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Other topics / OTLA for Enterprise???
« on: 2022.August.16. 15:09:24 »
I was thinking about the brilliant OTLA project 2.2:

This is up and going with wonderful turbo loading results from WAV or MP3, since 2008 for the ZX81, Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX computers ( haven't tested on MSX yet :mrgreen: ), so why not also for the EP computers? A normal Spectrum 48k proggy can be loaded flawlessly in less than 30 seconds!!!
Of course I have already tried the "max speed" option on EPTE, which is good, but is this REALLY the max speed that EP computers can handle?

As stated by the OTLA developer(s), this super-proggy is based on one ("slow but reliable") of the multiple turbo-routines as can be found on the K7ZX turbo loading utility for the ZX Spectrum. Unfortunately the K7ZX link seems not to be working anymore:

..., but it originally contained MUCH faster turbo loading routines for the Speccy, than the one used in OTLA and it can still be downloaded (without source code) here:

Anyway, the source code of the last OTLA version (2.2) is freely available, could one or some of you, experienced EP programmers have a look, please?
I believe that most EP enthusiasts who own/use a real EP machine rather than an emulator, cannot easily find/afford disk controllers etc, nor have real -original or not- cassettes, so the main solution is loading .tap files through EPTE or the special version of Tapir.
Wouldn't it be nice to develop a separate OTLA-like seriously fast and effective tape turbo-loading utility for use with the EP .tap files, or even integrate an EP option in the already existing OTLA? Or is it too much what my idea suggests?


Games / Arcade ports/emulators
« on: 2022.August.07. 21:02:40 »
...following my previous post about Wizball, I'd also like to express another request to the programming gurus of the forum!

There have been recently released very nice ports/emulators of classic ancient arcade games for other Z80 systems, like Pacman and Space Invaders for the Speccy, or Phoenix and Scramble for the Amstrad:


Especially the Speccy Pacman emulator could bypass the infamous color clash on the EP! Also CPC Phoenix, which comes in two different flavours on the Amstrad (lo and hi-res, due to color restrictions), could take advantage of the 16-color 320X256 mode on the EP and both could be almost arcade-perfect conversions!

Please, think about it!!!

Games / Wizball
« on: 2022.August.07. 20:19:07 »
Hello EP guys, I was looking to a recent thread about Nebulus, which is one of my all time favourites. Excellent little game, very playable and addictive and, most of all, it was an 100% original idea and concept, not just another port from the arcades of the time! Very well done with the EP port, it's really nice!

But then I noticed...
There's not even a simple mention to the fabulous Wizball game in the whole forum!!!
:shock: :cry:

Wizball is another 100% original concept on the 8bit home computers (later on 16bit also) and if someone could port it to the EP it would be a brilliant addition!
I believe that Wizball was perhaps the best ever arcade-style original game that could be played back then. HIGHLY addictive and super-playable (even with two-player option) with tons of fun!
There is already a very good CPC version with nice vivid colors as can be seen here...

...but it lacks the horizontal scrolling and great sound of the far superior C64 version:

Please, please, please consider a very good EP port of this game, I think it deserves to run on the powerful EP hardware as "the best 8bit version ever" and also our beloved EP deserves to have such a gorgeous game among its titles!!

Maintenance / Dead EP128, please help!
« on: 2022.March.29. 14:52:51 »
Hi folks, I am posting these on behalf of a friend...
A few days before he has fired up his 128, which was working fine until 2-3 months ago and he got this:


We've got no experience at all on such EP issues, if it was e.g. a Spectrum, I'd say a dead Z80... But what do YOU say, as specialists? It might be a common issue, easily recognizable by experienced eyes... Please help, we don't want to start butchering on RAM ICs or other components, before we get your opinions! :roll:
I am mentioning here that the only things done so far are voltage measurements (OK) and ROM test, which worked without problems on another, healthy machine!

Cheers from Greece!!!

Games / Abbey of Crime english version
« on: 2021.January.09. 21:55:23 »
I was recently looking at this:

It's a very nice adventure game, I know that it has been already converted by geco in 2014 from the original spanish version (Abadia del Crimen), but since 2017 the Amstrad community has released a new version, completely translated to english...

Could this also be ported? It would be a very nice addition to the EP collection, as it is an excellent game and much more players could enjoy it in english language...


Emulators / Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.05. 18:26:46 »
Hey, I was playing around with my EP128 during the Christmas holiday and I had a rather silly idea, which appeared to be interesting, at the end...
Have a look at this:

"Yeah, big deal", I hear you say...
But wait!!! This is NOT the ZX81emu emulator by geco running MAZOGS on the Enterprise... :roll:
...it's the excellent SpEmu by geco, running the also excellent ZX81 emulator for the Spectrum by dr.beep (Johan Koelman), which runs MAZOGS!!! :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

I'm not sure if someone else had tried this so far, at least I didn't find it posted somewhere! It was big fun doing this, just because it could be done!!! ;)

Reporting my impressions out of this test:
Well, the EP128 already runs as a Spectrum at a little lower speed, let's say 85-90%. The ZX81 emu by dr.beep also runs a little slower on a real Spectrum, so on the EP128 I assume that we have here a speed of about 65-70% of a real Zeddy. But this is quite reasonable and usable, we can play games at this speed, it's not dead-slow...

Two major caveats:
a) Only the first (1.0) version of dr.beep's Zeddy emu will load Zeddy games converted to TAP... The recent, improved 2.0 version loads fine on the EP128, but it always freezes on the header section (bytes:filename), when trying to load Zeddy games on the EP128. This doesn't happen on real Spectrum or the 2.0 Zeddy emu running under a Windoze Speccy emu, like Spectaculator (the one I'm using on my laptop...)
b) On a real Spectrum or on a Windoze Spectrum emulator, both versions of dr.beep's Zeddy emu have a rather high compatibility rate, let's say that almost 7-8 out of 10 "normal" lo-res games will run fine. On the EP128 with the trick I tried, I was able to successfully play, let's say 3-4 out of 10 Zeddy proggies... Many of them are loading fine but they e.g. freeze/crash on the starting screen. Most recent games like the ones from Bob Smith will not run properly.
But hey, 3D Monster Maze, La Pulga, Mazogs, Gauntlet, which are some of my all time favorites, run just fine, of course slower, as I mentioned above!!

Cool!! And it's software-only!!!!

Other topics / Hello from Athens!!
« on: 2021.January.04. 14:49:10 »
Hello Enterprise people of Hungary and from all over the world!
Freshly subscribed here, I wish you all a happy, healthy and creative 2021!!!
Originally I'm mostly a Spectrum (since 1984), Amiga and Commodore guy, but I am also interested in anything 8 or 16bit which has a keyboard and is not PC compatible... I've been watching the forum from time to time, but hadn't joined so far...
I am an average EP128 user, without special knowledge, got my hands on a real machine some years ago and I like it very much from as far as I've sen it, so I decided to watch more closely!
I am particularly impressed by the advanced capabilities of the EP, highly underrated machine back in its days, I think it's the most powerful 8bit home computer of the eighties, along with the MSX2 computers (I'm leaving the SAM Coupe outside, as it appeared later...) and I liked very much the ability of this mighty home computer to successfully emulate other machines via software, with high compatibility rate!
Of course first come the programmer's skills, but the hardware underneath is really versatile!!!
You'll find out I'm a big emulators enthusiast, especially when the emulators run on older, non-Windoze or DOS machines...
Anyway, cheers from Athens, Greece!!!

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