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Other topics / Formatting with EPDOS 1.9
« on: 2016.May.15. 10:38:36 »
I'm trying to get higher capacity formats with the help of EPDOS 1.9 and I'm not getting anything good from it. When I try to format a floppy, it always fails in the first track throwing a "Sector not found" error. I've even tried the standard format (80/9) without success, same error. If I format the disk from IS-BASIC it works flawlessly.

EPDOS is burnt in a multirom along EXDOS14ISDOS10UK-1772.

Has anyone idea if I need something special to get EPDOS's format working?

Programming / Nick's LPB byte fetching
« on: 2014.June.10. 22:43:20 »
I'm thinking about the possibilities that LPT & LPB offers and I wonder if while a LPB is being processed, Nick can be fooled to fetch bytes every n RAM addresses. I mean, defining a constant module to add after every fetch operation tu use instead the usual +1.
Looking at the LPB definition, seems that there's no way to accomplish that and the bytes used in the scanline are always stored in a linear fashion in memory.

Hardware / Benefits of a RAM >128KB
« on: 2013.December.07. 18:08:28 »
So, apart from the RAMdisk, what are the benefits of having more than 128KB in the machine?, are there many software that can use so much memory?

Wanted / Another green joystick cap
« on: 2013.December.07. 17:57:45 »
Just that, my recently restored EP64 lacks the joystick cap. Has anyone a spare one?, are they available anywhere (maybe a 3D printer batch)?

Maintenance / HW problems/repair
« on: 2013.December.02. 20:22:07 »
I just want to leave some feedback. I've recently purchased one of the eBay units and it has been -mostly- sucessfully tested, great piece of hardware. Now I'll explain the -mostly-... :)

The expansion has been assembled in a EP64, easy to work as I don't need to desolder the EP128 64KB RAM board. It has been tested fine: EXOS 2.4 tests and even a IS-BASIC program (only the first three or four segments, I was pokeing all the addresses 0-16383!); but...it's extremely unreliable when I plug my EXDOS controller.
Sometimes I can create a RAMDISK; but it shows corrupt info after a couple of DIR commands. I've been able to format a disk; but it corrupts the same way as the RAMDISK after a DIR.


- As the original PSU is a bit weak, I've replaced the original CPU by a powerful one with no changes.
- I've tested the EXDOS controller without flaws in the EP128.
- The controller has been upgraded to EXOS 1.3 thus, the 27128 original EPROM has been replaced by a 27256.

I'm starting to think that I'll need to swap the expansions and migrate the 512KB one to the EP128...:roll:

Anyone has a clue about what's happening?

Other topics / A new Enterpriser in town!
« on: 2013.December.02. 20:04:05 »
Hi to all!

I'll introduce myself: My name is Jose, I'm from Spain and generally speaking, I'm a big old computers collector.

I must reckon that I'm mostly a MSX user than any other computer; but I've been always fascinated by the Enterprise since I saw it in a spanish computer magazine in the late eighties. Of course it was a big flop in Spain, mainly invaded by Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX machines. I wasn't even able to see one in person :(

Some years ago and thanks to eBay, I purchased a EP128 in a very decent shape. The machine needed some membrane fixing; but hey, they're the weakest point of the machine, no hard feelings!

Now, I own two machines, the above EP128 (upgraded recently with EXOS 2.4) with a classic EXDOS controller (I've also upgraded it to a EXDOS 1.3) and recently I've been able to find an Arabic EP64 that needed some tricky repairs (video clock generation and not-so-easy-than-cut-a-piece membrane fixes) The EP64 has been also the selected machine to mount a Saint's 512KB internal RAM expansion \o/

So summarizing, happy to be here! :)

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