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Other topics / Enterprise at the retro fair Bochum
« on: 2013.September.23. 20:41:33 »
At the 7th September we had a Retro Fair in Bochum/Germany. As on every of the previous fairs we also had a little exhibition. At the last times we presented some exotic consoles. This time the slogan of the exhibition was "10 homecomputers that you possibly never played in your life"

As you know the Enterprise wasn't very successful in Germany, so beside of some japanese, french and britisch computers we decided that one of the systems should be an Enterprise-Setup. So we showed an Enterprise with EXDOS and a HxC Floppy Emulator and let the people play with it. And it was great. Some visitors knew the name and some adverts of the Enterprise, but until the exhibition they haven't seen an Enterprise in real life. It was great to talk with them and to see that they had much fun with it 
I attached some photos of the setup (my "working setup" ;) )
If you would like to see photos of the other systems in the exhibition i can also post photos of them :)

Hardware / EXDOS with HxC Floppy Emulator works perfect !
« on: 2013.March.03. 00:34:49 »

last week i tried to connect my Enterprise to a HxC Floppy Emulator (SD card version). And it works perfect :)
Today i checked it out the whole day at a retro computer where i also took some photos.
The images must be created as 3,5" IBM 720kb-disks (ok, that's no surprise ;) ), then they must be converted to the HFE-format.
It's a great way to work with disk images on the Enterprise :)

Other topics / Hi from Germany :)
« on: 2013.March.01. 11:58:59 »
Hello everyone,

my name is Thomas and, as the subject says ;), i'm from Germany.  I'm a collector of game consoles and home computers.

Well, my personal Enterprise-story begins in the 80s. I was a happy Atari 800XL-user, had friends with Commodores and Schneider CPC (the german versions of Amstrad CPC). At this time i read many magazines like the german Happy Computer, Computer Kontakt and HC-Mein Homecomputer. In one of this magazines i saw an article about a brand new computer that would be released later in the year: The Enterprise. I actually don't remember if thr name of the computer was still Elan Enterprise or only Enterprise. But i was fascinated. So much colors, up to 4MB RAM, an integrated joystick and a really cool design. From this moment on in wanted such a computer. But as time went on i didn't heard more about this computer for a long time. But sometimes a thought "Hmm, i'm curious what happened to this computer ... was it ever released ?"
Then the internet came and so the chances to research for all the interesting things ... like the Enterprise-Computer. And so i found some websites, photos and much other things. And again i thought "It would be great to own such a cool Computer".
About one year ago i searched eBay for classic computers. And what did i found ? An Enterprise 128-computer ! Boxed, in great condition, from Hungary. Well, after 1 minute of thinking i hit the "Buy it now"-button. And so it happened, i got my first Enterprise-Computer ! I was so excited ! As one of my hobbies i write for a german retro magazine. So after receiving the Enterprise i decided to write an article about the Enterprise. It was planned with 4 pages, but i found so much things about the Enterprise, the fascinating story, so now the article has 7 pages ;)
And in december 2012 i got my "personal christmas present to myself": When i searched eBay i found an Enterprise-system, shipped from Germany ... with EXDOS, all manuals, "Chip-Sonderheft", a german special issue of the Chip magazine about the Enterprise and tons of other really interesting things like original price lists, a software Spectrum-emulator with manual. I bid, crossed my fingers ... and won the auction :)
So now i have 2 Enterprises, EXDOS, and as a floppy replacement i actually use a HxC floppy emulator with SD-Card.

At home i'll check the serial numbers of my components so you can use them in your database. This weekend we have a retro computer meeting with much C64s ... and i'll bring my Enterprise ^^

OK, that's my first post ... but definitely not my last post ;)
I'm happy to be here and to meet more Enterprise-enthusiasts :)

Greetings from Germany

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