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Táp / Re: Belső +12V tápáramkör
« on: 2020.November.26. 08:12:55 »
Why modify the power supply ?
It is enough to buy a cable for a dollar and change the polarity inside the switch.
Additionally, we have a power switch.

Hardware / Re: Replacement for a standard cartridge
« on: 2020.November.24. 16:21:13 »
Attached are the schemes with the values of the elements.

I have the same :)
Free talk in a foreign language is a too big challenge for me. Sorry.

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános
« on: 2020.November.01. 18:10:46 »
My design differs from the original but is optimized for print and still fits and does its job.
I used transparent PETG. The LED light is visible enough.

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános
« on: 2020.November.01. 09:57:20 »
This is my version for 3D printer (OpenSCAD).
Requires brim to catch the first layer well.
Attached are the GCODE file for the Prusa MK3S printer.
Code: [Select]


rotate([180,0,0]) {
  difference() {
    union() {
      translate([0,0,0]) cylinder(Legs,Rzew,Rzew);
      translate([0,0,Legs]) cylinder(7.2,Rzew,Rzew);
      translate([0,0,Legs+7.2]) cylinder(6.9,Rzew,Rtop);
      translate([0,0,Legs+14.1]) cylinder(Ltop,Rtop,Rtop);
    translate([0,0,-0.01]) cylinder(Legs+0.02,Rwew,Rwew);
    translate([0,0,Legs-0.01]) cylinder(7.2+0.02,Rwew,Rwew);
    translate([0,0,Legs+7.2]) cylinder(4.5,Rwew,2.5);
    for(i=[0:2]) {
      translate([cos(360*i/3)*Rc,sin(360*i/3)*Rc,-0.01]) cylinder(Legs,Rc-0.5,2);
  translate([0,0,Legs+12.2]) sphere(2.4);

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.October.16. 10:13:23 »
The ROM programs should be in banks with numbers x0-x3 hex.
It's good to leave room for them.

Hardware / Re: ZX Spectrum Emulator Card
« on: 2020.October.11. 13:28:32 »
Did you know that the ZX Spectrum Emulator 4.1 does not work without 64KB RAM in the F8-FB banks ?
It doesn't work with EP64, for example.
But it also doesn't work when you mount additional RAM banks in areas other than the F8-FB.

Memória / Re: 512K belső RAM bővítés - II
« on: 2020.October.09. 11:16:28 »
Still valid - as long as shipping is possible.
Thanks for reminding me, I forgot about it completely.

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2020.September.14. 17:03:01 »
I ordered 15 pieces. We'll see what comes out.

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2020.September.14. 09:24:10 »
Ok. Thanks for the info. It's time for shopping ;)

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2020.September.13. 19:18:31 »
Is it a proven supplier ? Someone has already shopped there ?
Payment by card only directly from the site. Too risky without checking.

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2020.September.02. 06:35:54 »
I wrote just that I will not make cards with generic WD1772.
I did not write that I will not make any EXDOS cards anymore.
I'm looking for other solutions.

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2020.September.01. 19:13:55 »
As I will not be making EXDOS cards anymore using the generic WD1772, because of the difficulties in purchasing and the absurd price of this chip, I provide on the WIKI the card documentation.

If the voltage at input 78L12 is lower than 12V, it means that the converter is not working (probably TR2 failed).
Below is a diagram (description in the thread).

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