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Other topics / Short introducing ourselfs
« on: 2019.September.01. 11:11:29 »
Hi together,

it's quite a while ago I ask for an account for the Enterprise forum, but never used it yet. So now it's Sunday and really time for it!

My name is Carsten and I come from Germany. I bring in myself into a computer museum in my spare time and for free about three years now. Here we try to keep the old things running and in our exhibition everyone can use the old parts for taking a short time travel. A few month ago a collegue wants to pick up an old IBM pc and the seller has more computers to sell. That's why we have a Enterprise 128 (German edition) now :)

Some facts about myself. Now aged 54 years, two adult sons. Starting my computer knowledge with a ZX81 with enormous 1024 Bytes of free memory aged ~14. My stepfather gave it to me, because he changed to Schneider CPC464. After a while I also get the 16 k MemPack, so now it was a "real" computer. ZX Spectrum was the next step, afterwards a Sinclair QL (also not so much sold, like the Enterprise too). And at least an Amiga 2000, running Fido-node software and an Amiga bbs for dialing in with modems ;) For PC training purposes I added a 286 bridgeboard later. And since the birth of my youngest son in 1995 the whole range of the PC era.

I have written a short story about our museum Enterprise 128 in German about the reparation with some pics. Because google don't translate complete websites any more I have looked up the direct links for you:


And for all which are interested (coming from northern Germany), at Oct. 3rd 2019 we have our open-door day

Nice sunday and Greetings

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