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Hardware / Replacement for a standard cartridge
« on: 2020.March.05. 16:31:58 »
I designed a replacement for the original cartridge, specifically the PCB for it.
I found the housing design for printing on a 3D printer on Thingiverse. A bit tight, but it can be assembled.
You can mount 27C128 or 27C256 memory to the socket.
It works :)

Gerber files attached.

Input devices / Joystick adapter
« on: 2018.December.11. 19:42:01 »
For those for whom EnterMice is too expensive.
It cannot be simpler and cheaper (its costs about 9 EUR).
Merry Christmas :smt114

Maintenance / Something about the coil
« on: 2018.May.22. 17:58:09 »
Something touched me today to compare the inverter circuits in the ZX Spectrum and Enterprise.
You could say "Find the differences" :)
I managed to recreate the coil to ZX Spectrum with full success (see the picture).
I have an undamaged coil from disassembly to the EPower module.
When I find some free time I will measure its, unroll and count the scrolls.

Hardware / Enterprise Power module - EPower
« on: 2018.January.30. 10:54:55 »
A few days ago, Zozo asked me about the possibility of building a replacement for the 7805 stabilizers in EP.
There are many cheap replacements available, but most of them are of very poor quality.
They are in themselves a risk of damaging the EP.
I looked closely at the motherboard and the existing power circuits.
If we remove all the elements that we want to replace with the new solution, there is a lot of space left on the mainboard.
Initially I drew a PCB with a complete + 5V and + 12V power supply matching the emptied space.
I still have to make a template and try on the real mainboard (mainly to check the height).

Input devices / Moustick
« on: 2016.October.15. 19:59:25 »
The project is based on EnterMice firmware.
Used only a joystick emulation mode.
Miniaturized to the size of the plug.
Suitable to Atari, Commodore, ZX Spectrum Kempston.
Not working with Amstrad/Schneider CPC.
MSX and Sam/Coupe need to use a twister cable.
Timex TC2048 need to change internal Kempston interface (in original has not a ground).

I tried to play with mouse on that video :)

Display / RGB to Composite Video & S-Video converter
« on: 2016.April.04. 19:37:50 »
For the purpose of displaying an image with 8-bit computers for video projectors, I built signal converter from RGB to Composite Video and S-Video (SVHS).
Most video projectors do not have RGB input. Hence the idea for the converter (actually PAL encoder).
You can connect monitors to both outputs simultaneously.
Power from any power supply 9..24 V, with any polarity (maybe even only transformer).
Suitable power supplies from the EP, ZX Spectrum, or any other of this type of plug.
On attached photos images of Composite Video output on monitors LCD and CRT, and S-Video output on a CRT monitor connected by a 5m cable.
I have made housing project, but prints 4.5 hours (in attachment).
I still have a few units. Price 34.50 EUR (without housing).

Maintenance / Cover for the edge connector
« on: 2016.February.28. 21:52:03 »
On my three EPs which I have only one has that cover.
I reconstructed it. In the attached the STL file.

Other topics / Madness or utopia ?
« on: 2016.February.07. 10:41:18 »
Subject is properly concerns the hardware, but to me it's a little science fiction.
In three months the Polish government intends to introduce a new tax on purchases at online stores.
All shops, not only Polish (ie, E-bay, AliExpress as well).
If the seller does not fulfill the relevant forms and not will pay a new tax, it will be the punishment for the supplier.
So, for the supplier, not for the seller (that's easier). Supplier, usually Polish Post, to avoid punishment will send back such items to the sender.
Probably for this reason, over the next few months, foreign online stores will stop shipping to the Polish.
I will not have so the possibility of purchasing the components that have been withdrawn from sale or ended their production (such parts can only get from foreign suppliers).
In consequence this will therefore be the end of the new devices and interfaces or, in the best case, will be much more expensive (levied new taxes and more expensive because of less competition between suppliers).
At the end of a curiosity. The tax on online purchases will be higher if buyers do shopping on a Sunday or holiday.
Unfortunately, all I wrote above, this is not a joke.

Did anyone receive me into a normal country ?

Input devices / Keyboard fixer
« on: 2016.January.31. 17:21:23 »
Keyboard issue solved :)
The solution is a small PCB board with dimensions of 17 x 28 mm.
It is made of laminate having a thickness of 0.6 mm.
Just plug it between the plate and the keyboard tape.
The housing is closed with no problem.
Attached Gerber files for PCB.
Used Schottky diodes BAT85.

Input devices / Sega Twister for EnterMice, but not only
« on: 2015.November.30. 18:56:02 »
This thread is a continuation of the discussion on the idea of connecting six-buttons Sega controllers to the EnterMice interface.
Because I don't like to trim cables, I prepared a PCB matched to the housing for two DB9 connectors.
The PCBs are ready and already they were going to me.

The plate can be assembled in two ways - master or slave.
In the first version will include all the components needed to produce a signal SELECT (available in EnterMice).
The second will only have a SELECT wire to connect with the first (because slave).
Master version, without the associated signal SELECT, is also suitable as a Sega adapter for Atari, C64 and Kempston interface for the ZX Spectrum.
Will be available, however, only directions and the button B as Fire.

To be continued when will PCBs arrive.

Input devices / Joystick tripler
« on: 2015.November.01. 08:27:07 »
Splitter for Control Port for simultaneous connection of 3 joysticks.
Maybe come in handy somebody.

Interface / Enterprise All-In-One interface
« on: 2015.April.21. 10:13:42 »
I saw a post about this title, but I do not know Hungarian.
Can I ask for a translation, although this one post ?

For now build single blocks, but there is nothing to prevent them later to combine into a single project.
Are there any details, I should know about connecting to Enterprise more than one card at the same time ?
I would add information about switching memory banks, addressing external devices and what exactly are additional signals on the edge connector (EC0-EC3, /EXTC, SA0-SA2).

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