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Wanted / Enterprise board - L2 - Variable Inductor?
« on: 2019.July.17. 00:20:02 »
Hi All,

I've got a defective component on my refurb EP128 board.  L2 - is this a variable inductor?  Anyone know what the value is and where to get one?



Wanted / EP Case etc.
« on: 2019.July.16. 21:57:47 »
Hi all,

I know this is a very long shot, but looking for an EP case to put a rescued and repaired 128 motherboard into..

Anyone with anything?



Wanted / UM1233 RF Modulator
« on: 2019.July.13. 00:02:35 »
Hey All,

Has anyone got a spare, working UM 1233 RF modulator they are willing to part with?

I'm currently ressurecting a car boot sale find - an old EP128 (board only) that had been _very_ abused.  I've got it working but the RF ouput is making a buzzing noise on the picture and all the colours appear wrong (background on the flashing EP logo at first boot is a fuzzy blue colour) and all the text on the screen appears to be 'bleeding' a fair bit like it's off channel.  Tried everything to get it looking better and now I wonder if the RF modulator is broken..

EP appears to work fine apart from that - I'll attach a picture for you experts to take a look at!

Also, Had to replace a missing LM1889 IC - I think there should have been a resistor across 2 pins of the IC if I recall - anyone got any info about it?  I'll post a pic of the board too..

Thanks for any help you guys can give me!


Wanted / EP Heatsink
« on: 2019.July.03. 16:13:41 »
Hey all,

I have come across a very abused EP64 board in a car boot sale.  Just the board.  It's missing a Z-80 / LM1886 and the 7805 regulators - and the HEATSINK.. damn...

Does anyone have a heatsink for sale that they're not using?

Many thanks,


PS: A case and everything else would be nice if anyone has a spare ;-)

Wanted / Enterprise Case Screws
« on: 2019.June.01. 21:04:26 »
Hi All,

Can anyone tell me where I can get a hold of 2 complete sets of case and motherboard screws for the Enterprise?  I have a 128 and a 64 both without any screws holding them together...

I also need the little rubber joystick ring that sits below the joystick on my 64, and also a joystick cap?

Alternatively, can anyone tell me what size of screws are required?



Wanted / 'FULL' Technical Manual - Latest EXOS and all..
« on: 2019.May.23. 16:17:45 »
Hi All,

Does ayone have the FULL technical manual for the EP - the one that EP used to sell back in the day?

I know that there are a lot of docs (and the EXOS 2.1 doc) available here - I just wondered if there was 1 PDF with everything in it?



VIDEO: / Enterprise 1571 Colours Demo?
« on: 2019.May.23. 13:42:07 »
I was sitting thinking about the EP today and remember going down to the Private Enterprise Group meet in Finchley (North London) at the end of the eighties..

I met quite a few people there, Tim Box, Neil Blaber and Andy (the guy that did the paint program)

Another guy I met there (can't remember his name now, maybe Peter?) gave me a copy of a program he'd written called the Enterprise 1571 Colour Demo.  It showed a multicolour clifftop (best way I can describe it) with 1571 colours in interlace mode with the word ENTERPRISE across the top of it.  I remember being really impressesd! 

I wondered if anyone here has it/remembers it?

I would love a copy of it again!


Hey Guys,

ANyone know a way (or a cable/box) that can be used to connect an EP to a monitor (TFT LCD) ?



Wanted / Enterprise bits wanted
« on: 2015.September.24. 20:44:35 »

Looking for the following:

EP Basic Cart
128K Upgrade Card (the one that solders inside)
Monitor Cable

If anyone has any of these, please get in touch - trying to resurrect my EP64 :-)



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