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Updated the game files (see first post).

- title logo (team hat trick - based on the arcade logo)
- rolba animation (no sound)
- added source code with all gfx files

The source code is very messy. Bad code in many places so beware...

At the end of the first post in this topic. However I see that I introduced/found a new bug that makes the game reset at the end of a shootout... Will fix it later and update again... Sorry.

new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4E-BnV6ECg&feature=youtu.be

At last had someone to play with (or "test") at the end of 2017 and it wasn't very fun so I've felt that I needed to make some corrections...

* changed the diagonal shooting angles to ~33.75 instead of 45 degrees. These are more like the c64 version and this made the game sooo much more fun to play...
* fixed a bug with scoring a goal outside the gate at some very specific circumstances...
* minor changes to the rink gfx (not final)
* the game now loads from a single com file of around 20kb and now works on a ep64 (it turned out that the previous version didn't)

* still no single player mode
* still some bugs to fix
* need to adjust/calibrate all the parameters
* better game palettes

I really hate the long title now... What was I thinking...

Games / A few unfinished projects
« on: 2017.May.31. 12:10:53 »
Lately I can't find the time and motivation to program for the Enterprise... I'm somewhat embarassed that I couldn't finish anything for the devcompo. So here are some unfinished (and most probably never-to-be) projects that I've been working on during the last two years... If anyone is interested I could provide the source code but it's poorly commented and even can be messy at times... Maybe someone would be willing to continue...

Mr. Driller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxQYYNw-Y0s&t=1s
GamGit/Susur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7kJ6ZP7ymM
Stasis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6nsY-L8ZgM
Timberman bare prototype: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZk6ALt4jHY
The Gladiators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orqTacO3IUk

I also regret that I've never finished HatTrick as promised... It has many glitches, the last modification of the sound driver added a critical bug that hangs the game, no single player mode and music... Sorry...

Code: [Select]
Bars1kb/Genesis Project (1kb intro)   7
Dither256byte                         3
Core (demo)                           8
Kscope (demo)                         3
SlantRasters(128byte)                 6
SIDBasic                              10(0)
Squares 256byte                       5
Tube 256byte                          4
Snake 256byte                         5
Alien 8 (conversion)                  4
Hobbit (conversion)                   9
Wolf 2004 (conversion)                6

It's hard for me to rate the "little entries" because I don't understand the technicalities involved... The notes are based on the visuals. Sorry if you find the notes too low compared to the actual work put in... :oops:

SIDBasic1.1 = mind blown (at least for me; didn't know this existed :oops: )

Hobbit gets bonus for the effort of putting alternative graphics.

Enterprise DevCompo #2 / Re: Q&A
« on: 2017.May.17. 01:26:07 »
Ok, so the deadline has been reached and the voting should start soon.
Big thank you to all who contributed.
Sorry I didn't make it in time with my entry. 

SOUND: / Re: SID lejátszó
« on: 2017.January.13. 19:40:48 »
I was so excited by this update to sid player however I don't hear any difference after pressing f2... Could someone point to a good example song where the added sound is prominent? Also f4 seems to hang the program... and what is a SID card?

Programming / Re: Dave music capabilities
« on: 2016.December.15. 11:27:02 »
wait, do you work on an EP music editor?
...I thought that it was clear for some time already ;P :oops: The "demos" were me playing with the editor's keyboard.

I'm working in java. I've ported Istvan's Dave emulation code and work with that. For now I have a more-or-less completed instrument editor (some additional things/options to add and need to think of the commands to implement).
Currently started working on the pattern/track editor.

Oh, one another question - do you think it would be good to give the noise channel a seperate track? Mainly for the 32500Hz noise - could be used for hihat or other "simple" effects but I'm not sure - maybe it would be enough to process it through other tracks...

