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CPC-ről / Re: Hydrofool
« on: 2023.February.21. 00:21:43 »
Please test it.

Everything seems to be OK now! :smt023

CPC-ről / Re: Hydrofool
« on: 2023.February.20. 00:19:40 »
As I understand, game playable only with joysticks.
Because, if I choose keyboard for playing I can't find key to pick up/fire.

↖ - Esc, 2, W, E, R, T, AllJoyLeft, AllJoyRight
↗ - @, Y, U, I, O, P, ]
↙ - Tab, S, D, F, G, ExtJoy1Fire, ExtJoy2Fire, Space
↘ - \, H, J, K, L, ;, :, LShift
Abandon game - F1
Pause - Pause

Original controls:

Konvertálás / Re: SPemu
« on: 2023.February.16. 22:31:48 »
3D ATTR Maze



Q,A,O,P: Navigate maze, find black panels.
SPACE/M: play a mini game in a black panel.
Score 10,000 points in total, and then find the exit.
Hold 1 for Map.
Total score is based on number of mini-games taken, and times you used the map.

Konvertálás / Re: SPemu
« on: 2023.February.04. 20:26:50 »
Chemi Chaos


Works well, except key redefine feature (don't press R in menu).
Default keys:
O, P, Enter
R: restart
S: skip current game


CPC-ről / Re: CPC
« on: 2023.January.29. 22:12:52 »
Small glitch in H.E.R.O.
Showing just for fun, because I think it does not need to be corrected.

(open gif in new window or dowload it)

« on: 2023.January.29. 21:09:38 »
Kis meglepi, próbáljátok ki magnós konfiggal, és várjátok végig a töltést :D
Az utolsó 20 mp nem az igazi, de szerintem ilyen még nem volt :D
Igazi gépen nem próbáltam.

With a "PAUSE" with very short length (in your version) it works nice on a real EP.
If you create a wav using Tapir - the sound freezing during "PAUSE" message.

Hardware / Re: Upgrading an Enterprise 64 from scratch (video)
« on: 2023.January.23. 22:19:01 »
Nice and informative video. :smt023

Even described a common mistake with soldered pins in EXP2. (you're not the first who made this wrong decision) ;)

I am afraid that at the moment I will not have enough time to do it. I hope to be free by the summer.

But I have box cover for IS-Lisp with some another head picture. :)

thomas643, I am sorry.
Because of all these chaotic days, I forgot about the label for the cartridge.
Maybe it isn't too perfect: this one of the first labels that I did. I see now it needs for fully rework. But it can be useful at now.

Karbantartás, javítás / Re: ZOMBIPRISE :-)
« on: 2023.January.12. 22:19:39 »
I sent him the original schematics, photos and a link to EPower. He replied that it would be enough for repairs.

Karbantartás, javítás / Re: ZOMBIPRISE :-)
« on: 2023.January.12. 20:42:11 »
One EP owner a year and a half ago also asked me about circuits of this corner of mainboard.

BASIC / Re: Basic BÚÉK
« on: 2023.January.10. 19:49:27 »
Maybe just force in snapshot warm reset using debugger to quit to Basic?
Or it not so easy in this case?

Commodore-ról / Re: Fire Ant C16
« on: 2023.January.09. 20:24:02 »
Looks like problem is fixed. :smt023

Commodore-ról / Re: Fire Ant C16
« on: 2023.January.07. 22:37:57 »
Something goes wrong during animated sequence: game freezes.

I tried to catch the moment when I die during animation (game also freezes), but in snapshot another incident with same result.

Enterprise DevCompo #1 / Re: Conversion:Filler
« on: 2023.January.07. 21:53:39 »
Game looks like loadable/playable on EP64, but screen has attribute error.


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