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For Sale / EP128 on sale on Facebook in Athens
« on: 2020.July.23. 09:53:37 »
I am on holiday in Greece. Stumbled over this EP128 on Facebook-marketplace in Athens.

Cheap an nice looking :)

Wanted / 1MB RAM expansion with built in Exos 2.4
« on: 2020.July.14. 07:03:16 »
While I was working on fixing a keymembrame problem I managed to mess up my internal 1MB internal RAM expansion (long story) and now half the RAM show up as faulty.

Therefore I am looking for a new version of an upgrade like this.

It is an internal upgrade to 1M, with ROM upgraded to EXOS 2.4 (Basic built in, no cartridge needed). All cables etc. are fine. I am just looking for the actual expansion.

My machine including expansion was originally supplied by ZoZo. I have written to him for a replacement, but I think he is on holiday, so I am just checking if others should have one extra lying around.

Thank you in advance!

Display / Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.06. 11:33:19 »
I am having a strange display problem.

I have connected my EP128 to a OSSC. I use the same for all my other RGB retro machine (MSX, Spectrum, Amiga) and it works flawlessly. No issues what so ever!

However I have a strange display issue with my EP that is beginning to bother me. I am almost sure it is hardware related and I am beginning to thing that my EP needs a recap or something since the problem shows itself after a 3-5 min.

When I start the picture is fine and the letters are clear. See example here.

However, when the machine has been on for 3-5 minutes I get this strange artifact where the letters are dithering. I have not seen the issues with games etc. I have tried changing the scart cable and changing the settings on the OSSC but with no succes - at least so far.

Any suggestions? Things I can check to see if it is hardware related?

And is it normal to have to recap an EP?
PS: Just to absolutely clear :): I bought the machine from ZoZo and I have been very pleased so far. It is not in any way an error I am blaming him for!

Games / This would be a nice conversion: Pinball Dreams for CPC
« on: 2019.October.10. 08:18:16 »
Impressive effort:


Would be a great EP-port .... :-)

Wanted / Case for SD adaptor
« on: 2019.October.05. 12:35:15 »
I have been so lucky to get hold of a SD adaptor (latest version).

Does anybody have a suitable case to many that they would like to part with? I will of course pay for it.

At the moment the card just hangs a bit out of the rom-bay and even thou it works it does not seem like a good permanent solution :)

BTW: Is this the best site for instructions etc. for the SD Adaptor? https://szergitata.blog.hu/2015/05/04/enterprise_128_sd_adapter_premium_quick_start_guide_uk

Hardware / Donation af EP to Retro Man Cave
« on: 2019.April.06. 07:21:17 »
Hi all

I regularly watch the Retro Man Cave channel on YouTube:


Tha latest episode is a so called "Trash to Treasure" where he restores and old 8 bit and tells the story behind. The latest episode is about the Dragon computer but he has done many others before.

RMC has A LOT of subscribers.

Should we - as a community - donate an old broken EP128 (with som extras) to him so that he can fix and tell the story of our beloved machine? I would be happy to chip in.

Just a suggestion to get the word more out :-)

I am using HxC manager but have something I think is a problem but that maybe a "feature" :-)

When I boot up HxC manager the program only displays one of the directories and there is a lot of garble:


Then I go down in the directory and up again and not it shows the root content as it should:


The HxC works and mounts disks fine on both a: and b:

I have compared my HXCSDFE.CFG file (taken from the firmware as it advises to) to others here on the forum and can not see any difference.

I have followed advice from this thread regarding pins on the HxC. I am using a twisted cable.

I am running the latest beta firmware.

Is this how it should be? :-)

Hardware / Testing of OSSC: Is this how it should look?
« on: 2018.July.30. 18:22:38 »
I am running my EP's RGB output through a Open Source Scan Converter. A fantastic kit that gives a great picture on a modern monitor :-)

I am finetuning the settings at the moment and have come a cross an effect that I would like to know if iis intended. It is from the game Chimera that I found on EpJatek disk 2.

As you can see from the video below there is some small "noise" in letters at the bottom and some jittering in the graphics on the side. Is that normal for this game?

Link to Chimera video

Thank you in advance!

Hardware / Updated version of HxC manager .... for CPC
« on: 2018.July.22. 13:08:00 »
Just throwing this out there .... :-)

ZoZo's fine port of HxC manager is from 2013 and is - as far as I understand - a port of the first release of the program from the developers of the HxC.

However, at least on the CPC there has been a number of updates since then and the latest version is from 2017 and should be much more stable and versatile.

If someone is tempted by the challenge the sources can be found here: https://github.com/jfdelnero/HxCFloppyEmulatorManager_AmstradCPC


Hardware / HxC manager program
« on: 2018.July.18. 16:46:09 »
Is there a link to the latest version of the HxC manager program?

And hopefully also a short description on how it works :-)

Thank you in advance.

Hardware / 2A (or more) power supply that can run EP and Exdos
« on: 2018.July.18. 08:49:01 »
I am looking for a min. 2A power supply that can supply both my EP and Exdos card (with drive) so I only need one supply. I have the standard 1,3A but it is not enough to power both.

Any recommendations?

For Sale / Looking for EP128 + SD card reader and scart cable
« on: 2018.July.07. 15:43:26 »
I know it is a long shot but I will give it a try anyhow :-)

Back in the day I used to own a EP128 & 64 disk interface, mouse, etc. etc. Imported the stuff from Boxsoft here to Denmark.

Unfortunately I sold my machines many years a go :-( and life took over with work and many other things ...

Anyhow, I am looking for a working EP128 with a SD interface (no more tapes) and a scart cable. It would be very nice if the machine is expanded with RAM etc. but it is not a demand.

If you have a machine like that you do not use I would be very interrested. I know the going rate is high but that is how it goes.

Hope to hear from you. Even thou emu128ep is good it is not the real thing ..

Other topics / Bounty system for EP projects
« on: 2007.June.09. 12:39:29 »
I don't know if this would be an idea. But what about an bounty system for different EP hardware projects.

This is much used in the Amiga community. Maby it could give some projects a little boost.

You can see a system here:

MorphOS bounty system

Just testing an idea.

Hardware / Idea for a EP hardware project
« on: 2007.June.08. 15:04:12 »
I had one of theese for a C128D. It works like a charm.


Maby worth a consideration to see if it is possible to make an EP version. Just an idea.

Emulators / ep128emu question
« on: 2007.May.04. 17:25:54 »
I just found the ep128emu. Very nice. Takes me back to the old days. Back then I both had a 64 a 128, floppydrive, spectrum emulator (both the a-studio version and the beta version of the Box-Soft version - witch was better), and lots of software. Sadly I sold it way back. :-(

ep128emu looks nice. I am running the X64 linux version on my Suse 10.2 box.

I have a questions thou. How do I make diskimages?

I can access my real drive with no problem and also make tape images. But diskimages would be a bit easier.

Right now I am playing the 128 version of Out of this World. Still got it :-)

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