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Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2019.February.03. 21:05:12 »
Without spoiling the Symbos suprize, I think a lot of Enterprise users are going to be very happy. No lets change that to very very happy, because it will be a big announcement. Prodatron and others have been very busy and its not just the MSX and CPC that are getting the love :)

Regards Trebmint.

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2015.March.06. 13:07:00 »
Yes there is quite a bit going on behind the scenes at symbos towers. Prodatron, Edoz and I probably talk everyday, and everyday we come up with something new and cool which would push symbos forward. If it all happens only time will tell, but 3.0 looks to be special already

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2015.January.17. 00:26:31 »
Lots going on with Symbos this year. Including a new website, with I guess a forum. At Nijmegan there should be the first showing of 3.0, some new apps and my vast upgrade of symstudio IDE... which is now called Unify.

2015 will hopefully be a big year with 3.0 and networking coming too. After this we have ideas which will go even further

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2015.January.16. 18:59:27 »
We this silence...? :-)
There's a MSX meeting in Nijmegan next weekend that symbos will be shown at... could be quite interesting for symbos news :)

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.December.23. 10:23:55 »
Great Video. The speed is amazing, looks better than 10mhz, as everything just appears so solid. Can't wait to get some symbos games coded and running at this speed. Great work from the EP scene and of course Prodatron.

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.December.22. 12:56:35 »
The issue of when new hardware starts to take away from what defined the original machine is one that's had on pretty much every retro computer. And the fact is it is a personal judgement so there is no right or wrong. The symbos concept has become "If its Z80 and 128k with a bitmap screen its a possible symbos target"... After that I think Prodatron considers any additional hardware possible as long as these core ideas are kept in place. More memory, more storage, better i/o are all benefits but should never become a neccessity.

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.December.22. 10:45:17 »
I don't think you'll see any interlace screens or graphics card support in Symbos for a short while, if ever. On the one hand you have a very specific hardware method for the EP like interlacing, which is great but doesn't fit with the other flavours of Symbos that well in that its not needed on the MSX and is unusable on the CPC. Once you rise above 4 colours the Symbos method is a 16 colour fixed palette. Break this you break all the software.
As cool as Symbos is its still somewhat a lowest common denominator piece of software meaning something running on EP has to work also on the CPC, PCW etc.
As for graphics cards using say the GFX9000 then if anyone builds it and I'm sure Prodatron would support it. But again all these things take time, and I think Prodatron now thinks the SymbosEP is mature enough that he can move back to developing Symbos 3.0 for all its recipiant machines.
The thing that bored Prodatron and forced him to stop developing for 6-7 years last time was people asking for drivers for another of the 1000 FDC's that the MSX seems to have. Covering old ground over and over is not fun and we all need to keep growing and developing new areas rather than maintaining what already exists.
3.0 is Something I think will move Symbos to a new level... especially network support.
I guess what I mean overall is that Symbos is its own standard into which CPC, MSX,PCW and EP can all perform. As an CPC fan its easy to get very specific about features the CPC might be able to do that the others can't.... But symbos isn't CPC its Symbos, and thats its own standard and when I think for developing software for it I'm developing for not just my old friends but new friends here and on MSX.ORG etc

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.December.18. 10:49:06 »
Found a bug in Tetris: if press Space the actual element stop in the air :oops:
Yes this is for virtually key it seems. Not Edoz's fault, mainly mine as there is functionality missing in Symstudio. Will be a new release soon and I'm sure Edoz will fix, along with more apps. In fact there will probably be a solid release mid january for those that want to try a little bit of symbos app coding.

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.December.11. 12:19:47 »
You need to ask Edoz how to make video's. The guy that wrote the video studio creation tool doesn't remember how to use it :P

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.23. 12:06:58 »
Did my sample of prodatron runtime code stop this thread? Anyway in my magical capacity I predict that there will be an Enterprise Symbos release sometime today!

