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I am new to the Enterprise.  I just got an EP64 I bought on eBay.  When I unpacked it, there was a piece of metal rattling around inside.  I took out all the scews I could see, but I still can't get the case open.  It's really stuck at the back by the monitor socket.  I have pried it a bit but if I go any harder I'll damage the plastic for sure.  The piece of copper fell out along the way, so I really want to put it back in.  Is there a trick to getting the case loose at the back, or should I just persist with more force?

Some of my keys are also dead, but if I lift the membrane and push on it with my fingers from both sides, then the keystrokes do go through.  I haven't serached to forum to see if there's a way to open and clean the membrane but of someone has a thought I'd like to hear.

Thank you

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