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For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2008.April.04. 13:39:06 »

Tricky writes:
> Is someone on here bidding for the 3.5 inch floppy disk drive? I need one but I dont want to bid against someone here??

Yes, I was going to, but I wasn't going to bid that high since I have already obtained a working 5.25" setup, so
don't worry about me.

I was more interested in the peripheral items. Only going to bother with the main system if the bidding hadn't gone
sky high already.

> I also want the EP64 thats appeared  - got 2 EP128's but no 64 !!

Way over my budget. :D  On the other hand, I did spend quite a lot to get the EXDOS card and bridge...

Btw, here is a good book I would recommend:


Alas it does not include the Enterprise. I spoke with the author; he said the Enterpise isn't covered because
he couldn't find anyone who had a system he could take pictures of, etc. I said if he ever did a future revision
then he would be welcome to come and take pictures of the EP128 I have; he said sure, that would be great,
though he's not certain yet that he will do a newer edition (he would like to, but has other commitments).

But anyway, it's a very nice book. Excellent pictures. I bought two: one for me, one for my brother for xmas/07.


For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2008.April.04. 01:11:36 »

Hehe, yes, I'll be bidding for sure, unless the price levels go totally mad.


For Sale / Re: Selling my boxed EP128
« on: 2008.January.21. 21:33:17 »
Well, it's a collector's item as well nowadays rather than a computer for use (for me as a demoscener at least).
In the end it sold for 160€ on ebay.

I won it, works great! Thanks so much Shockwav3! And since then I have managed to obtain an EXDOS
card and bus bridge off eBay aswell. I just need to make a proper RGB monitor cable now (RF picture is
bad); has anyone written a page about this?


For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2008.January.21. 21:17:15 »

Happy new year one and all!!

Zozosoft writes:
> For use it, also needed the the system bus bridge.

Thanks! I did manage to obtain both the card and the bus bridge just after Christmas (eBay items 230201032730 and
230201028468). They cost me rather a lot, but I decided what the hell, they are not going to appear very often,
so I will treat myself for xmas. :D

I have just been testing the card and bridge with a dual-drive unit from a BBC-Master system, everything
seems to work fine! Thankyou for your help! 8)

So that's the storage system sorted out. The next thing I want to do is construct a proper RGB monitor
connection as the RF picture quality is very bad. Has anyone written a clear page on how to do this?

To Tricky: I haven't forgotten about you! I will scan the docs as soon as I can, just been very busy after new
year with work.

Cheers! :)


For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2007.November.23. 12:29:59 »
Tricky writes:
> Definately recommend a disk controller card (EXDOS) - much easier than trying to use tapes (and quicker :) )
> - especially since you can pretty much use a PC (or unix box) to download the files and then write them to a
> 3.5" disk and just stick it in the Enterprise.

Thanks for that! Yes, sounds like a plan. So would the drives used with Ataris/Amigas be ok?

> Only thing you will need on top of that (as you can use a PC floppy cable) is a 5v power supply for the disk drive.

Not a proble, I'm swimming in PSUs. Should have a 5V unit somewhere.

What's a typical price for a controller card?


Emulators / Re: ep128emu question
« on: 2007.November.19. 23:23:57 »
IstvanV writes:
> least one unix platform, and may also have better emulation accuracy. However, compiling
> on SGI may still be problematic, but with some luck you could get the older version 1.6.1 to
> run (SDL and the GNU development tools are needed). The
> 2.x versions are more advanced, but have more dependencies, and would probably not work.

There do seem to be a fair number of depencies, but what the heck, I'll try anyway when I can
find the time. GNU/etc. tools are not a problem on SGIs, all the usual Linux freeware is available
via nekochan.net.



For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2007.November.19. 22:37:40 »

Zozosoft writes:
> See the Shockwav3's auction previously.

I won! 8-)   Happy me!!!

> Or offer a good price to me for a EP128+disk controller card :-)

Despite wanting to find an EP for years, I don't know that much about the hw details
at this point. Do you have a page about the disk controller card? I am intrigued!

Cheers! :)


For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2007.November.19. 03:19:57 »
Great boxed EP64 on the UK eBay.

Hello Zozo! I did not quite win Sunday's eBay UK EP64 auction (item 270186142585),
despite a max of 212.50 UKP - it seems someone else was more desparate to find an
EP than I was. :D

However, I did win the auction for the schematics and documents. Thus, would you like
me to post you photocopies of all the items I receive? I have already offered to do the
same for the person who won the tapes auction (is that you Tricky?). I will be scanning
the docs for my site anyway, but thought perhaps you'd like some photocopies.

My hunt for an EP continues... will gladly swap a nice SGI for one! :D  (eg. Indy, Indigo2,
O2 or Octane)

Cheers! :)


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