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.19. 20:32:42 »
For those of you who actually think Prodatron has a normal life. That's not quite correct. Here is what his day comprises of

Code: [Select]
ORG DreamState
.BrushTeeth: EQU #32
LD HL,SymbosIdeas
LD DE,StoreIdeas
        INC HL
CP Good
JR NZ,Sleeping
CP 9
JR NC,GetOutOfBed
        INC DE
JR Sleeping
LD BC,BrushTeeth
LD HL,Toothpaste
LD DE,Mouth
The full listing has yet to be fully dissassembled

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.14. 16:33:20 »
Indeed, it can be a reason, I guess. Just I'm wondering now what about the EP128. Also what about the support of 128K only in future versions of SymbOS.
Prodatron is dedicated to every version (I guess unless its a hardware specific version - for say a hires graphics card etc) to be working on base level machine that means 128k. No doubt this will only leave minimal RAM, and you will never be able to launch more than one or two small apps at the same time. However I think its safe to assume that most people will be either in emulator or if using real hardware have upgraded it substantially. Basically speaking symbos is a highly advanced modern OS that even in a basic state requires nearly a 100k. If could be smaller then Prodatron would have done so.
We have talked a while back about a symbos lite, that effectively would be symbos without GUI. That's for the future though

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.14. 16:11:25 »
However it may turn into a question about wasting memory. What I mean here is the needed memory space for the driver, if the OS is not "load driver from disk" kind. As far as I can see, MSX works with loading SymbOS drivers, but CPC is not. While I tried to disassembly CPC SymbOS, I seen that there are many hw drivers built-in somehow. Which can be a factor if you have the base 128K RAM only. If every drivers are built-in there can be a problem later. But the another side of the problem: having loadable drivers also causing using a bit more memory. Hmmm. The question here is soon (especially for the next SymbOS version which can be even larger maybe) that how realistic to run SymbOS with 128K RAM only. It's not too much to actually work with SymbOS so we can say it will be not enough to even boot SymbOS. But there is some little sound within me saying: "ok, not enough but nice feeling to know it will work _somehow_ even on the good-old base system with only hardware elements produced by the original manufacturer of the machine when it was sold/bought ...". It's even true for the SD driver, as not everybody have it. I am not sure what the strategy of SymbOS for the future versions on different platforms: will 128K enough for every future versions as well, what will be about the "monolithic" and "loadable driver" versions in MSX/PCW/CPC/EP128 .... will they be always different (as like now afaik, that msx uses loadable drivers but not the cpc, I think). etc, etc.
On the whole I would assume that's because the CPC is a closed system in that the sound, graphics, fdc are the same on everyone. that's not the case with the 4000 differernt models of MSX. Its impossible to embed something that isnt standard

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.14. 14:33:05 »
The .vid videos created will work in 4 colours for Enterprise straight from day 1. The format is already fine I believe.

The thing to take from symbos is that it will be pushed by Prodatron pretty much as far as it can go on specific platform, as long as it doesn't create a situation that an APP wont work on another supported system. The attribute mode would probably be too platform specific, as neither the CPC or MSX use that, and there's no benefit in creating a 8 pixel byte aligned version as that would break all the Apps that currently exist.

Taking symbos fullscreen and not cross platform graphically is something I hope happens after 3.0, but it needs to be carefully planned as it would be great to keep 99% of code the same even if the graphics are machine specific. Symstudio already allows the importation of .bmp, jpgs etc and converting to 4/16 colour with automatic embedding into projects, meaning you dont have to rely on the symbos automatic upgrade or downgrade. basically meaning graphics can already be kind of machine specific if you wish

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.14. 13:21:09 »
The fact that Tetris works without change on a completely different machine is pretty amazing... especially as it is a graphical App and the VDP and Nick chips are just so so different.

I think its really great that Enterprise users seem to be interested in symbos. together we can create something really good. Even if its not in a special attribute type byte aligned screen mode :P

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