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Display / Display issue
« on: 2021.July.20. 10:29:45 »
Hi all

My Enterprise has started doing this lately (video attached), this is the only TV it "works" on, the rest just say no signal.

I can't get a signal out of the RF at all, though it did used to work.

I'm using the Retrocables.es SCART cable, could it be the resistor values causing this?

I've bought an Amstrad CTM 644 from ebay as used with the CPC464, 664 etc which I'd rather use with the Enterprise than an LCD TV. Was thinking of just cutting off the SCART cable end and wiring up a female DIN connector for the Amstrad Monitor. Alternatively, I could use one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/2189512396 and just plug the SCART straight into the CRT monitor. Does anyone know if I'd still need resistors if I went the DIN route, and if I bought the SCART adaptor, would the CRT be more forgiving of the Enterprise's input?

Thank you in advance :)

Programming / Early programming guide
« on: 2021.July.20. 10:15:43 »
Hi All,

I've had a fascination with the Enterprise for over 30 years, my dad worked at the factory which made it for many years (Welwyn Components in Bedlington in England) and we had a 64 sitting round in the loft for many years. They were sold off to employees for something like £10 when Intelligent Software went bust. I remember him saying he wrote programs to dump and load the screen contents but I don't think it's related to the one that appeared on the Plus cartridge.

I can't ever remember us using it when I was a kid, we had an Amstrad CPC464 and then an Amiga which got much more use. I read the programming guide cover to cover though, and was fascinated with the machine. Unfortunately the Enterprise was thrown away 20+ years ago during a house move.

I still have the programming guide though, which seems to be some sort of pre release one with amendments:


I bought a 128 off eBay a few years ago, in pretty much perfect condition. Don't think it was really used much, serial number is:


Look forward to speaking with you all!

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