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Programming / porting amstrad cpctelera software to enterprise
« on: 2020.June.14. 11:46:20 »

After spending 2 days investigating about platform differences (amstrad cpc and enterprise) my enthusiasm of porting software from CPC to EP is at very low point :)

reason for this is that I don't have nearly enough of required knowledge of assembler and the platforms and I also used cpctelera library which does produce z80 assembler and doesn't use CPC firmware (which is good) but in any case for me to handle keyboard, different video setup, sound... it would be too big task as it looks right now.

I have watched a little of chibiakumas fantastic enterprise tutorials and read a little here on the forum about various porting (also AGD for example) and I decided to put this idea of porting my cpctelera software to enterprise "on hold" since it's currently outside of my scope.

That being said, my question is: does someone here has knowledge about cpctelera library and what effort would be to make the cpctelera output enterprise executables? (or something close to that). Is this even possible to do? (at least to some degree)

Sorry if the question is "too ambitious" but there is already very large software/games written using this library and I guess EP could benefit from this.

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