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It is a very common problem :-(
Now one available in a Hungarian auction portalYou can download from this page (English, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch versions :-) )

If only I would understand language..  :roll:

But if you can get one, I could but it from and paypal cash to you.  ;-)

I cant solder cable, but if there is ready cable for sale somwere, I would like buy one.

Thank you

Other topics / Re: T-shirt project
« on: 2008.December.17. 15:40:46 »
Yes. I did find picture of logo.  :cool:

What might t-shier (XXL) and shipping to Finland cost?

Other topics / Re: T-shirt project
« on: 2008.December.17. 14:51:55 »
Thanks  :cool: I havent had problems with post. I have got few postpackages from Hungary. When STA did send some X1541 and monitor cables for C64. But everything is ofcourse always possible. So its black t-shirt with small logo at cheast and url.

Display / Re: build a RGB Scart cable
« on: 2008.December.17. 14:37:58 »
Is it possible buy monitor cable somewere?  :oops:

Interface / Re: IDE for EP?
« on: 2008.December.17. 14:30:50 »
Is it possible load games from CF memorycart with Ide adapter? I would be very nice. I just asked about device like that at international forum  :cool:

One please  :cool:

Hardware / Would Enterprise multicart/flashcart be possible?
« on: 2008.December.17. 14:26:04 »

There is multicarts for many retromachines and I wonder if multicart for Enterprise would be possible..

I am new user and have only two games, but it would be nice try other Enterprise games and cartridge would be also easyer use.

We have two multicarts for Vic20, Megacart is just coming out, Creativision multicart and flash carts/adapters for C64 and ZX Spectrum.




I just got Enterprise 128, but its missing internal joystick stick and user manual.

Also monitor cable and maybe gamecartridges would be nice. Monitor cable sure would make life easyer.


Other topics / Re: T-shirt project
« on: 2008.December.17. 14:13:25 »
Hello from Finland. I just got Enterprise 128 from Sweden and this is my first post to forum  :)

Is there picture of t-shirt, I have seen logo at other post before. What would t-shirt and shipping cost to Finland?

Thanks  :cool:

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