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Programming / Re: FORTH
« on: 2021.April.04. 09:50:59 »
Before you start it, you have to switch the graphics mode. I have corrected that 2 minutes later in the post and did not thought, that someone is such incredible fast :)
Code: [Select]
-- after that - only 4 lines at the bottom for input
0 0 6 700 TRIANGLE
Hope it helps

Programming / Re: FORTH
« on: 2021.April.04. 08:53:43 »
Time to get this thread back to the active ones :) I've tried myself in finding an algorythm to draw the Sierpinski triangle. In a modern BASIC it's not really a problem, because the parameter variables are stored automatically and restored at procedures/functions end. Because it was a nice skill exercise, I ported it to IS-FORTH. Takes me hours of lifetime :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

But to the history, found this original tweet at Twitter on an ORIC. So, let the work begin. And here is my IS-Forth result - first time I ever used the word RECURSE. And to see how fast the ARM processor is... on an Acorn 3020.

Maybe the program can be more compact, my FORTH skills are really at beginners level. And it wasn't so easy for me to deal with four stack values at the same time. But I want to avoid variables, there is no "stackable" variant of them ;-)
I want to share it with you, so here is the listing for a first view:
Code: [Select]
( Drawing Sierpinsky triangle )

: TRIANGLE ( X Y L S -- )
  0 > IF
    4 PICK + DRAW
    2 / SWAP 1 - SWAP
    ( SHOULD BE X Y L-1 S/2 )
    3 PICK 1 PICK + 3 PICK 3 PICK 3 PICK
    3 PICK 3 PICK 2 PICK + 3 PICK 3 PICK

As attachment it is added as a FORTH editor file, which you can put into file system in EP128emu (Set working directory). And then use
Code: [Select]
BUFFERS ON " triangle.4th" NAME
-- Switch to HIRES graphic mode
-- to run it after loading
0 0 6 700 TRIANGLE

Programming / Re: FORTH
« on: 2019.November.27. 17:56:14 »
So attached is the file, which is produced by the following steps

Change Drive and Directory in EXDOS
Afterwards start Forth

Code: [Select]

After LOAD-BUFFERS you can take a look into the pages of the file via 1 EDIT..3 EDIT.
To compile 1 LOAD..3 LOAD. After that DOINT, FIB2-BENCH, GCD1-BENCH are available to run. These tests are not exactly the same as on the benchmark site. NIP is replaced by SWAP DROP and U> by simple >.

If you modify the different pages LOAD them again.... AND don't forget the SAVE-BUFFERS at the end of the session :)

Programming / Re: FORTH
« on: 2019.November.25. 17:19:08 »
Hi together,

I like Forth for a long time ago now, not so experienced but try my very best. This year I met a guy from the VCFe at HNF in Paderborn and we started three benchmarks on my old Sinclair QL at the very beginning of the site below. So yesterday it was time to reprogram the tests in IS-Forth and send him the results.

Enterprise 128 - Ultimate Forth Benchmark (must rolled down a bit)

Don't take a look at the results over the Ent ;) Thanks to Zozo about his examination to work with "BUFFERS ON " File.4TH" NAME. It's much more easier than working with the 1k-Blocks!

Greetings, Carsten

Other topics / Re: Short introducing ourselfs
« on: 2019.September.23. 11:27:16 »
Sure that, was nearly the first I have done after the stuff was placed on the table :) And second was to "label" the diskette drive as Enterprise equipment  ;)

The monitor has to wait a moment with labeling, because I want to remove the old and bad sticker residue.

Other topics / Re: Short introducing ourselfs
« on: 2019.September.22. 21:11:45 »
A small impression from ours yesterdays and todays exhibition at the "Classic Computing" in Lehre near Braunschweig. In the foreground you see the exhibited Enterprise 128, which has impressed much people on the two days. Back of my notebook it's a repaired Mac SE/30 with network card and at the most left of the table under the aquarium is our Magnavox Odyssey. Maybe the older of us can remember this fully analog piece of hardware (introduced 1972 to the market). The big black box behind the Ent is a "portable AS/400" :)

Greetings Carsten

Other topics / Re: Short introducing ourselfs
« on: 2019.September.09. 19:30:39 »
Thanks for all the useful manual links. Downloaded them all, because I haven't any manual except the main manual. The photos from the diskdrive I send as PM.

