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Hardware / Re: EP64 after few starts no screen over modulator
« on: 2020.November.22. 09:28:45 »
Composite B/W signal you can take from monitor connector.

Central male connector (RCA) connect to A3 contact, and ring connector to A2 or B2 contact: http://enterprise.iko.hu/pinouts.htm

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2020.November.08. 18:14:17 »
@gflorez, why are you doesn't say about this article?: :)

http://www.retrowiki.es/retrowikimagazine/retrowiki_magazine_12.pdf (pp. 20-22 + 26,27)

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port+other Amstrad ports
« on: 2020.November.01. 21:49:20 »
Nebulus hard harder levels :) I was sure game basic levels were hard as rock.

Not so hard. Only at one level (one of the last) you can go astray. But all other has only one way (with minimal branching).
In my childhood I have only version with endless timer so I can freely explore all levels.
And at year 2005 I've beat DOS version without any cheating (at the 35 try in several days, or something). Later I've find out about another DOS version which contain additional harder levels.

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port+other Amstrad ports
« on: 2020.October.24. 22:58:30 »
By the way.
It's possible integrate to EP version of Nebulus hard levels ("Mission 2") from Nebulus DOS version? That version has EGA graphics (not as common CGA version)


On this screen you can see that "Mission 1" label.

VIDEO: / Re: Mozgó kép Enterprise -on...?
« on: 2020.October.13. 16:25:01 »
Egyelőre az első lépésben van valakinek ötlete? Milyen programmal lehet képkockákká alakítani a videót, és mivel lehetne levágni a fehér részeket?

Better take original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0ffwDYo00Q

To crop you can use AviDemux. It can edit modern video containers like mp4 and mkv.

And use batch scripts from epvideoconvert archive: https://enterpriseforever.com/letoltesek-downloads/pc-utils/?action=dlattach;attach=2681

VIDEO: / Re: Általános grafika topik
« on: 2020.October.11. 09:04:47 »
16-col attribute interlace mode
(as I see in moments while pictures change one to another)

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2020.October.07. 22:58:57 »
gflorez, wow! Very interesting!

All these ventures were relatively straightforward compared to the attention to detail required for the most spectacular commercial produced by Aardman in this period – an ad for the innovative Enterprise 64 computer, which had been developed by a British company called Intelligent Software. It boasted a 64-kilobyte memory (a lot in those days!), and the advertising agency wanted to stress its modern, groundbreaking qualities with a commercial that compared it to other computers, which would now seem obsolete.

The Enterprise 64 production was another indication that the workload for Aardman was beyond Peter and David alone. Neither of them would boast that they were born salesmen or businessmen, and around this time they started taking on employees.

Peter and David had also just hired their first animator-employee, a young man named Richard Goleszowski, who had just graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Exeter College of Art and Design. He had specialised in animation, of course. Twenty-three years old, of Polish ancestry, he was smart, creative and intuitive. He had a sardonic sense of humour and talent to burn. In later years, he changed his name to Richard Starzak, though in Aardman circles, where he enjoys almost legendary status, he is universally known as ‘Golly’. He seemed to fit in with the company ethic from the word go.

Golly played a crucial role in the look of the Enterprise 64 commercial. The ad agency had had the idea of representing older computers as skeletons. Golly sketched his version of a modern museum, sleek and abstract with black granite-style plinths, and inspired the idea of placing the old skeletal computers on the plinths in stark contrast to the Enterprise

To the accompaniment of the old spiritual song ‘Dem Bones’, these ancient skeletal computers prance around the modern museum; one of them literally crumbles into dust. The voiceover emphasises the point: ‘Some home computers are already obsolescent – their memory limited, their performance slow.’

And then came the punchline: ‘The Enterprise 64 . . . could be obsolescence, built out.’ It very well could have been, but, in a savage twist of fate, the company behind the Enterprise 64 – which doubled its memory and became the Enterprise 128 – went broke around the time the commercial was first broadcast.

Still, that was no comment on the quality of Aardman’s work, which was widely praised. It had been an incredibly complex commercial to shoot, requiring a twenty-strong crew – including (among others) a director of photography, a camera operator, focus puller, four modeller-puppeteers, a producer, floor manager and two set riggers, not to mention Pete, Dave – and Golly, who animated it. Aardman received ?35,000 for it – an astronomical sum in those days. (Peter and David had submitted a budget of ?15,000 to the agency, only to be gently told by the agency producer that it was not enough to produce the commercial. She revised it for them and more than doubled it.)

To put this amount in context, and to highlight the difference between the worlds of television and advertising, Peter and David had shot an entire series of The Amazing Adventures of Morph – twenty-six episodes totalling 130 minutes of film – for ?60,000. Now they were receiving ?35,000 for a thirty-second commercial. They shook their heads in bewilderment,
but they couldn’t deny they were rather pleased.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2020.October.05. 16:49:34 »
Decided to revise all issues of the magazine TV-Gamer.
Found another two mentions:

TV-Gamer Apr-84 p.63
Title: "Which computer?"

TV-Gamer Jun-84 p.60
Title: "TV Gamer Club" (yellow background)

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2020.October.05. 00:11:04 »
Format Vol.10 №10 (June 1997) pp.21-22.

Article "Enterprise. The Last of a Generation"

TV Gamer Jul 1984 p.6

Article "Prism gets Oric, Elan"

Other topics / Re: T-shirt project
« on: 2020.September.19. 23:25:48 »
@szipucsu or the UK guys: Is that to necessary there on the green T-shirt?

Yes. Words can contain mistakes. :oops:  I just wrote the first things that came to my mind.

Thanks Bruce.

Other topics / Re: T-shirt project
« on: 2020.September.19. 19:25:30 »
Some quick sketches for not only black and white t-shirts:


And another one with musical instruments (inspired by that video)



I think so: Ctrl+@ = Symbol 00h = NUL

Egyéb témák / Re: Házi készítésû kazettaborítók
« on: 2020.July.20. 08:45:00 »
A betűtípus mindenhol Courier New, félkövér, ez hasonlít a legjobban az eredetire.

I think, Rockwell font is better for Enterprise texts.

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános
« on: 2020.July.05. 17:47:52 »

Meg folyamatban van a gyartas, varok az uj vegyszerekre mert kifogytam. Itt egy kep, most meg nem nez ki soknak, de ha szetszedtem es atalakitottam, akkor lehet ez lesz az uj lezeres muanyag feliratozo lelke... Onantol aztan tenyleg barmit le lehet gyartani...

Photo brings to my mind dark bathroom, red light, and magical appearing images on the paper. :)

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