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Konvertálás / Re: Cross Fire (Videoton TVC)
« on: 2020.January.13. 10:29:14 »
Kiadva. Forrás is van.


Other topics / Re: Switching Between Keyboard Languages?
« on: 2020.January.12. 19:05:42 »
But making the Arabic characters type right-to-left would be a bit more of a challenge!
A hacked VIDEO: device is needed.

Other topics / Re: Switching Between Keyboard Languages?
« on: 2020.January.12. 16:37:57 »
Probably a loadable Arabic character set existed, but unfortunately there is no known piece of it.

Display / Re: RGP Socket Name or Part Numer?
« on: 2020.January.11. 19:29:50 »
I've a doubt about the pinout order! Is the attached picture correct?
Yes, it is correct.

Hardware / Re: Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2020.January.11. 15:52:10 »
I can see "EXDOS 2.0  TEST FC" message at the top of screen now.
EXOS, not a EXDOS :-)
Your monitor slow detect video signal. It is a TESTING FE, FD, FC... this is the memory test. (on a 128K machine contined with a FB,FA,F9,F8)

After that, the word "E N T E R P R I S E" starts glowing on screen in black and white. Nothing happened after that. There was no memory test and the computer never booted. I wonder if this is a normal behaviour?
Yes, ENTERPRISE screen normal, system started. Then need to press any key. Then Basic started if cartridge inserted. If no cartride then the built in Word Processor started (you can also load machine code games from WP).

But interesting why BW the screen? SCART switch signal right for set RGB mode?

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.January.08. 22:59:39 »
Then, the SF3 should better remain at 40h4Fh?

How much Z180 cards there are compared to Spectrum emulator cards?
Main problem, the mentoined port writes included in EXOS 2.4 and also in cartridge version of my RAM test (for example in a SD adpaters). These are already running on lot of machines! :oops: Probably on near to all everyday used Enterprises!

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.January.07. 20:28:20 »
At reset used these:
Code: [Select]
TESTROM         IM 1
                LD A,12
                OUT (191),A
                LD BC,32H
                LD A,B
                OUT (C),A    ;Z180 WAIT STATES DISABLE
                LD C,3FH
                LD A,01000000B
                OUT (C),A    ;Z180 INTERNAL IO 40-7FH
                LD C,40H+1FH
                LD A,80H
                OUT (C),A    ;S180 CLOCK DIVIDE XTAL/1

Spectrum Emulator easy can be moved to another location. It is also needed for a Z180 :-) But the Z180 are default put their register to 00-3Fh at reset. Which is needed to move, because collosion with EXDOS.

Konvertálás / Re: Cross Fire (Videoton TVC)
« on: 2020.January.03. 16:02:48 »
Még ki sincs adva a játék :-)
De most írta a szerző, hogy majd felrakja a forrást is.

Hardware / Re: Fischertechnik Robot Interface 30520.
« on: 2020.January.02. 15:07:22 »
If you do an OUT (n),A or an IN A,(n) as the EXOS code does then 0 is used as the high byte of the port address
Not important on the Enterprise, but at these case the A register sent to high byte. On ZX Spectrum used this is for the keyboard handling:
LD A,n
IN A,(0FEh)

Egyéb témák / Re: 2019 termése
« on: 2020.January.01. 14:57:40 »
  • MP3 Player
Pontosabban Symbiface 3, aminek csak éppen az egyik elhanyagolható kis részlete az MP3 lejátszás.
Van rajta 4MB memória, ami szabadon konfigurálható RAM/ROM-nak, SD kártya és pendrive illesztő, USB egér, és Wifi kártya is.

Ehhez kapcsolódóan készült a spanyoloknál új verzió is a busz bővítőkártyából, ami már tüskés csatlakozást használ az élcsatlakozók helyett. Ehhez készült MSX cartridge adapter is.
Készültek új EXDOS kártyák is Pearnál illetve a spanyoloknál is.

« on: 2020.January.01. 14:51:26 »
amikor egy durung leér alulra, akkor lenne egy nagyon rövid digi hang, valami dobütés szerű
Enterballból lehetne kiszedni.

Hardware / Re: Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2019.December.25. 22:32:32 »
Ah, thank you. Now it’s exposed:)
Now I see the Philips capacitors!

Anyway it is a rare board: ISSUE 6, with a second (bugfixed) version of Nick chip (08-47). This is very rare at EP64, usually the EP128 built with ISSUE 6, but not all got the better Nick chip.

What is the S/N of your machine?

Hardware / Re: Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2019.December.25. 20:10:16 »
One more hint: if you see Philips electrolytic capacitors on the board then replace it. (Early boards built with these)
The most critical the C9, if it is dried out (which is very possible at machine from the hot Egypt) then will kill the TR2 again.

Display / Re: RGP Socket Name or Part Numer?
« on: 2019.December.25. 20:05:38 »
2.54mm (0.1") edge connector.
This seller have a lot of various sizes.
You can buy one long, then cut it for monitor, joysticks, printer, etc

Hardware / Re: Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2019.December.25. 19:38:42 »
The computer didn't power up. There was no sign of life at all; no sound nor video signal.
Power LED also not light?
If not then very possible someone tried it earlier with wrong polarity PSU.
If this happened then need to replace 2x7805, one BC337 transistor (TR2), and LM386 (U38).

There is a schematics at my page.

I tested it by plugging one yellow RCA cable into its video output and the other end to my TV's video input. I then plugged in my ZX Spectrum's power adapter because I know it works and is compatible with E64 (9V negative center).
Where you connected the RCA cable? The RCA socket on the EP not a video output! It is az RF output for a antenna cable, like on ZX Spectrum.
You can found a video signal on a monitor connector. You can found a pinout at my page. Best way is using RGB scart cable. You can make it, or order complete cable.

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