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Other topics / The most powerful 8 bit computer?
« on: 2009.March.01. 20:37:58 »
To my mind, the Turbo R (a son of MSX2) was the most powerfull 8 bit computer. But when I read this forum, I wonder if not the EP128 doesn't have more possibilities... Also, in french magazines I read when I was young, they wrote the EP64 was really really slow (they used to do some FOR TO NEXT test on all computers). Or only the Basic was so slow?

Hardware / 4 Mb ?
« on: 2009.February.28. 00:03:01 »
In an old french magazine (Tilt #8 or #17, I don't remember...), it was written that the Lansay 64 (Enterprise 64, in fact) can support a 4 Mb extension. Is is true? Was this extension available? I've never seen it...

Hardware / single SD adaptor for several old computers
« on: 2008.April.25. 21:12:34 »
Hello !

This small adaptator allow to connect SD to the floppy port of several old computers. Sometimes, the emulated floppy can be very big (4 Mb for exemple). The main component is a PIC. Can somebody adapt it to Enterprise ? ;)

automatic google translation into english

For Sale / on Vatera
« on: 2007.June.10. 11:02:59 »
Hello !

What is this bridge cartdrige for ? (I have a Videoton but I don't know this

I need this extension (especially the controller) :
Can somebody from Hungary help me to buy or buy for me then I pay ? Thank you !

Unfortunatly this one is finished and I was interested in...

(1000 FT = 4 E)

Interface / What is the System Bus Bridge
« on: 2007.March.05. 14:22:40 »
again me ;)

I found a "System Bus Bridge" for EP128. What is its use ?

Bye !

Hardware / What is the Videoton TVC 64 ?
« on: 2007.March.04. 22:30:12 »
Hello again,

What is the link between the Videoton 64 and the Enterprise 64. Are they software/hardware compatible ?

Thanks !

PS it's rather to difficult to find english information on Videton 32/64...

Wanted / Look for everything related to EP128, Videoton 64...
« on: 2007.March.04. 20:28:12 »

I am happy to discover an english forum about one of my favourite computer as it's very difficult to get information in France.

I am looking for everything related to Enterprise and Videoton computer : hardware, software... I can trade with some french computers for exemple (but not only), or buy.

Bye !

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