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Wanted / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2019.May.19. 13:37:52 »
Yes - he does this in his spare time so it can take a long time. But it's worth the long wait, because the SD interface is great.

And the good news is that the new SD boards can also have a real time clock. And also FAT16 support is coming in the future too.

CPC-ről / Re: R-Type
« on: 2019.March.30. 10:09:37 »
The Spectrum version of R-Type was absolutely brilliant. But this CPC remake is even more amazing!!

Fantastic to have it on the Enterprise as well. :smt041

Hall of Fame / Re: Q&A with Bruce Tanner (IS-BASIC writer)
« on: 2019.March.29. 19:52:34 »
Not yet, they are a mess of files from various programs all mixed together, so not really usable currently. A long-term project for Zozo...

I see... I'm happy to help sort through stuff if Zozo wants any help.

Hall of Fame / Re: Q&A with Bruce Tanner (IS-BASIC writer)
« on: 2019.March.23. 14:46:24 »
Wow, that's a load of great information!

Are the source codes downloadable anywhere? I couldn't find them in the thread but maybe I missed something as there's so much there.

Hardware / Re: Broken 12V
« on: 2019.March.23. 12:15:36 »
Good idea about EPower, although I think I don't really want to replace everything. The 5V is working fine.

Do you need your spare coils, or would you be able to send me one? It would be great if I could fix it.

Hall of Fame / Re: Q&A with Bruce Tanner (IS-BASIC writer)
« on: 2019.March.23. 12:08:29 »
Very interesting. Where did these IS documents come from?

Hardware / Re: Broken 12V
« on: 2019.March.17. 22:20:38 »
Thanks for the tip, Pear. I'll get some 0.25mm enamel wire and give it a go myself.

Is there any way to confirm whether it is the coil that is causing the problem? Could it be another component that is causing the short?

Hardware / Broken 12V
« on: 2019.March.17. 18:41:19 »
Last weekend, I started having problems with my Enterprise 64 and I realised there were problems with the 12V circuit. Thanks to previous posts on Enterprise Forever, I discovered the most common fault is with TR2 and C9. So I replaced them both and it started working again. I thought this had fixed the problem.

However, yesterday I plugged in the Enterprise and disaster happened! Smoke came from the case and TR2 was completely melted, and the wire to coil L1 had broken as well. :cry:

Thankfully the rest of the computer seems to work if I wire in an external 12V source... so it's only the 12v circuit that's blown. That is a big relief!

Anyway, I replaced TR2 and C9 again and patched the wire to coil L1, but when I tried power it up - more smoke started coming from TR2, so I unplugged it quick. I think TR2 must be short circuited somehow. Looking at the schematics and using my very limited grasp on electronics, I guess the culprits are going to be C10, TR3 or the coil L1. Does anyone know how I might narrow this down? I have a multimeter but don't have access to an oscilloscope. Is it even possible to get a replacement coil???

All help gratefully received. :(

Programming / Re: FILE program
« on: 2019.February.17. 17:42:32 »
Thank you! :)

Programming / FILE program
« on: 2019.February.17. 12:43:30 »
I really like the FILE program that comes with the SD interface. I wondered if I could request an added feature?

At the moment if you select a drive that doesn't exist (like C:) then you get a Retry/Abort and then the program quits.
I was wondering if it would be possible to just display a blank screen, so that then you could get a chance to select another drive.

Is the source code available for this program? ;-)

Programming / Re: EXDOS 3.0
« on: 2019.February.16. 18:39:16 »
No, but on a Z80 card also running at 4MHz in an original IBM PC, and all from floppy disks.

The way things used to be!!!

Was that how EXOS and IS-BASIC were written as well?

Programming / Re: EXDOS 3.0
« on: 2019.February.16. 18:27:04 »
Quote from: BruceTanner
lgb hacked his emulator so we could run the Z80 assembler and linker on a modern PC :mrgreen:

Did I understand that right? Are you compiling the sources on a modified Enterprise emulator? Does that mean the original was actually compiled on an Enterprise?

Programming / Re: EXDOS 3.0
« on: 2019.February.16. 17:18:48 »
Amazing news!  And several unexpected bonuses...

No “bytes free” delay on floppy disks and small/medium volumes

Really looking forward to the release. Thank you! :mrgreen:

P.S. I didn't realise that you had access to the original EXDOS 1.3 sources...

Programming / Re: Using SET BIAS
« on: 2019.February.16. 17:04:03 »
IstvanV's wonderful ep128emu package also has an image converter utility that works almost miracles.

Wow, brilliant! Thank you!

Programming / Re: EXDOS 3.0
« on: 2019.February.16. 12:17:10 »
Just wondering if there was any news on this exciting project?

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