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VIDEO: / IPLAY .epv video converter tool ?
« on: 2020.November.24. 19:56:01 »
Hi Folks !

I have been looking with the translator in the Hungarian forum without concrete results about any tool that allows me to convert small videos to .EPV format to play from the Enterprise. with IPLAY.

Can you please give me a clue or a reference?

Thanks very mucho. Regards-.

Hardware / Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.05. 11:26:09 »
Greetings to all users and lovers of the Elan Enterprise.

Not long ago, we formed a small team of retro computer enthusiasts and were able to implement several things, including Oric's core with Microdisc. Anyway, in the group there are users with great knowledge of Z80 and Enterprise HW.

Currently we have a fairly solid group and we are open to anyone who can contribute documentation and knowledge.

The main objective is to achieve an Enterprise 128 implementation that works on FPGA boards like MiST, MiSTica and SiDi and so that later FPGAs like the MiSTer can be ported.

Two of the main pitfalls to overcome are the ASICs or Custom:  Nick and Dave, since there is no implementation and all we have are the emulators and the documentation that we all know.

How could it be otherwise, Glorez is on the team as he is one of our best Enterprise ambassadors. GFlorez will be our interface with EntepriseForEver and RetroWiki and the Telegram group.

Without haste but without pause, no matter how long it can consume, it is something done totally altruistically, unconditionally and without any kind of profit.

We have to focus our efforts to get the best possible implementation from Nick and Dave. It is key, because the rest of the core is more or less already defined.
The first things we need is to have the Nick's Video base to start painting on the screen and gradually add all the development. Dave's part seems more affordable.

We hope you find this project interesting and we invite you to participate. We will create a thread in Spanish on RetroWiki to be able to exchange knowledge and impressions.

This is all for now, we will inform you promptly and we hope you like it.

Best Regards.

Hello Zozo, hello friends, all Enteprise fans and supporters.

It is a pleasure to write again on Enterpriseforever, due to my occupations managing RetroWiki, I can't post as much as I like, but certainly I'm still active user of Enterprise as it's my favorite 8 bit and certainly,  the best of the 8 bit ever made. Does anyone still not know? xD ;-)

I own two floppy emulators, one is the HxC Slim and the other is a Gotek with the firm of Jeff HxC.

Both works perfectly with my disk controller (Apple2Man) and I'm also very lucky since last Saturday gflorez broadened my Enteprise 128 to 576KB. You can watch at Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwvz9T58b7M

Right, Some time ago I downloaded the HxC Zozo Manager version 0.1 (2013) and I was testing with both floppy emulators, but apparently these although support LBA mode, you can not assign disks to the slots, ie, unit A and unit B.

With HxC Slim , not having buttons to select the disk image, an autoboot.hfe file must be used in order to boot and this starts correctly. I have tried all possible configurations HXCSDFE.CFG but refuses to work. What I did is to rename HXC.HFE to AUTOBOOT.HFE, also you can configure both floppy emulators with STARTUPA.HFE and B.

Instead, the Gotek has buttons to change the disk image forward and backward, but the results remain the same. I am not able to work the HxC Manager by Zozo.

I have made a new thread at RetroWiki ( http://rw30.retrowiki.es/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=503 ) and translated here ( https://translate.google.es/translate?sl=es&tl=hu&js=y&prev=_t&hl=es&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Frw30.retrowiki.es%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ff%3D20%26t%3D503&edit-text=&act=url ) for more information about the issue.

I formatted the SD and USB and they are correct (I use Linux)

Well, with the HXC Slim and the Gotek HxC (Jeff) it loads and automatically invokes the menu selection but when the disc (HFE) either A is: or B: there's nothing to do.

I have tried several cables, several CFG and so far I have not managed to activate the HFE you have selected either as A or B. I will continue and I'll be telling evidence, you may only work with screen HxC meanwhile it said.

I have updated the firmware to the latest version, in this case  HXCFESlim_V2_1_2_40 version.

I'm testing with several cables and the results are the same, in fact I set the unit A as DS0 and B as DS1, that it looks that either the HxC Manager Zozo when version 0.1 of 2013 or very old or for some reason with Slim HxC  and the Gotek not finish going well.

I will continue investigating to see if I take any conclusion more and good, if I can not use this tool, nothing will happen, the I keep using as so far they are working properly, what happens is that this tool is like the one for Amiga, ST and CPC , is great to choose that you want to load in a second.

As you can not choose the boot disk you have the option to always start a HFE, in this case AUTOBOOT.HFE is renowned HXC.HFE and start Enter the disk and invokes the ExDOS perfectly and HXC.COM loads as well.

Do any of you have been able to run the utility with HxC Zozo Slim or the Gotek?

It is possible that HxC incorporating display and buttons only work?

Any help is greatly appreciated, I don't know if there are new versions of Manager, anyway I would like to give it a try.

Really happy to post here again.
Best Regards

Wanted / Wanted: Disk Controller for Enteprise
« on: 2013.February.17. 22:12:29 »

My Enterprise 128 desperately needs a disk controller, I have tried to find documentation and diagrams to clone one, but I have nothing working to compare

So if any of you have a controller that you want to sell on or would love to know if it is possible, I do not care that is not original and is a clone, the most important thing is that it works.

Any idea ? Thank You very much.

Greetings to all Enterprise community, is a pleasure for me to be part of this legendary site.

My nick is ron, but my name is Rodrigo. I am Spanish and I have a website dedicated to the micro computer and machines from the 80. Although my English is quite rusty I would like to thank the opportunity to participate in your forum dedicated to Enterprise.

I own an Enterprise 128 ( UK ) and came with no Basic Cartidge, so I used the ZOZOSOFT EXOS 2.6 ROM on a 64K Eprom and my Enterprise and me are really happy !

For a first post I have not much to tell, I brought the Enterprise to several fairs and retro events, the machine being more valued in all aspects.

For me, it's  the perfect 8 bit computer, is the best of the 8 bit that were made in the '80s. By the way, we're several users in Spain, I would like to be a brigde between our communuty and yours.

I 've made several videos with the Enterprise, you can watch at youtube.com/rondreamcast

I also ported in 2005 Ep128Emu ( Istvan Varga) as EntepriseDC for the Sega Dreamcast

So, I urgently need a disk controller, my Enterprise claims for one !

The picture was taken in 2008

I already know that i'm the user # 333, haahahah ;-)

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