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Programming / Re: Graphics Attribute Mode Example
« on: 2020.October.02. 16:00:18 »
Thank you, that worked.

I looked at the look command and that is not quite what I'm looking for.  What I'm after is being able to find what character code is at an x,y print position. 

Something like this:

So start with this:
PRINT AT 11,16;"*"


SCREEN$ is the reverse function to PRINT AT, and will tell you (within limits) what character is at a particular position on the screen. It uses line and column numbers in the same way as PRINT AT, but enclosed in brackets: for instance PRINT SCREEN$ (11,16) would print "*", which you could assign to a variable.

It allows for basic collision detection is BASIC.


Programming / Re: Graphics Attribute Mode Example
« on: 2020.October.02. 15:05:28 »
Thank you szipucsu

How do I load .bas files into ep128emu please?


Programming / Graphics Attribute Mode Example
« on: 2020.October.02. 12:34:33 »

I'm coming from a ZX Spectrum background, and wondered if anyone could give me an example in BASIC of using the 'Graphics Attribute' mode? I looked in the manual, but can't see any examples.

Also, is there the equivalent of the Spectrum ATTR (X,Y) command which is useful when writing games in BASIC to find the attributes of a cell at a particular position.

Many thanks


Other topics / 10 Worst Home Computers
« on: 2016.February.24. 22:57:03 »
This appeared in the UK Computing magazine.  I don't think its fair that the Enterprise appeared here:


It was a great machine, just a little too late.

Emulators / Re: ep128emu
« on: 2016.February.24. 21:08:23 »
Hi IstvanV. Thanks for the detailed reply. I will give that a go tonight. Peter

Programming / Re: Assembler Tutorial
« on: 2016.February.23. 19:31:29 »
I managed to find that someone had typed up the Machine Code book I was looking at, and with the help of Microsoft and Google translate I managed to pick up quite a bit. 

There are certain aspects which the translate tool seems to struggle with.  Would anyone be willing to help with small sections?



Emulators / ep128emu
« on: 2016.February.23. 19:27:21 »

I appreciate development of ep128emu has stalled, but I had a couple of questions:

Would it be possible to consider a 'Portable' Windows version? So it does not need installing?

Has anyone had success compiling a Raspberry Pi version?  I wanted to suggest to the RetroPie project the idea of including it?


Programming / Re: Assembler Tutorial
« on: 2016.February.18. 21:12:08 »
IstvanV. Thanks for the assembler help and also for the great emulator. Maybe you will develop further in the future? Any chance of a Raspberry Pi version?

Zorosoft. I'm afraid I'm not that advanced with assembler. I'm at filling a screen and scrolling left and right on the Spectrum. I thought it would be fun to try out something similar on the Enterprise but it seems that documentation for the less advanced user is not out there in English.

I did notice the book had been typed out so maybe I will give Google translate a go and see how I get on. Because sadly the Enterprise was not successful in the UK I suppose the lack of introductory texts is understandable.

Finally, does anyone have a link for Devpac? Thanks all.

Programming / Re: Assembler Tutorial
« on: 2016.February.17. 23:39:58 »
Hi. Would you be able to provide the full command line with parameters? Thanks

Programming / Re: Assembler Tutorial
« on: 2016.February.17. 21:06:26 »
Is it possible to use pasmo or similar to assemble the example?

Programming / Re: Assembler Tutorial
« on: 2016.February.16. 23:00:56 »
Thanks. I will take a look at this.

I notice there is an Hungarian assembly language book. Is there any chance anyone would consider translating this?  I'm happy to make a donation to the site or similar.


Programming / Assembler Tutorial
« on: 2016.February.16. 22:05:09 »

Is there such a thing as an introductory text on assembly language for the Enterprise. I have done a small amount of z80 with the spectrum and cpc but can find nothing which is Enterprise specific especially in regard to the screen.

Would anyone be able to direct me to info on the screen memory and perhaps ROM calls with a simple example of filling the screen and left and right scrolls.

Also does anyone have the emulator file for the entersoft machine code tutorial tape? I looked at the accompanying PDF but it seems not to cover the screen.

Thanks very much.

Thanks for the update everyone.

Could I request through this forum a version of EP128 which does not need to be installed.  So a zip file which could just me then unzipped and run from a USB site without installing.


Peter Jones

Emulators / Any WIndows 7/8 Emulators being actively developed?
« on: 2013.June.06. 22:45:24 »

With ep128EMU last being updated in 2011, I wonder if there were any Enterprise emulators still being developed?

Best wishes

Peter Jones

Emulators / Re: Loading Games into EP128 Emulator
« on: 2011.February.06. 13:19:13 »
Just a note to thank everyone for the very full and helpful replies.  All very helpful.

Kind regards


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