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Programming / Digitrax modules
« on: 2017.February.08. 13:54:31 »
I have searched the net for Digitrax converter or complete Digitrax package, but I was unable to find it. I also checked Downloads section of this site. Does someone have some information about those programs, or maybe have them?

I's like to convert some smaller module files, to try them on the Enterprise.

Wanted / Box top photo of EP128 wanted
« on: 2016.November.24. 19:28:17 »
I have acquired an EP128 a month ago, it came with somewhat damaged polys and box, but the box doesn't have its top part. My idea was to just buy a piece of cardboard and to glue it there. I also wanted to print the box top and glue that print to cardboard. The problem is that I wasn't able to find good photo of box top. All that I could find was at an angle (that I can correct), but with small resolution and/or light glares. Could someone post me a good photo of box top?

The best I could find is in the attachment. I'm not looking for perfect box top (without scratches), just a good resolution one without glares...

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