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Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.August.27. 14:47:27 »
Edoz's machine is on the way.

I am so thankful to you Zozo! In the mean time i did some progress as well.
Hope to test it soon on the enterprise! When i get it back!

Last update on the Birds

Wanted / Re: Trying to contact ZozoSoft
« on: 2021.August.19. 21:13:39 »
Hey Zozo, still alive? Did you saw my emails?

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.August.19. 21:12:42 »
No problem! Just say the word if you reconsider :)

And please mail me (see PM) if there is anything you would like me to test.

Thank you for you kind words. But i still hope ZozoSoft will help some day.

I'm starting a game now, so when finished i will let you guys know, for those that have the g9k running on the enterprise.
Flappy Bird

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.August.18. 10:54:46 »
Yes. It has been a while since I have used it but I have had it running :)

I will PM you my mail and we can take the rest there.

BTW: If you want I could borrow you a EP64 with EXOS2.4 for development. I bought an Egyptian EP some time ago when my 128 broke down. It worked flawlessly after a recap and new keymembrane. My 128 should be finished at the repair now (fingers crossed) and as soon as I recieve it I can send you the EP64 so you can start testing your work on EP. With SF3 you do not notice the lack of Ram. Up to you! :)

Hi! That is very very very kind of you! But the EP64 is very rare and i don't want to take that risk, if it gets broken or something else happens. I suggest you keep it in a safe place! :D
I will just wait for ZoZoSoft when he feels the need to send my Enterprise 128 back to me.  I hope he will do some day. If it is still broken i can ask someone else to repair it.
But very kind of you to do this offer! In the mean time i will try to contact Prodatron about the status of the SF3 drivers for Enterprise.

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.August.17. 18:20:29 »
A Bruce EP NET card would also be good for the SymbOS driver. But the SF3 card is more important here. Net driver, access to SF3 pendrive from SymbOS. And plenty of options. Keep in mind that SF3 starts from the CPC platform, so nothing is impossible! In fact, RSF3 is already being made, so time is running out!

I don't remember it anymore, but i was on the fair in Nijmegen in 2020 (just before corona) And i thought that we had the Enterprise 128 running with G9K and SF3 interface.. but maybe it could be wrong and was it only the G9K version with the standard SD interface.. There is already support for the USB pen drive and SD card for the SF3. I can try to ask prodatron. To be honest i think it already exits but it never got released because of issues i think. I know that the Wifi interface has troubles with the multitasking in SymbOS and from my understanding Prodatron was not able to fix it with out a hardware change and hans was not able to change it in the hardware. Or at least it wasn't working together or so. There is still no driver for the Wifi interface on the CPC because of that. The hardware was not able to process multiple socket connections at the same time.. Maybe one socket connection could be an option in this case.

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.August.17. 17:04:42 »
Yes. I understand how you feel. I do not have a enterprise anymore and wait already for 2 years. I hope some day to have a working system again. A month ago I patched the radio app to work on the enterprise as well. In a way v9990 works on the enterprise as well, but getting the hardware is an issue. Proration did development on drivers but not sure what the status is. He is sometimes inactive. But that doesn’t stop me to try things on symbos. In a way I think proration will be very gladly if someone else can develop drivers too. There are examples in sources how to do it.  What driver do you need?

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.August.17. 16:38:22 »
The chips are still there but indeed currently very expensive to buy.. and take the risk for that. That is to sad. Not sure if technobytes makes them?


Anyway, i can't help it.

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.August.17. 15:17:16 »
Would be happy to test. Have an G9K connected to my EP.

Cool! Do you have SymbOS running with G9k already?

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.August.17. 10:22:04 »
Hi All,

Yesterday i was able to make a small movie to show Trebminds update on the G9k game mode for SymbOS.

Here you can see how it works:

Running it on the CPC

It is now fully compatible on the CPC, MSX and Enterprise. However i was not able to test it on real hardware as my Enterprise is still @Zozosoft and i hope i get it back someday (it is hard to reach him) If i get it back i can test it on the enterprise as well. As I believe it should work in the enterprise as well. Or maybe someone has the hardware to test it? It is to bad i can't as the enterprise is such a lovely machine!

Wanted / Re: Trying to contact ZozoSoft
« on: 2020.December.09. 19:34:00 »
Hi zozo!

Could you return my enterprise? Even if you have no time i can ask someone else to look in to it. I really want my machine back... please let me know how i can pay you. Thanks for your time!

