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Other topics / New enterprise user questions
« on: 2013.October.08. 12:43:44 »
Hi my friends
i have one Enterprise 128 im very happy because i want to buy one
from a long time and i managed have one before one week:)
i have qestions

1)how increase or decrease volume from internal speaker have
  command in basic..?
2) i have catridge below i think run 2x16kb roms or can run 32kb?
   (i already fix broken shell)
 3) Can someone tell me how run roms in real enterprise 128..?
     with  command ":help" in basic i see the rom on catridge but not start i dont know how run
 4) Can someone make for me 64kb catridge (i dont want mod my catridge i need another)and i pay with paypal..?
 5) Can someone make for me or want sell  floppy controler i pay with paypal..?

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