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Hardware / EP64 after few starts no screen over modulator
« on: 2020.November.21. 22:34:51 »
i´m new for the Enterprise and get one from egypt a few days ago. First tests were fine, only the keyboard membrane seems to be defect, so I ordered a new one.

Now I received the membrane, but before replace it, I turned the EP on. The power led is lights up. But there is no picture on the tv.
Because I connected another retro computer to the tv i started a new channel search, but the tv doesn't find any signal from the EP.

My research showed that there might be an issue in combination with the 12V power supply and the capacitor C9. But I'm not sure, because the EP is absolutly new.

Does anyone have a hint for me? I have not a rgb cable (ordered one but not received it yet), may I get a signal over the monitor connector?

Hope my english is good enough to explain my problem ;-)


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