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Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: Today at 15:04 »
A Bakelite csatlakozó kivételével a többi gumit műanyagba öntött.

A vezető másik helyén van, és a farok hozzá van igazítva a lapos kábelhez.

7x2 tűs csatlakozóval rendelkezik, mint például az RGB csatlakozó.


Except the Bakelite connector, the rest has been moulded in gummy plastic.

The guide is on other place, and the tail has been adapted to the flat cable.

It has also 7x2 pins like the RGB connector.


Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: Today at 00:56 »
Megvan az eredeti "Printer" kábel. Lehet, hogy készítek néhány képet és intézkedést tőlem. Holnap.

Kérdezte Zozót? Azt hiszem, láttam neki egy eredeti RGB csatlakozót az egyik képén.

mellett van egy angol szál a "Kiváló EDGE csatlakozók és kábelek" témájáról, az eredeti tervek tervrajzaival.


I have the original "Printer" cable. Maybe I can take some pictures and measures from it for you. Tomorrow.

Have you asked Zozo?, I think I have seen him an original RGB connector on one of his pictures.

Also, there is a thread about Good looking EDGE connectors and cables, with blueprints about the original designs.

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: Yesterday at 20:34 »
For example, one of the first questions that will arise to new SF3 owners is:

How can I update my SF3 to the very last version?

Ok, like all developments, and SF3 is still on the very middle of it, there will be some transitional/test updates and then the definitive/tested updates. I will put here on Enterprise Forever only the definitive updates, and will explain what has changed on them. Usually some fixings or additions to the code of the Arm processor.

Every SF3 comes with a DFU cable, an "unusual" lead with a male USB connector on every end:

Don't keep it in the bottom of a drawer! you will need it very often to reveal new and fantastic functions.

The ideal way to update the SF3 is connecting it to a Win PC, but some users have been able to upgrade on Apple or Linux computers.

To start I will describe only the Win way.

First download and install the linked DfuSeDemo program. Also, create a new directory where you will store the DFU update files. Download the last DFU update and store it there.

With the SF3 disconnected from the Enterprise, change the position of the DFU switch on it to the upper position.

Then connect one end of the DFU cable to the PC and the other end on the "FAT32" USB port on the SF3(at the right of the Wifi antenna and over the OLED screen:

The PC will then recognise the new hardware and will install its driver.

Open the DfuSeDemo program:

If the middle list is filled like on the picture, the SF3 has been recognized and the update zone has been read. If it remains in white, try to remove and re-connect the DFu cable from the PC.

Now, you only have to use the two marked buttons in red, first Choose, and select the DFU file that you have previously downloaded and stored on an special directory.

Once done the little square near the two buttons will now show something like "00 ST...", and the "Upgrade" button now will be highlighted.

Click on the "Upgrade" button, a warning window will now appear, but click on "Yes". One green bar at the bottom will grow making two passes, and at the end it will show "Target 00: Upgrade successful !".

Now you can click the "Quit" button to exit the program.

On almost all upgrades this will be all, the SF3 will be ready to be connected again to the Enterprise with the adapter. Remember to put the DFU switch on the down position.

But on some circumstances, the CPLD chip firmware needs to be modified. On it are the main adaptations to each computer, so every update is critical.

It also happens that the user could need to re-program the SF3 to use it on other family of computers, CPC, MSX, PCW or others to come.

Then, after the DFU update, and still with the SF3 connected to the PC, move the DFU switch to the down position and press the Reset button on the SF3, at the left side of the card.

The OLED screen will briefly show the target computer DFU update installed, on our case "EP", the actual voltage the PC provides, and then "Missing Z80 upd".

From now on, please only continue if it has been recommended on the most recent DFU update.

Now press the middle button below the OLED screen, and the CPLD will be internally updated with an attached file on the DFU.

The screen will show "UPDATE" and once done "READY". Now the SF3 can be unplugged from the PC and re-installed on the Enterprise with the adapter.

Igen, nagyszerű ötlet!

Hardware / Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: Yesterday at 15:24 »
Hello. I open this new thread to put here the best I know about the Symbiface3, its current development and future functions.


Emulators / Re: Xep128
« on: Yesterday at 11:46 »
May be you can mix what you have with what is stored on the WayBackMachine.

Edit: But surely you already have thought on that...

Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: Yesterday at 11:36 »
Még spanyolul is gondolom, hogy átlagos minőségű. A "Retrocables" Scart vezeték ellátja a funkciót, de az EP oldala rosszul van megtervezve.


Even being Spanish, I think it is average quality. The "Retrocables" Scart lead makes the function, but the EP side is badly designed.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.June.26. 21:30:02 »
I am sorry, but I must rise a few Euro the prices of the adapters.

This is a hobby activity, and what I can't do is to loss money on it.

The reasons are evident, the CoVid19 disease has almost closed the cheap component shops in China, so I must find similar components on on-line European shops, slightly more expensive.

Some parts still have to be bought in China, like all the connectors, the PCBs and some outdated components.

But don't worry, the adaptors are still cheap enough.

For the same reasons, Hans has raised 5 Euro the price of the SymbiFace3, up to 110 Euro.

New prices will be only applied to new orders from now on, not to already accepted pending orders.

Also, to discharge Hans from work, and because he is very new to the Enterprise computer, from now on, better order yours adapters and SF3s directly with a PM to my nick.

Thanks for your understanding.


Don't worry very much... comparing your detailed replicated results with even the best dotted 3D printing is an abyss.

Keep with your good work.

This is a picture of the TMTnet chat program working on my EP:


On it, I am talking with myself, user 4 to user 4.

Emulators / Re: Xep128
« on: 2020.June.23. 17:20:23 »
I am glad to see that LGB's useful web page is again active, or almost...

Other topics / Re: N00b alert!
« on: 2020.June.19. 12:17:11 »
This is what we know about the Egyptian Enterprises:

Quote from: Werner Lindner(Former director of Enterprise Computers GMB):
The Egypt importer was Computer Technical Co. in Cairo. The founder and M.D. was Mr. Nabil Lashine. He had already bought about 500 ENTERPRISE 64k machines from England. He imported them to Egypt and sold them as electronic typewriters to other companies. He was not interested in games or other ancillaries, because he couldn't sell them (nobody in Egypt could afford a home computer for private purposes at that time). He made his own software for the computer and did the green keyboard print by himself. He bought additional 64k machines from us, but there was only appr. one shipment per year and not more than 150 machines (25 boxes á 6 computers). He also got appr. 500 empty cartridges from us. He always payed with monthly cheques. Sometimes it took long to get the money, but he was very reliable. His last order was in 1993, last contact to him in 1994. At this time his company was in big trouble and his bank had the hands on his remaining stock of EC machines. I've never heard of him afterwards, but I still have a complete set of printed keys, that he gave me while he was visiting us in Munich. All in all I think that 4000 units is too much - I personally know only about 1500 units, incl. the machines from England (but maybe Latchu has sold something to him directly)."

Probably these new Enterprise64s without Arab keys that are actually being sold are some stock that have been keep retained a lot of years by the Bank.

Some other buyers of this batch of Egypt EP64s have got the original Basic cartridge included.

Every now and then surface some used EP64 with the Arab keyboard from Egypt.  A Spanish friend of mine have one of these.

Maybe we could replicate the serious "Harrods Enterprise"

You are great!

It is amazing to see the detail perfection of the cloned key. I don't have any of them broken, but I can say that you will make happy a lot of people.

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2020.June.17. 00:36:17 »
For the few words you have written on your very first commentary...., you sure are new here.....

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