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Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.September.23. 19:46:47 »
Some adapters travelling from Spain to the Netherlands. The large PCBs at the left side are the AMSDAP, a CPC bus expander with 2 MSX slots. Hans kindly shared the diagram design with me when I was trying to make the M-Slot.


Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.September.19. 14:50:42 »
Sorry for the problems. I can't tests it until Monday, so better ask Hans on the Slack.

Hardware / Re: Capacitors - wrong orientation?
« on: 2020.September.16. 23:31:02 »
I think that Judge could be right.... and the schematic wrong.... if there is negative voltage at the left side, GND is positive.

Programozás / Re: Különböző fajta Enterprise gépek programozása
« on: 2020.September.16. 20:32:22 »
Igen, az Basic memóriacím elmozdulás. Egyszer régen javítottam egy programbetöltőt a Zozo segítségével.

Az áthelyezhető kódhasználat számomra a Enterprise egyik szépsége.


Yes, that Basic address displacement. Once, long ago, I fixed one program loader with the aid of Zozo.

Relocatable code use is for me one of the beauties of the Enterprise computer.


Si, ese desplazamiento de direcciones del Basic. Una vez yo corregí un lanzador de un programa con la ayuda de Zozo.

El código relocalizable es para mi una de las bellezas del Enterprise.

Hardware / Re: Capacitors - wrong orientation?
« on: 2020.September.16. 12:52:21 »
I am not the better knowledge source about electronics, but observing the schematics

and this closer picture without the components(thanks to Pear),

I see the right pin of C9 tied to the central pin of U21, Ground, so the capacitor minus pin should go also to the right.

Strange to find this assembly error after so much years.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.September.16. 03:41:25 »
The TracoPower can be installed(TSR 1-2450, or even better the 2 Amp TSR 2-2450), I did it on one of my EPs, but some bending has to be done on its little pins.

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2020.September.14. 09:57:53 »
Great to read that Pear wants to buy more WD chips. That means for me that his fine EXDOS controllers continue in production.

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2020.September.13. 21:41:56 »
Sorry, it is the first this time I see the website.

They have a huge amount of WD chips, also VL. They warn that these chips get hot... It seems they know what they say.

1 pound is almost 1 Euro now and they still are Communitarian...

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2020.September.13. 10:43:22 »
I have found some tested WD1772 00-02 chips on this UK page.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.September.12. 17:50:25 »
Today a new SF3 update(DFU+CPLD) has been released. You can find it on the official SF3 TMTLogic Drive page.

The enhancements of the SF3_EP_20200903.dfu are:

-The new SF3Boot.Rom version from Geco(also on the Drive) has been added inside the DFU. If no INI file is found or any error is detected, the SF3Boot Rom will be injected on the 60h segment.
-The F40 command to swap Audio modes have been expanded to select also the two MIDI modes, and now the SF3Boot.Rom benefits from this on the  new :SF3 AMODE command. Now the SF3 audio mode can be modified with a simple EXOS command.

Programozás / Re: Különböző fajta Enterprise gépek programozása
« on: 2020.September.10. 19:50:05 »
Amit a romok csinálnak, az a módosított szerkesztő és billentyűzet illesztőprogramok csatlakoztatása, teljesen legális.

Csak azokon a programokon láttam összeférhetetlenséget, amelyek megpróbálják feltörni az Egyesült Királyság (eredeti) illesztőprogramját egy olyan gépen, amelyen Rom nyelv van. A két meghajtó verzió puffereinek kódja és helye nem ugyanaz.

A Rom nyelv (mindegyik a BRD-ből származik) kompatibilis az EXOS 2.0-val és az Basic 2.0-val, még 64 KB-os gépen is képes futtatni. Könnyen kipróbálhatja az emulátoron.

Az egyetlen probléma a különböző billentyűzetkiosztás lehet, de mindig kényszeríteni tudja az Egyesült Királyság módját az EXT "UK" és egy hibarendszer használatával.


What the language Roms do is to mount modified Editor and Keyboard drivers, totally legal.

I have seen incompatibilities only on programs that try to hack the UK(original) driver on a machine with language Rom. The code and places of the buffers of the two driver version are not the same.

The language Rom(all of them come from the BRD one) is compatible with EXOS 2.0 and Basic 2.0, even it can run on a 64KB machine. You can try it easily on the emulator.

The only problem can be the different keyboard layout, but you always can force the UK mode with EXT "UK" and an error routine.


Lo que hacen las Roms de lenguaje es montar controladores modificados de teclado y editor, totalmente legales.

He visto incompatibilidades solo en algunos programas que intentan piratear el controlador UK(el original) en una máquina con lenguaje Rom. El código y los lugares de los búferes de las dos versiones del los controladores no son los mismos.

La Rom de lenguaje(todas derivan de BRD) es compatible con EXOS 2.0 y Basic 2.0, incluso puede ejecutarse en una máquina de 64KB. Puedes probarlo fácilmente en el emulador.

El único problema puede ser la distribución diferente del teclado, pero siempre se puede forzar el modo UK con EXT "UK" y una rutina de error.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.September.07. 15:10:51 »
It was archived with WinRar(free).  Once installed you need to put the 3 files on the same place and then a double click on one of them will execute Winrar.

I don't know if the video worths all the hassle, but it is a good way to jump the uploading limit. Dropbox and others could disappear, and I can lose the files, but this web page not, it is.... forever.

Programozás / Re: BASIC
« on: 2020.September.06. 16:30:58 »

Programozás / Re: BASIC
« on: 2020.September.06. 15:53:34 »
Esetleg megérinti a 29. rendszerváltozót VID_EDIT?


Maybe touching System Variable 29 VID_EDIT?


¿Quizás tocando la Variable de Sistema 29 VID_EDIT?

Memória / Re: 512K belső RAM bővítés - II
« on: 2020.September.06. 00:37:21 »
Régen tettem, és én, hogy Zozo is tud.


I did it a long time ago, and I know that Zozo also can do it.

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