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Maintenance / EP Capacitor list
« on: 2021.March.09. 11:13:28 »
Has anyone ever produced a Capacitor list for the EP?

I know there has been talk of recapping them but not sure how relevant that



Hardware / Using DRAM memory
« on: 2015.April.09. 13:51:07 »
This is not an Enterprise issue as such but I wanted some advice on using DRAM.

I have a synth that has the facility to upgrade the sample memory with a card using
256k x 1bit DRAM, 12 of them.  These IC's have a single write enable line (W) and
separate input and out bits (D) and (Q) which are tied together.

That seems simple enough.

I want to create a memory card that uses 256k x 4bits, 3 of them.  These IC's have a
single write enable (WE) AND an output enable (OE) and the 4 bits are I/O ports.

So again this seems easy enough apart from the usage of the WE and OE.  I have a single
write enable (W) coming in so my question is, does anyone have experience using these and
how do the (WE) and (OE) get derived from a single (W)?

My assumption so far is that the (W) will go to the (WE).


Maintenance / EP64 will not boot.
« on: 2012.September.04. 23:53:25 »
OK my EP64 has finally stopped working, I replaced some memory about a year ago
but have not used it since then, as I normally use my EP128.

Today I am getting random things happening  :cry:

Most of the time it will boot with a display of white and black vertical lines:

sometimes with mixed colours:

sometimes random:

On the odd occasion it will show the EXOS 2.0 test and twice it displayed the
"Enterprise" logo and allowed me in.  As soon as i started pressing keys it
locked up and beeped with a constant tone.

Any thoughts or help in getting this one up and running would help.

I was using an Enterprise PSU which powers my 128 ok,  I was also
using normal TV via the modulator.


 :cry: :cry: :cry:

Interface / Enterprise Expansion Connector
« on: 2011.January.17. 14:03:10 »
Zozo ( or anyone )

Can you tell me if the edge connector supplies a +5v ? 

I have noticed that the expansion module converts the +9v (A/B)33 down to
+5v on (a/B)4.  I was not sure if the Enterprise had +5v on these anyway or
I had misunderstood a question from some time ago.


Russ P.

Wanted / Bagpuss is back
« on: 2008.April.22. 09:47:15 »
Hi all,

I am back on the scene and need to get hold of an Enterprise.  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

SOOOOOOO, if anyone see's one then pleasae let me know as I
am keen to get back into the swing of things.....  :oops:

Zozo,  I have just built a DVIDE interface for my Spectrum and was
wondering if it is possible to look at some thing like this for the
Enterprise.   I am now using a 1GByte Compact Flash as a drive on
my 48K Spectrum and the IDE interface is very good.  :|

Regards and Respect to all

Russ P.

Hardware / Enterprise EP80 Printer
« on: 2007.May.03. 14:23:32 »
Hi all,

Does anyone know what EPSON printer this was based on?

I need to get a new ribbon and am not able to get tot the
printer at the moment.


Russ P :)

Programming / TommyGun Developer Studio
« on: 2007.February.01. 11:18:46 »
Hi all, again!

Thought you might be interested in an 8 bit developer studio that I have been playing
with...  TommyGun.

TommyGun Developer Studio

He intends to add the Enterprise as an available machine and I have been supplying him
with information as he owns 3 Enterprise 64's! :razz:

Anyway have a look, looking good.


Russ P. :)

Wanted / Trying to find a Cassette Deck
« on: 2007.February.01. 11:10:15 »
Hi all,

Does anyone know where I may find a Enterprise Cassette Recorder?

Preferably boxed.  Any help appreciated.

Russ P.

Other topics / Saving EP tapes to PC sound files
« on: 2007.January.04. 03:26:33 »

I have placed the MP3 files you wanted for the Level 9
software in the downloads section.. :lol:


Sorry if I was not supposed to do that. :oops:


Russ P.   :razz:

Letöltések / Downloads / Level Nine Software (MP3)
« on: 2007.January.04. 03:19:37 »
Emerald Isle for Enterprise

Emulators / Speccy Emu on EP32
« on: 2006.November.27. 15:17:06 »
Has anyone managed to get the Spectrum Emulator ROM to run on EP32??

Now there's a thought....   :?

Russ P. :D

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