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Programming / Enterprise programming options in 2022?
« on: 2022.August.04. 13:35:42 »
It has been more years than I want to think about since I did any programming on an Enterprise, but I used to enjoy it and would like to start again. What are my current options?

I don't currently have access to a physical machine, so I would need to use an emulator. I would also prefer to use a PC or possibly a Raspberry Pi to write the code and then cross compile for the Enterprise and other machines.

I prefer BASIC or Pascal style syntax to C style.

I'm hoping to create some text adventures, so any specialised tools that can target the Enterprise would also be useful.

Also, are there any utilities to convert files intended for emulators into audio files that a real Enterprise can load? I'm guessing that people use digital recorders and MP3 files these days.

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