Instrument format is:
* tone 0-15 (the bits for distortion, filter and ring modulation)
* sync 0-f (bit 0 - base channel, bit 1 - filter channel, bit 2 - ringmod channel, bit 3 - immediate resync (set and reset to zero))
* command in cc.axyz format (maybe could be pressed to c.xyz if not many commands needed)
* noise control 0-256 - control of the noise channel register

plus effect tables: arpeggio, vibrato, left tremolo, right tremolo, panning(panbrello), filter detune, ringmod detune

plus graphical envelope editor (for now only in left-right volume model, but as (I think) ergoGnomik proposed - I want to do also a volume+balance option - although it would be translated to left-right format in the end)

I'm doing it in a top-bottom approach so some functions may not get to the native player because of resources...Although for now I think there aren't such things.

I think you should check what people do on other machines in the trackers or other type of editors. It may even be easier to convince musicians to compose something for the EP if the tool is familiar instead of having to learn something completely different.
I'm basing on the raster music tracker for pokey, but it will always be different because it's a different chip - different possibilities. However all chip trackers are more-or-less similar, I think so it should be ok.

Programming / Re: Dave music capabilities
« on: 2016.December.15. 10:42:07 »
I guess I'll be doing commands in the instrument editor and pattern editor.
Has someone got any propositions what should be implemented?
Format would be cc.axyz where cc is the command code and axyz are the parameters (but maybe it will be changed to c.xyz if will be enough).
For now the sure ones are:
For instrument:
00 - transpose - play note +ax semitones (00.0000 will be "do nothing")
01 - fixed frequency (xyz is frequency to be played) - used primarily for drums etc

For pattern:
don't know...

Someone has any experience?

Programming / Re: Pulse Width Modulation on Dave
« on: 2016.December.14. 15:31:32 »
One possible way to implement PWM is using ring modulation (XNOR) between two channels running at the same frequency but different phase:
(Attachment Link)
To delay channel 2 relative to channel 0 by a known amount of time, the sync bits of port A7h are used, they force the outputs of both channels to zero and reload the counters. Before doing this, channel 2 is set up to run at a higher frequency (which determines the pulse width), then once the counters are allowed to run again by writing 0 to port A7h, the channel 2 frequency is set to the same value as that of channel 0.
I've came back to this thread to reread something and became a little embarassed that I somehow haven't read this earlier... I've got to do PWM via ring modulation with setting channel 2 frequency to channel 0's +- a small detune of the freqcode.... Although I've read the dave emulation code I somewhat have some problems getting a grasp of how to use the sync... :oops:

Egyéb témák / Re: c64 petscii to ep
« on: 2016.December.12. 16:19:41 »

Enterprise DevCompo #2 / Re: Q&A
« on: 2016.December.05. 14:04:34 »
Enterprise DevCompo #2 plakátok

Magyar nyelvű

Angol nyelvű
* if there's only one category then it's like there are none, so may be skipped
* "Winners" - the context suggests that "Awards"/"Prizes" would be more fitting
* word "program" is used without specyfying that it can be anything - an intro/demo/game port/new game in basic or asm
* "A short video demonstration of the entry"
* the sentence "It can only be called by ...." - I think that you've meant that only works not yet published on the Enterprise can enter the competition.
* instead of "Enterprise-related" I think that "Enterprise-specific" would be better
* conditions in the form of list with: program, short video, screenshots (menu, ingame), note about the authors/resources

Programming / Re: Dave music capabilities
« on: 2016.December.04. 16:52:12 »
this is AY, but very interesting sound, and I dont heard in any other AY musics:
You mean the quiet lead (arounf 1 minute)? I think that's a 1-bit sample based instrument played on the zx speaker, not the ay. Or did you mean the bass at the beginning?

you can find it on ep128.hu, games: basic programcsokor.
I have no recipe, just experimentation.
I've meant what dave parameters, envelope shapes etc.. So there's always a "recipe" for instruments.

Programming / Re: Dave music capabilities
« on: 2016.December.04. 15:35:22 »
Could you share the recipe for the jumprise bass?
Ithink I hear panning, maybe filter...

I've played both games a little but I've never focused on the sound.

Programming / Re: Dave music capabilities
« on: 2016.December.04. 14:23:18 »
I've missed your usage of distortion based bass instruments :oops:

Anyway, as for the high pass filter, I've attached a mp3 that shows what POKEY-guys achieve with it. The instrument is called c64 synth with/without portamento. I don't see any other "tricks" used for the instrument, so should be possible also with Dave.

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