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Wanted / Trying to contact ZozoSoft
« on: 2020.September.04. 15:16:57 »
Hi Alll!

I try to contact Zozo, but i have a hard time reaching him. My Enterprise is still in repair and i love to get it back for some SymbOS testing.
The motherboard is broken, so i hope he can replace it and put some memory on the board as i need that for SymbOS. I love to pay him for this as well of course ;)

Anyway.. i try to contact him by email, and first i got a response but after i want to sent him a email back i get a message from the mail- server that it cannot deliver my email. :(

I did a facebook chat, a private message here in the forum, a slack message .. but not able to contact him anymore after our last contact.

I hope he is still fine? Does anyone else know how to reach him?


Maintenance / Enterprise does not power on anymore
« on: 2015.December.18. 14:46:37 »
Dear All. I have a problem. My Enterprise machine does not power up anymore :( I have only one machine .. and for me this is a bad thing as i cannot test SymbOS applications anymore on the real hardware. I have no idea what is going on.

Maybe someone can help me. I have no idea why. The machine was just on my desk all the time without any troubles.

The problem:

If i put the power plug inside the enterprise nothing happens. The RED LED is burning but i have no output picture on my monitor.
Normally you can hear the keyboard sound after a while if you press a key but this is not happening. I only have a black screen on the monitor and that's it. if i power on the system i hear a small 'click' from the speaker. (but that is normal i think)

Maybe.. but I'm not sure anymore i have inserted the monitor cable the wrong way (up side down) But I'm not sure if this can harm the machine. Anyway i think it as it could be that i did it but because i can't remember it anymore I notice it here, as maybe i did it ;)

Other thing is that i did a (volt) measurement on the adapter, which gives me a -12,2 output. On the adapter it is saying that it is 9.5 V so for me this is a bit strange. But I'm not sure what + and - is. (so it could be just +12,2) I have the feeling that the power plug inside part is the - and the outside mantel is the + ?. (But you cannot see it on the adapter)

Other thing is (I'm not an electronic expert) i have this BEEP sound on my multimeter to see if there is a connection between 2 points. If i power off the power adapter and i put  the + and - on the  + and - of the the powerplug it beeps ? (that is not good not?) So maybe i can replace the adapter with an other one but i need to be sure before doing that what is + and what is -

Do you have any suggestions?

Other topics / MSX Computers
« on: 2014.November.14. 17:59:15 »
On the whole I would assume that's because the CPC is a closed system in that the sound, graphics, fdc are the same on everyone. that's not the case with the 4000 differernt models of MSX. Its impossible to embed something that isnt standard

4000 ;) .. no .. not that much ;) but these movies are nice to see :D .. sorry bit of topic ;)

MSX 1 Models
MSX 2 Models

For Sale / Looking for EP128
« on: 2014.November.14. 16:17:40 »
Is This one ok ? Seems nice buy one.

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