I have attached a photo of the original price list from Germany of 10/1988 in German Marks.

When I add all the equipment together the new price was 1527 DM - in 1988 this value matches 873$. This is a value ranges from $1,630 to $3,430 for today.

Other topics / Re: Short introducing ourselfs
« on: 2019.September.07. 19:16:19 »
Hi, I took some pictures today for the Open-Door day next month. They are unassorted, so you will find some Apple / Commodore pics within. Hopefully not dramatic. If you like you can repost the Enterprise pics here - maybe there is a special thread about it.
The printer is a Mannesmann Tally, the manufacturer of the monitor isn't really visible to me.

Pics via cfulde.de

All the stuff is packed together and in 2 weeks we will exhibit it at Classic Computing 2019. I will carry them at home after the show from Saturday and bring it back on Sunday. As you discribe they will be irretrievably, so no need to leave them alone over the night ;)

Have fun and a nice weekend,

Other topics / Re: Short introducing ourselfs
« on: 2019.September.01. 14:06:31 »
With the hint about the LS266 it's not really a pity, I like to solder - if it works afterwards ;) Now all IC's are socketed well and easy to replace next time.

I will take some more pictures on next Saturday from the monitor and the other parts as well. The monitor works after some hours of coming back to live (some scratching at the starting phase) very well and has a nice stable and coloured picture now. I had no idea that it is so rare as you describe. It wasn't so expensive as I tought, in the original papers there is also a price list included (will also photograph it).

Yes, if you have the chance to send me the original green shift key - that would be phantastic. My idea was to build up a 3d-DIY-scanner - an idea which I take quite a while - and reprint it. But first it's visible that it is printed and second the color and the printed Shift wouldn't be such nice. Are left and right Shift keys are the same, I have swapped it at our exhibition machine. Originally the right one is broken. So take a look, if you have one for me and send me a PM.

My serial at near mid of 10 tsd. I have attached. It's a version with German keyboard layout and the additional switchable ROM cartridge contains an English and a German version of the ROM.

One question at the end, there is a ROM containing the FORTH language in the wayback machine archive. Does someone of you has experience with it? I'm a big fan of Forth since my first programmer days :)

Other topics / Short introducing ourselfs
« on: 2019.September.01. 11:11:29 »
Hi together,

it's quite a while ago I ask for an account for the Enterprise forum, but never used it yet. So now it's Sunday and really time for it!

My name is Carsten and I come from Germany. I bring in myself into a computer museum in my spare time and for free about three years now. Here we try to keep the old things running and in our exhibition everyone can use the old parts for taking a short time travel. A few month ago a collegue wants to pick up an old IBM pc and the seller has more computers to sell. That's why we have a Enterprise 128 (German edition) now :)

Some facts about myself. Now aged 54 years, two adult sons. Starting my computer knowledge with a ZX81 with enormous 1024 Bytes of free memory aged ~14. My stepfather gave it to me, because he changed to Schneider CPC464. After a while I also get the 16 k MemPack, so now it was a "real" computer. ZX Spectrum was the next step, afterwards a Sinclair QL (also not so much sold, like the Enterprise too). And at least an Amiga 2000, running Fido-node software and an Amiga bbs for dialing in with modems ;) For PC training purposes I added a 286 bridgeboard later. And since the birth of my youngest son in 1995 the whole range of the PC era.

I have written a short story about our museum Enterprise 128 in German about the reparation with some pics. Because google don't translate complete websites any more I have looked up the direct links for you:


And for all which are interested (coming from northern Germany), at Oct. 3rd 2019 we have our open-door day

Nice sunday and Greetings

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