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Other topics / Private Enterprise Magazine 1-8
« on: 2006.May.23. 04:30:11 »
Private Enterprise Magazine

Issue 1

Well friends, you have waited almost 21 years to see a copy of this infamous magazine.

It was published by the I.E.U.G. (Independant Enterprise Users Group).

Images were scanned at 300dpi in the PNG format.

Click on the thumbnails to open the full scan in a new window.

Zozo, told you that your eyes would pop out!!!  :shock:

Other topics / Enterprise Application Notes
« on: 2006.May.22. 04:55:50 »
Hiya y'all,
Scanned all of these tonight at 200 dpi ....

To recap, all of these official documents were sent to me by Enterprise Computers upon request in 1985.
They have been in storage in my Mum's house for many years and were retrieved a few weeks back.
Please let me know if you have found these useful.

Enterprise Computers Ltd, Application Notes: ... (All on official headed paper)

.1 - Technical Description
Page-1 | Page-2 | Page-3 | Page-4 | Page-5

.2 - Cassette Saving Instruction

.3 - Converting Microvitec Colour Monitors from TTL to Linear Input
Page-1 | Page-2

.4 - Use of the "Redirect" Command

.5 - Connecting an Enterprise 64/128 to a Hitachi CPT 1444 TV Receiver

.6 - ASCII Codes Produced by Keyboard
Page-1 | Page-2

.7 - Screen Modes on the Enterprise

.8 - Use of the 'Look' Command
Page-1 | Page-2

.9 - Modifying the Peritel (Scart) Cable for use with certain TV's with Manaural Sound

10 - 900-04 Colour/Sound Cable

11 - Serial Network Cable 900-05

12 - Pin Connections 900-10

13 - Dumping Graphics to the Printer
Page-1 | Page-2

14 - Saving String & Numeric Arrays
Page-1 | Page-2 | Page-3 | Page-4

15 - Saving and Loading of Graphic Screens
Page-1 | Page-2 | Page-3

16 - Screen Modes and Memory Requirements

17 - Graphics Programming in IS-Lisp

18 - Networking on the Enterprise
Page-1 | Page-2

19 - Using "Allocate" on the Enterprise 64
Page-1 | Page-2

20 - Sorting Strings in IS-BASIC
Page-1 | Page-2

21 - Use of Exception Handlers
Page-1 | Page-2

22 - The Enterprise Expansion Port
Page-1 | Page-2

24 - The Use of Multiple Programs
Page-1 | Page-2

25 - Multi-Coloured Text on the Enterprise
Page-1 | Page-2

26 - Reading and Writing Characters in Machine Code
Page-1 | Page-2

27 - Using Video from Machine Code Program
Page-1 | Page-2 | Page-3 | Page-4 | Page-5 | Page-6 | Page-7 | Page-8

28 - Memory Map Information
Page-1 | Page-2 | Page-3

29 - Serial Transfers betweeen the IBM PC and the Enterprise
Page-1 | Page-2 | Page-3

Other topics / Enterprise Brochure
« on: 2006.May.21. 23:06:29 »
Hiya y'all,
Bought my scanner today - an HP Scanjet 4850.
Lovely machine.

Started with scanning my copy of the Enterprise Brochure that Enterprise Computers distributed.
Click on a picture to be taken to a larger scan.....

[align=center] _____


_____ [/align]

If anyone would like a higher resultion scan of any page, please just ask me.
Shall start scanning the Application Notes either tonight, or in the next few nights.

Other topics / Private Enterprise & Application Notes
« on: 2006.May.21. 01:49:11 »
Hiya y'all,

First up, thanks Povi for informing me of this new great Enterprise forum.

Just over a week ago my wife and I arrived home after our 3 week holiday to Scotland.
Arianna and I loved it, and you can see our 1000+ photos at my webpage, http://thespider.ath.cx

While I was home, I saw my Enterprise 128, but did not have the time to get it set up again. :(
However, I did take back with me, my Enterprise, EX-DOS, & IS-DOS manuals.

Private Enterprise Magazine - Numbers 1 to 8

Enterprise Computers Ltd, Application Notes 1 to 28.

These were sent direct to me by Enterprise themselves, way back in the 80's.

Do scans of these two items above exist already in the Enterprise community?
If not, I plan scanning them when I buy my scanner. Hopefully soon.


Did find an article online which quotes the "Private Enterprise Magazine"...

Nice article.

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