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Input devices / KB Membrane Fix?
« on: 2020.January.19. 22:48:34 »
Some keys in my E64's keyboard stop registering inputs. It seems that the membrane is defective. I found replacements online, but the prices are quite high! I wonder if there's a way to fix the one I have without the need for a new replacement? Any ideas please?

Thank you.

Other topics / Switching Between Keyboard Languages?
« on: 2020.January.12. 01:46:12 »
I've an Arabic E64 and would like to know if there is a keyboard short-cut to switch between English and Arabic while entering texting?

Thank you.

Display / RGP Socket Name or Part Numer?
« on: 2019.December.25. 19:53:56 »
I'm thinking of making an RGB/SCART cable for my E64. I have the scart plug, cable and resisters. I only lack the RGB socket (picture attached), which I don't know its name or part number in order to order it online. Any help please?

Thank you.

Hardware / Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2019.December.25. 18:48:50 »
Hello guys!

I got this dead Arabic Enterprise 64 computer along with a power adapter and a IS-Basic cartridge.

I tested it by plugging one yellow RCA cable into its video output and the other end to my TV's video input. I then plugged in my ZX Spectrum's power adapter because I know it works and is compatible with E64 (9V negative center).

The computer didn't power up. There was no sign of life at all; no sound nor video signal.

I don't have previous experience with Enterprise computers and really don't know where to look at in order to bring this machine to life again. Are there components known to be prone to error I should check first? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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