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VIDEO: / Re: Mozgó kép Enterprise -on...?
« on: 2020.April.05. 21:46:56 »
Nagyon jó!

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.April.01. 17:27:04 »
Zozo, now, if you want, the next step is to try the SF3 MIDI.

This will inject the modified ScoreTrac Rom on segments 06 and 07, so you couldn't use the SD cartridge due to clash of Roms.
This is the right time of your external cartridge adapter :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

You will not need external Midi equipment to hear the ScoreTrack songs.
Great! :smt038

Spectrum-ról / Re: Általános specy átírás topik
« on: 2020.March.28. 13:19:28 »
Mert egyébként a zene (PT3)
Arra ott van a PT3 playerem kódja.

Spectrum-ról / Re: Általános specy átírás topik
« on: 2020.March.27. 20:27:41 »
másik kérdés:
speccin a 0x1f portról mit olvasunk?
Kempston joy.

SOUND: / Re: SID lejátszó
« on: 2020.March.20. 15:45:31 »
4 verzió van, ami valójában csak kettő, lemezes rendszeren 236-os errort (fájl vége utáni olvasás) kaptam, ezért megpecseltem a TVCTAPE által generált fájlban a hosszt , ami teljesen jónak tűnt, nem is értem miért panaszkodott a TVC.
Nem tudom valakinek van-e real TVC-je, érdekelne, hogy azon megy-e :D :D
Igazi gépen is 236-os hiba az első kettővel, a pecseltek jók.
És elég jól szólnak! :smt038

Programming / Re:Converting old Ocean games
« on: 2020.March.19. 08:14:51 »
If a moderator can split off most of the recent messages into a new thread, perhaps into the "Progamming" section, then that would seem like a great idea!

How about "Converting old Ocean games"?
Done :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: 2020.March.18. 13:50:27 »
The threads in Hungarian interest me as much as the others, and I will continue to comment on them if I think I can contribute something.
I think the best way when you also write it in English. Then if we see big mistake in the translated text we can correct it.
Google more correct with a popular languages like a English, Spanish, German... but with small languages like the Hungarian many times results a funny or nonsense text :oops:
When I want to read anything than English text, I use translate it to English instead of Hungarian :-)

Programming / Re:Converting old Ocean games
« on: 2020.March.18. 12:32:52 »
Honestly, I will do almost all of the work in EP128EMU, the real hardware is mostly needed for testing a few hardware-specific routines, especially if I write a new sound-driver for the conversion.
From a developer view: most important difference at EP64/EP128 not just the memory size. At EP64 all memory are video memory, where the CPU accesses are delayed by the Nick chip. The extra 64K in EP128 or any other memory expansion runs at full speed. Like the Amiga Chip RAM and Fast RAM :-)

Another problem the different system memory map at EXOS 2.0 and 2.1+ versions. But if you programming on the right way, allocate memory from EXOS, don't using direct system memory addresses, then the program will run on any Enterprise configuration.
This is also true for using extra memory segments, many-many old program using directly the F8-FB segments, which are the internal 64K expansion of EP128. These programs still not running on EP64 even you have a external memory expansion. But if you programming on the right way, then no problem about where the expansion addressed.
Unfortunatelly there in Hungary where the most of Enterprise sold, only the 128K version exist. Then the most of programmers don't care about the EP64, games won't run on EP64, even if it is only 48K Spectrum conversion :roll:
About at the last 15 years, when international Enterprise community started, making the new programs are maximal possible compatibility, and lot of old programs are also fixed. (Still possible if the programs need more than 64K, or a full speed RAM, but can run on EP64 with any expansion.)
When Geco write for their releases "program are EXOS compatible" this is means these.

From a "gamer" view, if you want to enjoy all existing Enterprise programs need a EXOS 2.1+ and 64K expansion at F8-FB segments. Practicaly this is a EP128 :-)

But for a developing EP64 are ok, and optionaly any memory expansion if needed more or faster RAM.

In a ep128emu the memory timings emulated correctly.

Ps: what do you think, move your thread to a separate thread? Just suggest one right name for it :-)

Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: 2020.March.18. 11:54:27 »
Lehet, hogy a megszakítások kikapcsolása nem annyi, nem tudom fejből, csak úgy írtam.
56,201 :-)

Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: 2020.March.18. 06:08:28 »
Úgy van tervezve, hogy egy mozdulattal levehető a gépről és sehol nincs a gép megfúrva vagy összebarmolva. :cool:
Maximális like! :smt038

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.March.16. 10:30:32 »
In order to make work the SF3 with the new adapter, a simple lead has to be sold:
Now working :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Programming / Re:Converting old Ocean games
« on: 2020.March.15. 19:53:12 »
Let's move the conversation to PM, and I'll send you some source code.
Great news! I believe you and Geco will make awesome Enterprise versions!

VIDEO: / Re: Általános grafika topik
« on: 2020.March.14. 22:36:49 »
Köszi! Egyébként a 4 színű mód tud valamit, amit az attribútum mód nem?
A 4 színben bármely pixel bármilyen színű lehet. Attribútum módban egy karakternyi (8 pixel) területen belül csak 2 szín lehet, igaz 16 színből választva.

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