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Hardware / Broken 12V
« on: 2019.March.17. 18:41:19 »
Last weekend, I started having problems with my Enterprise 64 and I realised there were problems with the 12V circuit. Thanks to previous posts on Enterprise Forever, I discovered the most common fault is with TR2 and C9. So I replaced them both and it started working again. I thought this had fixed the problem.

However, yesterday I plugged in the Enterprise and disaster happened! Smoke came from the case and TR2 was completely melted, and the wire to coil L1 had broken as well. :cry:

Thankfully the rest of the computer seems to work if I wire in an external 12V source... so it's only the 12v circuit that's blown. That is a big relief!

Anyway, I replaced TR2 and C9 again and patched the wire to coil L1, but when I tried power it up - more smoke started coming from TR2, so I unplugged it quick. I think TR2 must be short circuited somehow. Looking at the schematics and using my very limited grasp on electronics, I guess the culprits are going to be C10, TR3 or the coil L1. Does anyone know how I might narrow this down? I have a multimeter but don't have access to an oscilloscope. Is it even possible to get a replacement coil???

All help gratefully received. :(

Programming / FILE program
« on: 2019.February.17. 12:43:30 »
I really like the FILE program that comes with the SD interface. I wondered if I could request an added feature?

At the moment if you select a drive that doesn't exist (like C:) then you get a Retry/Abort and then the program quits.
I was wondering if it would be possible to just display a blank screen, so that then you could get a chance to select another drive.

Is the source code available for this program? ;-)

Interface / USB to Enterprise serial
« on: 2018.December.06. 17:58:53 »
Hello. I'm thinking about connecting my Enterprise to a Linux PC to transfer files and other stuff across - only at 9600 baud!

But sadly modern PCs don't have the old serial ports any more - they just have USB. There are plenty of USB-serial adapters on the internet but most of them (certainly the cheap ones) seem to work with 5V logic (or even 3.3V). The Enterprise serial port is 12V of course... or -5V to +7V if you use the reference ground :|  

Has anyone successfully connected the Enterprise to a PC USB port?

Emulators / ep128emu fullscreen
« on: 2017.December.22. 12:44:26 »
Haven't looked at ep128emu for a while, but really happy to see some new developments this year. Brilliant to see that there's now mouse support. I'm loving using a mouse with Boxsoft Paintbox.

I have one question - is it possible to start the emulator full screen by default? So that I don't have to press F9 every time I start? (I'm running on Linux btw). I remember back in version 1, there was a fullscreen command line switch but that doesn't seem to work in version 2.

Thank you!

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