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Hardware / Re: Like a Z180, but much better ... the Z280
« on: 2021.January.21. 20:24:26 »
I would like to create something similar to that today, with SD card instead of the floppy ...

The software of the SD cartridge is so well written(by Zozo, of course) that it doesn't need to be on the cartridge address range, 03-07, an external cartridge bay can be connected on the expansion connector on other selectable range.

Then, you can have the SD cartridge as if it were the EXDOS interface, at the right side, leaving the cartridge bay for other tasks.

This external cartridge bay was planned by Zozo when we found that the MIDI interface Rom only was able to work on the 07 segment. Since then Geco has fixed the Rom in several ways.

Hardware / Re: Like a Z180, but much better ... the Z280
« on: 2021.January.21. 00:18:21 »
Ok... I am an expert on nothing... only an enthusiast apprentice that repeats like a parrot what Zozo, Istvan, LGB, Geco and a long list of other geniuses say here, on recent times including you.

I have managed to modify three computers, and this means exactly that. The research of the information that has lead to the knowledge is the work of Zozo, but not only from him, because overclocking on the EP has some tradition on Hungary, with even commercial products, or at least is what I have understood, when Zozo mentions one type of clock switch better than the one he uses.  

Also is truth that the EP was projected with a 6Mhz Z80 clock in mind, some proofs can be seen on its code, ask Bruce about it.

And now that you mention the Enterprise sequel.... it was already projected, effectively with a 6Mhz clock as standard. It had shape and was real, now we know. You can see it on Werner's thread.

Hardware / Re: Like a Z180, but much better ... the Z280
« on: 2021.January.20. 00:22:15 »
Have you read this thread about overclocking the EP?

Thanks to this tutorial from Zozo there are a lot of EPs running up to 10Mhz flawlessly.

I have successfully modified three machines.

Hardware / Re: Like a Z180, but much better ... the Z280
« on: 2021.January.19. 23:53:22 »
I like that game...

SOUND: / Re: Zeneprogramozás
« on: 2021.January.15. 16:32:41 »
Lehet, hogy egy idő megtakarítása érdekében az összes értéket közvetlenül egy karakterlánc-változóhoz rendelheti, öt vagy hat Basic sor segítségével:


Maybe, in order to save some time, you could assign all the values to a string variable directly, by means of five or six Basic lines:


Quizás, para ganar algo de tiempo, podrías asignar todos los valores directamente a una variable de texto, por medio de cinco o seis lineas de Basic:

Weboldalak / Re: Enterprise a neten
« on: 2021.January.15. 08:49:14 »
Igen, de nem ugyanazon a színen. Milyen értékük van?

Yes, but not on the same colour. What value do they have?

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.15. 01:33:10 »
Ok.... maybe I offended somebody, so I am going to explain me.

From my point of view, English, as a common-world-language, has lost a vast amount of its vocabulary on the colloquial use, while the not so common languages have added a lot of its words while still maintaining their own.

I like English and I understand how it has become a common language, not only because the most powerful country in the world uses it, because some of the best singers of both sides of the Atlantic sea perform using it, or because there are very good writers in English that is worth to read their books.

For me it has some characteristics that could have made it "easier" compared with other languages:

-It makes an intensive use of onomatopoeia. A lot of words are based on how the thing sounds...
-Few verb tenses, except a short list of irregular verbs.
-Fixed sentence constructions and linguistic elements positions.
-Funny phrasal verbs easy to remember, much like the onomatopoeia.
-Limited vocabulary, but as I have said, this probably was different on the past on United Kingdom.
-Preference for short words, of only 1 or 2 syllables instead of 3 or more on other languages.

And probably I could find more... but I don't want to bore you.

Weboldalak / Re: Enterprise a neten
« on: 2021.January.14. 23:12:31 »
Ezek az ellenállási tömbök, könnyen megtalálhatók.


These resistor arrays are easy to find.

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.14. 20:07:45 »
Yes, this is something that can reasonably be done ... as long as they don't all get much longer, and so use up a lot of extra space.

Not much longer, only 1 or 2 characters could allow to put an article on the sentence that makes better sense. Also, sometimes other sentences are shorter on Spanish/Hungarian than in English, and that space can be put on other text line. But usually English is a more compact language.

Off-topic: In my opinion, English is more compact and schematic, but on the other side, Spanish or Hungarian languages are more accurate on expressing the thoughts.

A good example from Szipucsu today.

SOUND: / Re: Zeneprogramozás
« on: 2021.January.14. 16:27:50 »
Talán ilyesmi, vagy szöveges fájlba írása.


Maybe something like this, or writing it to a text file.

Játékverseny / Re: 1. hét / 1st week: Bricky Prise
« on: 2021.January.13. 19:13:58 »

Maybe on some other game I can be better but not on this...

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.13. 11:08:46 »
May be we could edit more intelligible texts with more space available.

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.11. 21:41:54 »
Aha! At last you have found some utility to the extra FlashRom(512KB) space on the cartridge.

Yes, on January 1 I notified him that the sources of the game were available, and on January 3 he sent me a final version.

Impressive. I don't know if he stopped to eat, go to WC or sleep on that time....

I need to say, as a witness of the conversion, that this game was totally converted on a little more than 48 hours.

Shared on Retrowiki, Spain.

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