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Hardware / 2 questions
« on: 2010.October.29. 11:19:04 »

I am currently going through the old magazines to scan the content (see other thread). I noticed a picutre of the EP with diskdrives etc.
Have these original add-ons been actually made or not, I wonder? There's nothing on internet about them..

Another question. I am podcaster for the dutch gadget and techno podcast "Tech45". I am considering starting my own (english) podcast as well, focussed on 8-bit computers. My personal interest is in MSX and Enterprise machines, so I thought I'd start with that. I wonder if anyone from the forum would be interested to join in once in a while. Maybe it'll be a one-off, I don't know :-) As with the other podcast, recordings will be through skype. Interested, drop me a message or email marco at marcof dot net.

I was lucky to get years 1984-1992 of this magazine. In a few issues there are tests of the EP64 and EP128. I'll scan these soon and put them online. I will also translate them if there is any interest.

Here are a few quick snapshots of the covers and one article:

is this site still active? http://ep.homeserver.hu/ep128english.htm - maybe the scans can be added there?

Maintenance / how to clean the enterprise?
« on: 2008.March.20. 11:54:33 »
what is the best way to clean the enterprise? There's stuff between the keys, joystick rubber etc.

not really visible normally, but when I take some high resolution photos, it is very obvious :)

Other topics / T-shirt project
« on: 2008.March.18. 14:00:35 »
I'm looking for a high resolution (preferably vector scale) image of the "enterprise one two eight" and/or "enterprise sixty four" logo that is on the machine and boxes.

And: would anyone be interested in a nice t-shirt/poloshirt with the above?
(I'm not sure how copyright issues may prevent this, but I'm willing to facilitate in creating t-shirt/poloshirts for those interested - at least I'd like one for myself - yep I'm a true geek :))

Hardware / One Chip MSX mkII - a chance for an Enterprise in FPGA?
« on: 2006.August.21. 16:32:07 »
I'm a big MSX fan. But I own an Enterprise 128 for some years as well.
on MSX.org, there's new development for a "one-chip" MSX on FPGA. I think this could also be used for enterprise, since the CPU is the same (Z80), only the architecture would need to be developed in VHDL.

Any info on project like this?

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