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Hello! This sounds like a great fun project.

I also transcribed the Nick documentation that seemed to have the broadest scope here for easy future text searching; it's a reproduction of NICK-Old-VDC-ELITE-description.pdf from Enterprise.iko.hu.
FYI I expect you know already, but that documentation is pre-production, so may be slightly different to reality. For example, I seem to recall that the /VRES bit only affects LD1 and not LD2. Contrary to the description, it's possible to have ATTRIBUTE mode with different attributes per scanline (depends on /VRES).

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.June.09. 20:55:48 »
That's annoying. Hope that stock comes back soon.

Other topics / Re: Autorun at Enterprise
« on: 2021.March.22. 21:24:14 »
There is a way.


And thanks for the code also! ;-)

Other topics / Re: Autorun at Enterprise
« on: 2021.March.19. 22:40:45 »
This is a very good question. It would be great if there was some way to start BASIC programs from EXDOS. I expect it will require some trickery though.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.19. 22:39:07 »
Great stuff! :smt041

Maintenance / Re: Fix EP64 no video out and maybe more
« on: 2021.March.06. 22:42:25 »
A quick warning. When you replace C9, make sure that you replace it the same way round as the original - minus to the left.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.03. 21:38:51 »
Yes, the difficulty with serial is that it's a continuous stream rather than a file system - so we'd have to implement some protocol on top of it to transfer files. I've had a little success using the built in serial port to transfer files from a laptop (slowly), but there's no way of choosing the files from the EP end, and it never knows when the file ends.

However, there's probably already an xmodem client for CP/M or something like that.

Hardware / Re: 6Mhz and more...
« on: 2021.January.28. 22:38:43 »
Btw, the fast startup code in EXOS2.4 or on the SD cartridge automatically sets up the Dave register correctly, so if you use either of those no change is needed.

Hardware / Re: 6Mhz and more...
« on: 2021.January.28. 22:35:10 »
If I don't want to use an external EXDOS/Floppy board, and I don't ever want to attach anything else to the Expansion Slot ... then all that I need to do to create a 6MHz Enterprise is to burn a new EXOS EPROM, and to replace the motherboard's 8MHz crystal with a 12MHz crystal?

That's right. I have done exactly that and it's great. A lot of Z80 chips run fine at 6Mhz. You don't actually even need to change the EXOS ROM. The Dave register can be changed in software or by the SD-card ROM.

As you say, there are some issues. You can't use the floppy drives without keeping the 8Mhz clock for the expansion port. And the serial driver baud rates are wrong at 12Mhz etc. etc.

This is exciting stuff. Hopefully over Christmas I'll find some time to check the ISDOS patch out (family permitting!)

And regarding the mouse - I think calling the mouse driver from a modified EDITOR driver would be a really nice idea. It expect it would be hard to do this in a system-friendly way without a modified EDITOR device. That's just what the EDITOR is for - it's a higher level interface to the keyboard and video devices and could also handle the mouse device.

Do you (or anyone else) want to try a patched version of IS-DOS, with a modified version of the IS-DOS fast video driver that uses the 7-pixel/2-palette Nick setting for the 80-column text.

Sounds great. Back in the day, I used to use WordStar under IS-DOS so maybe I could dust that off.

Hardware / Re: Problem RGB - SCART.
« on: 2020.December.08. 22:35:26 »
In this case (using a converter instead of a cable) connect the csync signal to pin19 instead of pin20 of SCART socket. Pin 20 is csync IN, pin19 is csync OUT! See cable schematic here: https://www.leadsdirect.co.uk/technical-library/pinouts-wiring-diagrams/scart-wiring/

I agree with Dr.OG. You should connect cysnc to pin19. That is what you'll need to do if you're making a converter for a scart-to-scart cable. Likewise if you're using a converter you'll need to connect the audio to pins 1 and 3, not pins 2 and 6.

Programming / Re: Changing the EXOS font
« on: 2020.December.03. 23:43:43 »
the fonts need to be processed before they are imported, and the EXOS ROM needs to have its checksum recalculated after the patching is done, so it was easier to write a quick C program to do the work.

Ah yes - the checksum!

I have always read that an EP64 cant load the Interlace driver. At least on the emulator it crash.

I had an original EP64 and the interlace driver was supplied with it on the demo cassette. It worked!

but maybe they done that way because probably the Interlace driver works badly outside the Basic interpreter.

Yes, I imagine most software would need to be modified to work in interlace mode. It may also be a problem that it only supports Text 80 and HIRES graphics modes.

I have already found out where to patch both EXOS and IS-DOS, but I'm not happy with my EXOS patch yet, because there are a couple of unwanted side-effects that are showing up.

Wow - I'd be very interested in seeing these patches once you've got them working.

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