Br EdoZ

Wanted / Re: Trying to contact ZozoSoft
« on: 2020.September.18. 13:41:00 »
Hi Zozo ;) did you received my response ? :) So yes.. what do you think?

Wanted / Re: Trying to contact ZozoSoft
« on: 2020.September.07. 11:15:56 »
Hi ZoZo!

Thank you for contacting me :D I send you a response as well! Hope you have time to read it.
It would be really nice to have a working Enterprise again. I asked Hans for a SF3 interface. He added me to the list, so i hope to receive that one as well!
So maybe now there is no need to do the modifications.. which save and effort as well!


Wanted / Trying to contact ZozoSoft
« on: 2020.September.04. 15:16:57 »
Hi Alll!

I try to contact Zozo, but i have a hard time reaching him. My Enterprise is still in repair and i love to get it back for some SymbOS testing.
The motherboard is broken, so i hope he can replace it and put some memory on the board as i need that for SymbOS. I love to pay him for this as well of course ;)

Anyway.. i try to contact him by email, and first i got a response but after i want to sent him a email back i get a message from the mail- server that it cannot deliver my email. :(

I did a facebook chat, a private message here in the forum, a slack message .. but not able to contact him anymore after our last contact.

I hope he is still fine? Does anyone else know how to reach him?


Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2020.July.04. 19:48:42 »

Quick User Interface with Graphics for Symbos
Quigs, release candidate

It is the year 2000, November to be precise, Prodatron was writing the first z80 assembly lines for his Symbiosis Multitasking Based Operating System or also called SymbOS. At this moment in time, it was just a fun try- out, to see how a z80 home computer would behave in a multitasking GUI based environment.  Of course, those ideas already came up before the millennium, but finally it took sense for him to start this crazy project. Not long after this, the project became bigger and bigger and what was started with a small concept became a big z80 project.

One user, Trebmint was really excited about the SymbOS project and started to collaborate with Prodatron. Both became more and more active and because of inspiring each other, the project really started to grow. Trebmint thought it was better for SymbOS to have a good development suite so people could started writing apps for SymbOS (without the need to know complex things like multitasking). 

In the end of 2004 Trebmint released SymStudio and later named it Unify. Edoz was inspired by SymStudio and started to develop for it. This was again accelerator for Trebmint and so the magic began between those three people.
Trebmint inspired Prodatron to port SymbOS to other Z80 computer as well, to make the amount of possible users bigger but also to be able to release software for different z80 computers, which all share the same SymbOS operating system. This way other z80 retro- communities could take advantage of each other’s software releases. With lot of help from the communities (MSX and Enterprise), the ports became real and thanks to Hans (TMT-LOGIC) and Technobytes even hardware, like the G9K became compatible between different z80 machines. The focus for SymbOS today is to make it as fast and compatible as possible.

Today we are glad to announce that Trebmint is releasing his first release candidate to the public so you can start writing your own SymbOS applications! There are some tutorials on YouTube and there is even a chess example program. Quigs runs an a Windows machine. Extract the zip, set your settings in settings.txt and start quigs.exe
Download link

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2019.September.17. 22:33:34 »
Okay, we understand everything.
But we have a program for the Enterprise that doesn't do much. Play MP3, play video, play some games.
That's it. While MSX can send email etc. :(

Hi Tutu’s,

I am glad you liked my e-mail program  ;) It is not released at the moment ;) but it should work on the enterprise as well!!  That is the benefit of SymbOS. Only thing is for the enterprise is that the network hardware is still missing. In a way that is the reason why it is not usable on the enterprise. I really hope that this will be available some day on the Enterprise as well. And yes, then we need a supported driver as well.

I know Prodatron is still working on the 3.1 release. (For all supported systems, including Enterprise)
I will meet Prodatron on the Classic Computing fair in Germany this weekend! The e-mail program needs the 3.1 release as well because of memory fixes in SymbOS. Somehow I managed to make the email client so big I encountered this issue. It is my biggest SymbOS project in size until now.

And yes! I really need to do some bug fixes as well on some ‘old’ apps which have the color issues on the Enterprise. But this is because of a bug in the old development suite, Unify for SymbOS.  As Unify is obsolete and because of many reasons I work in Quigs now. (Which was beta released as well) But i still need to migrate/convert my old projects to the new envoirment.. time is the biggest issue here ;) But when done those issues should be fixed as well. And after releasing 3.1 I think the Enterprise system should be on speed again!

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