which freed up the Atmos for my own use!

4] Jupiter Ace
Quirky little machine, and quite unique in that it did not have BASIC but had Forth instead.

5] Acorn Electron
The little brother to the mighty BBC-B (which I could never afford). Got this one from a friend, played with it for a while, and then passed it on also.

6] Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Although "evil" to Oric owners, I do admit to have owned one for a while. The only good thing I can say about it, is that there were plenty of games made for it.

7] Atari 400
Went into Currys in my hometown one day, and saw one of these on sale for only 10 pounds!!! It had been reposessed by the company. Actually a very nice machine.

8] Atari 800XL
Bought one second hand from a friend after I got the Atari 400, and had major fun with this great machine. Eventually gave it to my brother.

9] Enterprise 128
The highlight of my collection. Still have this wonderful machine, but it is currently in my Mum's house in Scotland.
Even bought a disk drive controller and Cumana 3.5" drive for it.

10] Amstrad PCW8256
This is the system that my parents bought, to replace the aging Dragon 32, and it was quite an excellent package for the price. It came complete with a monitor, 3" disk drive, and dot matrix printer.
It had two main modes of operation... a word-processor named Locoscript (which I liked very much), and the ability to run CP/M extremely well. I rewrote the business BASIC program to Mallard BASIC which ran on CP/M.

11] Amstrad PCW8512
Upgraded version of the PCW8256 above, with 2 disk drives, and more memory.
For link - see above.

12] Amiga A1200
The mainstay of my computer systems for the longest time. Only recently did I put this beloved machine into storage, and only because I found myself no longer using it.
I had upgraded it from a stock machine, featured here:
to being in a tower, with a 850MB HD, and 10MB of RAM.

13] Amiga A600
Given to me by my sister for a while, I played with it, but did not use it that much since I already had the A1200. So, I gave it back to her.

14] Commodore CDTV
This computer was designed for use in the living room, and came complete with a remote control and CD player.
Basically, it was a reboxed Commodore Amiga 500.
Personally, I used it more as a CD player than an actual computer. Got mine dirt cheap from a company I worked for. Think I gave it to a family member before I left for USA.

15] AST PC
120 Pentium, Win95, 16MB RAM (upgraded to 80MB), 8xCD-ROM, 1.2G HD, 33.6 Fax Modem
(No link needed - its just a PC)

16] Gateway PC
166 MMX Pentium, Win98, 256MB RAM, 24xCD-ROM, 2G+30G HDs, Cable Modem
(No link needed - its just a PC)

17] Commodore 128
Upgraded version of the famous C64, with 128K of RAM.
The system I have now, was my wife's and her brothers. It has 3 x 5.25" disk drives and came with loads of software. Don't have time to use it, so it sits in a cupboard.

18] Cyber-Power PC
AMD64 3200+, WinXP-Pro, 1G RAM, Sony DWD-22A Dual Format 16X DVD±R/±RW +CD-R/RW, 40G+200G HDs, Cable Modem, plus a heap of extras I will not even go into.
This is my current mainstay internet computer.
(No link needed - its just a PC - but in a blue case with windows and fans!)

19] Apple MacIntosh LC II
16 MHz 68030 CPU, 10MB RAM, 1G HD
Given to me by a church friend that was moving. Great machine in its time, but now sits gathering dust in my spare room.
Mine is not exactly the one pictured in this link, but more of the "pizza box" type.

20] HP PC
Celeron 500, Win98, 192MB RAM, 24 x CD-ROM, 10G HD
My spare PC for internet use, but my main one for running Euphoric - an Oric computer emulator.
(No link needed - its just a PC)

Other topics / Enterprise Application Notes
« on: 2006.June.16. 19:12:11 »
Quote from: "Zozosoft"
I downloaded, and try to open, but I get a error messages and blank pages :(

Same here! :(

Quote from: "Zozosoft"

Yes it is work with EP32! When I work on this programs, I use the EP32 for testing.
After the Bumpy loaded, you pressed the Y or the N key?
And in the Popup, when scrolling, then press 1 or 2 or 3.
Note: the Popup is "beta version", now have some bugs, and no sound in the main program... I working on it :)

Ok... working now!
Never knew I had to press those keys. Must be missing the instructions somewhere! ;)

Is one of the bugs in the controls?
In Bumpy I pressed the UP key to bounce higher to get back up a level on the platform.
Could not get the same to work in Popup.

PS... shall continue scanning 'Private Enterprise' soon. Life has been that busy.

Quote from: "Povi"
Zozosoft has converted Bumpy from Spectrum. (the same game as the Pop Up).

Hiya Povi,
Do these games (Bumpy & Pop Up) work on EP32?
I am having problems with both.

Bumpy loads the screen, and then the program, then I cannot get it to do anything else.
Pop Up loads up ok, the starfield scrolls, and then same problem as above.

Do I need to use ep128emu for these, or am I missing something else?

Other topics / Private Enterprise No.3
« on: 2006.May.28. 02:33:49 »
Private Enterprise Magazine
Issue 3

Published by the I.E.U.G. (Independant Enterprise Users Group).

