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I don't know if anyone is interested, but I did a little Z80 programming project recently, where i made a small game that compiled onto 11 different computers and consoles, including the Enterprise...

It was really an experiment in multi-platform development more than a 'substantial game', but the game is free, and open source, if anyone wants to play it or use the code then they are welcome!


Now that the MSX/CPC and Spectrum versions of the game are done, I can now put some time into my plan to bring Chibi Akumas to the Enterprise!

The game will come on disk, and require 128k.

Graphically it will have the colors of the CPC+ version, just without the hardware player sprites... but don't take my word for it, take a look at the game running in the screenshots below! (Early Alpha build)

As it'll be 99% the same as the CPC version, I'm expecting the game to be done in a couple of months!

Find out more about Chibi Akumas from my website:

Programming / My Youtube Programming Tutorials
« on: 2018.March.04. 09:09:26 »
I thought I'd let everyone know,
I'm doing a series of Z80 Assembly tutorials, and I'm planning to include some Enterprise 128 programming content

I've just uploaded my first Enterprise related video - as one of my patreon backers asked me to cover it.

It's probably beneath the skill level of people on here, but I thought I'd let people know I was trying to do my bit to promote the system!
Please feel free to comment in the Youtube video and fill in the massive gaps in my knowledge - there were quite a few places I would have liked to explain better.

I plan to do more content about programming the EP128 in the future, once I've finished my tutorials of the basic Z80 commands, also for those who don't know, I'm planning to port my ChibiAkumas game to the Enterprise!

Thanks for reading!,

Other topics / Enterprise Photos!
« on: 2018.February.28. 11:02:48 »
Could some kind person with an Enterprise please supply me with some high quality photos? The pictures will be used for my free Z80 tutorials, on my website and Youtube Chanel!

The photos should be on a 'dark as possible' background (I'll photoshop it to match the one I'm using)... I'd like a good picture of the whole unit, and closeup of the logo.
I've attached some CPC pics, so you see the kind of thing I have in mind.

Of course, you'll have to be OK with me re-using the photos!

Can some Kind Enterprise owner help me? if it's any incentive, I'm hoping I can encourage a few new people to take interest in the Enterprise!


Programming / Music and Sound ingame on Enterprise
« on: 2018.February.12. 10:10:41 »
I've recently started researching the Enterprise 128 - with the end goal of converting my CPC game to it.

it seems the Graphics, File and Key input will not be a problem for me, but one thing I'm unclear about is what my options for Sound and Music in game are on the Enterprise

On the CPC I use ArkosTracker (V1 not the new V2) and it's player for all sound and music, and just call it on the interrupts to handle the updating of sound - which is great!

Of course I understand the Enterprise has a different sound chip, and I think it's going to be beyond my understanding (of music and sound concepts at least!) to convert ArkosPlayer to the enterprise sound chip.

I'm wondering if there is a similar opensource player/tracker that I can use in my game for my sound needs? of course it would need to be minimal CPU utilization as my game is graphics heavy!

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Other topics / Hello!
« on: 2018.February.11. 03:31:24 »
Hello everyone! let me introduce myself!

My name's Keith, I started using the Amstrad CPC when I was young, and learned programming on it in my childhood... over the last few years I've come back to the 8 bits as a hobby, and I came across the Enterprise, as it occasionally gets mentioned (positively) in the CPC community!

I'm currently developing an 8 bit Bullet-Hell shooter for the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and MSX... and as a side project I'm writing some Z80 tutorials with accompanying youtube videos.

I'm planning to include the Enterprise in the tutorials, as it looks like a great system, and its display capabilities match the CPC far more than the MSX or Spectrum... if possible I would like to bring my Chibi Akumas game to the enterprise in the future too!

I only started learning Enterprise development this week, so I'm still in the earliest of days! but I'm impressed with the hardware capabilities of the system, and I'm hoping I can make Z80 programing accessible to beginners, and help people have a little fun with these old systems!... and maybe I'll be able to bring the Enterprise to some other people who (like me) have never even heard of it!

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