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CPC-ről / Re: R-Type
« on: 2019.March.29. 23:27:56 »
I just heard about this on my twitter stream!
This is great, it looks like a flawless port, and I'm sure it's going to bring more deserved attention to the Enterprise!

Games / Re: Chibi Akumas for Enterprise 128 is in development now!
« on: 2018.October.29. 22:22:54 »
The game has an easy option in the settings menu, you can also set the game to 250 continues

Despite being 'bullet hell' this is not a hard game to win... During testing I often played the game at 10x speed - you could literally win the game blindfold with 100 continues

Games / Re: Chibi Akumas for Enterprise 128 is in development now!
« on: 2018.October.29. 15:22:43 »
Please could no-one else buy from polyplay until Geco's order arrives.
I'm sure Polyplay will eventually deliver, but they seem to be being slow and I don't want people disappointed! (they've never done an enterprise game before)

As a little teaser, here's some screenshots of a little 'Minigame' I've made based on the same game engine... but less 'bullet-hell' and more 'phoenix/space invaders'... it's called 'Tragical Chase' (a parody of a certain PC engine game!)

I'll be releasing it free in 2019, but I'll give it now to anyone who's already ordered from polyplay to make up for the delay receiving your game, Just PM/Email me with your polyplay order number and I'll send you the link!

Games / Re: Chibi Akumas for Enterprise 128 is in development now!
« on: 2018.October.26. 12:51:19 »
Hello there!

Just to let everyone know, you can now download ChibiAkumas FREE for all systems (including Enterprise!)

Remember, the game needs 128k!


PS. Some people may be waiting for physical copies, please contact PolyPlay directly if you are, I don't have any information at this time about what they have shipped.


I don't plan at this stage to write any games that work on all CPU's, I'll just be writing tutorials mimicking the ones I'm doing now for the Z80.

I'll be using VASM in all cases, and I'll try to create functions for graphics and input that do the same kind of job in the same kind of way, but I don't see any realistic way of writing 'z80 code' that converts efficiently for a 6502.

Learning Z80 has made me interested in the 'competitor' of the 6502, and I think the 68000 give a fascinating insight into more modern CPU methods, so I want to start trying to learn and document those... I also have a nice japanese x68000 PC I've got my hands on, so that has been a big 'encouragement' into forcing me to start learning this stuff!

If you like unique Z80 systems then also add Videoton TVC (hungarian brother of Enterprise) :-)
That's certainly not one I've heard of... but I'm afraid I'm not planning to cover any extra z80 systems now, the addition of the Gameboy an Mastersystem were a cynical ploy to increase the popularity of my Youtube channel and game development :) ... so adding rare unheard of stuff won't help me in that goal!

I'm going to be sticking to my current systems for my Z80 for game development (though I won't do anything serious on the TI83), but I plan to start covering new systems using the 6502 and 68000 processors in my Assembly tutorials next year!

I don't know if anyone is interested, but I did a little Z80 programming project recently, where i made a small game that compiled onto 11 different computers and consoles, including the Enterprise...

It was really an experiment in multi-platform development more than a 'substantial game', but the game is free, and open source, if anyone wants to play it or use the code then they are welcome!


Ok ,thanks for the info.. that gives me some confidence in what the setting does before I start messing! I've turned it on, and I'm not seeing any problems... I've done a side-by-side compare, and the Ep128 version is noticeably faster than the CPC version!

I was under the impression that the amstrad CPC CPU ran at an effective 3.5 mhz or so, but I'm no expert, so I'm not sure, anyway, the game is going well, and I'm not expecting any problems getting the game working!

If you have speed problems and if you did not already do, load 0ch to port 0bfh :)
I didn't know that one, so I will do it... does that cause any compatibility issues of any kind?

That said, the speed is pretty good, when everything is done I'm expecting it to be slightly faster than the Amstrad CPC version, because the Enterprise has  a slightly faster cpu, and the interrupt handler is simpler, as the Ep128 color changes are done by the hardware... oh and screen positioning is easier, because the lines on the Ep128 are below each other, so easier to calculate!

Now that the MSX/CPC and Spectrum versions of the game are done, I can now put some time into my plan to bring Chibi Akumas to the Enterprise!

The game will come on disk, and require 128k.

Graphically it will have the colors of the CPC+ version, just without the hardware player sprites... but don't take my word for it, take a look at the game running in the screenshots below! (Early Alpha build)

As it'll be 99% the same as the CPC version, I'm expecting the game to be done in a couple of months!

Find out more about Chibi Akumas from my website:

Interface / Re: MSX slot
« on: 2018.April.15. 23:55:16 »
It's great to hear of the possibility of the V9990 coming to the Enterprise!

I've been doing some V9990 development on the MSX for the V9990 version of my game, it's one heck of a GPU, and really turns an 8 bit system into one with  '16-bit' performance!

That said, I understand the questions about whether a "EP128+V9990 is still an EP"... the V9990 is very similar to the internal VPU of the MSX2, so it's a logical evolution on that system... other systems, it's kind of like turning them into a hybrid MSX

One problem I'm having on the CPC, none of the CPC Emulators currently support the V9990, which is a major limiting factor for me writing CPC+V9990 games.

Programming / Re: My Youtube Programming Tutorials
« on: 2018.April.15. 23:50:00 »
The next lesson is up! Multiplatform Lesson M2 - String Reading and Memory Dumping!

Based on our previous lessons, we're now going to read in a line of text input from the user, and convert it to a HEX memory address.. and dump some bytes of memory to the screen in a nice debugger output...

because it uses our 'Common modules' from the platform series... This common code example will work on ZX spectrum, MSX, TI-83, Sam Coupe, Amstrad CPC and Enterprise 128!

Along the way, we'll learn how to pass parameters to a call as bytes in the code, rather than registers... how to covert Uppercase to lower, Ascii to Hex, and much more!


There is a text based lesson matching the content here on my website, and of course, you can download the source code for all my lessons from:

If would like to support my channel and ongoing 8-bit game development, please consider backing me on patreon:

Programming / Re: My Youtube Programming Tutorials
« on: 2018.April.10. 05:03:01 »
Lesson 2 of the Platform Specific series is now up!- Covering how to read the location of the text cursor on MSX,CPC,ZX Speccy, Enterprise 128/64, TI-83... and now the Sam Coupe!
This lesson also covers an example  'Gocha' with WinApe's IFDEF compiler directives that's caught me out many times!
As always, This Video lesson matches the text lesson on my website:


Programming / Re: My Youtube Programming Tutorials
« on: 2018.April.04. 12:02:29 »
Thanks for the tip! I didn't know the LD A,I trick wasn't reliable...

I'll test this out, and assuming I don't have any problems with it, replace the one in my tutorials with it (at least for the Enterprise)...

Just for the record, my Chibi Akumas game never 'Checks' interrupts, because they have to be almost always enabled for the 'CPC raster effect' to work well.

Programming / Re: My Youtube Programming Tutorials
« on: 2018.April.03. 01:15:06 »
The 'debugger' was because I was finding spectrum development so difficult, it was one of those.. "I'm sure I could write something better than this" kind of feelings... so I did!

It's making developing on so many systems easier... having 'tools' that work the same... it gets to the point that it's easier to use my own stuff than learn the best way to use the emulator's built in tools

I'm adding the Sam Coupe to my tutorials starting this weekend - which brings the system count up to 6!

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