Images were scanned at 300dpi in the PNG format.
Click on the thumbnails to open the full scan in a new window.

Other topics / Private Enterprise No.2
« on: 2006.May.27. 00:49:37 »
Page 15 has been rescanned and uploaded.

Apologies my friends.
The scan for Magazine No.2 was done in a hurry, as we had a bad thunderstorm on the way.

Here is a link to our photos of the damage done to our house by a tornado in 2004...
Spider House hit by Tornado

The magazine itself is hard to scan because of the way the staples have been put in, and not all the pages are straight to start with.

Other topics / Private Enterprise No.2
« on: 2006.May.26. 13:30:04 »
Zozo, Shall do once my ISP server stops showing this:

Maintenance Notification
This web page is temporarily unavailable due to upgrades being implemented on the server.

There are 6 more magazines to go, and I will get them scanned over time.

Other topics / Private Enterprise No.2
« on: 2006.May.26. 01:40:30 »
Private Enterprise Magazine
Issue 2

Published by the I.E.U.G. (Independant Enterprise Users Group).

Images were scanned at 300dpi in the PNG format.
Click on the thumbnails to open the full scan in a new window.

Quote from: "gafz"
OFF (?): the http://enterprise.8bit.hu page's new adress is http://ep.homeserver.hu .
Upload is in progress.

Thanks so much gafz.
Have updated my bookmarks in Opera.
This is a site I need to explore a whole lot more.

Quote from: "Zozosoft"
1) Povi finished the EP version of the Atomix
2) geco transfered from CPC the Exolon , this version is more colorful than Spectrum version. He is works on more CPC games transfering.
3) tigrian developed the PS/2 keyboard interface. With this great hardware you can use any PS/2 keyboard for EP (parallel with the original keyboard). The interface use redefiniable tables for key conversions, you can make different tables for UK,BRD,HUN EPs and different language PS/2 keyboards.
4) Zozosoft and Hsoft works on new version of EPDOS (great file/disk manager for EP), for compatibility with the hard disks
5) Zozosoft finished the version 4.1 ROM for Spectrum Emulator Card, the most important addition: load support for .TAP and .TZX files. New version will coming, for loading .Z80 snapshots.
6) Zozosoft now works on software for IDE interface card, curently now writing the FDISK utility

1) Have played Povi's Atomix - excellent game!
2) Exolon is amazing.
3) Very handy for using a real full travel keyboard.
4) Getting EP to work with HD will be brilliant.
5) Very interesting.
6) See 4)

Other topics / Enterprise Brochure
« on: 2006.May.23. 18:15:02 »
Povi, my EP128 also has a strip under the plastic, but I could not tell you what is written on it.
Maybe when I eventually get it shipped over here, I will let you know.
I just thought you meant before that you had NO strip there at all.

Other topics / Válasz Povi üzenetére (#2871)
« on: 2006.May.23. 17:32:37 »
Quote from: "Povi"
Look the paper shett above the Function keys on the first pic! It is quit interesting!
Shift F8 - STATUS
and so on...

Hiya Povi,
So, what did you have under that plastic strip instead?

Other topics / Válasz Zozosoft üzenetére (#2869)
« on: 2006.May.23. 12:58:30 »
Quote from: "Zozosoft"
:( send with FEDEX? :-)

It is a possibility. I was given an Oric Atmos while at a friends in North England, and have ordered a PAL PC TV Tuner Card so I can see the screen! If this works well, then I may consider getting my Enterprise 128 setup sent over.

Also, need to totally tidy up my computer room to make more room.
Last weekend I cleaned my garage - the computer room is the next major project, and I plan taking upto a week off work to do this - reorganise!!!.

Here is a pic of my current setup...
From left to right screens....
Amiga 1200 tower
HP Pavilion PC Win98 (unit is under the desk)
AMD64 PC WinXP (unit is the blue one on the far right)
Combo TV/DVD (with VHS player under the TV)

Quote from: "Zozosoft"
The Cumana disk drive unit have built in EXDOS,


Quote from: "Zozosoft"
or this is stand alone drive unit, which is connected to standard EXDOS card?


Other topics / Private Enterprise Magazine 1-8
« on: 2006.May.23. 04:30:11 »
Private Enterprise Magazine

Issue 1

Well friends, you have waited almost 21 years to see a copy of this infamous magazine.

It was published by the I.E.U.G. (Independant Enterprise Users Group).

Images were scanned at 300dpi in the PNG format.

Click on the thumbnails to open the full scan in a new window.

Zozo, told you that your eyes would pop out!!!  :shock:

Other topics / Válasz Zozosoft üzenetére (#2859)
« on: 2006.May.23. 00:27:23 »
Quote from: "Zozosoft"
Only the manuals, or with your complete EP config?

The manuals only.
We did not have the luggage capacity to take back the Enterprise 128, & Cumana disk-drive.

Least I have EP32 and ep128emu to play with.

Other topics / Válasz gafz üzenetére (#2856)
« on: 2006.May.22. 22:12:03 »
Quote from: "gafz"
Enterprise Application Notes No.23 is not available?

You now have 1-22 & 24-29 ... what more do you want?  :lol:

I do not have #23. Wish I did.

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