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Maintenance / New owner of an abused enterprise
« on: 2014.July.29. 10:35:58 »
Hi everyone,
I recently came across an enterprise 128 sold as non-working. It seemed a fair gamble, so I got it home and have discovered it has a number of parts missing from the PCB. They mostly seem to be power related, it looks like whoever did it didn't really know what they are doing because they even removed many easy to find parts, so I hope that Nick and Dave are OK.

The parts missing are:

U19, U20, U21, D2, D3, D4, C8, C9, C10, C11, C12, TR2, TR3, R13, R14, R15, R16, R202, L1 and the RF/UHF modulator

From looking at the back of the PCB it seems that L2 has also been attacked (I have to say attacked, because whoever did this has very little competency... many tracks have been destroyed) and maybe U18 as well.

Most of the parts are relatively easy for me to replace, and the track damage does not look impossible either. However, there are some parts that I don't know how I will find: does anyone know the value of L1 or a suitable replacement? It looks like a complex part (5 pins). A replacement for L2 might also be useful. R202 looks like it might be hard to find a replacement for also, though it might be possible to replace it with a pair of fixed resistors if I can figure out good values for them. Since the RF modulator is missing I will probably just put a composite video connector in its place.

There are also other issues - both keyboard ribbon cables have had the ends cut off, there is a key missing (the "<>" key to the right of the left shift), the transparent plastic cover above the function keys is missing, the speaker has been removed, the space bar does not press down, the joystick top is missing and someone has for some reason used a knife to scratch into both the top and bottom of the case (on the outside) "Serial No 007101".

So the poor enterprise has received a lot of abuse :(. I do hope I can get it working, I have always found the enterprise a very interesting machine but could not afford a fully working one.

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