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Emulators / Complete Newbie - how to load files on an emulator
« on: 2012.February.15. 18:33:48 »
Hi Guys,

I can load disk IMG files OK (using ep128emu) using OPTION->DISK->CONFIGURE (a list of IMG files is displayed that are stored in the "disks" directory. I can select one of these, hit RETURN and the gamedisk loads OK.

The problem is that I cannot see how to load some of the files in the DOWNLOADS directory on this site.
For instance, the ZIP file that contains say, "SHOOTEMUPS" contains all sorts of files *.PRG, *.SCR and some files with no extensions e.g. R-TYPE.

They do not appear to be disk images and they do not appear as tape files when I extract them to the tape directory. There are also some ROM files and these do not work when placed in the ROM directory.

I'm sure it's easy but I'm a complete noob. Do I boot to basic and type something in?

All help gratefully received.

sok köszönet


Other topics / "Must Have" hardware/software for Enterprise
« on: 2012.February.15. 15:01:32 »
Hi Guys,

I'm new here and I never had an Enterprise machine. However, back in the 80's I saw them on sale and I thought they looked interesting. I couldn't afford one then and looking at today's prices on ebay I can't afford them now either!  Same goes for the Memotech 512. :(

I'm using the ep128emu emulator on XP and I managed to download loads of game disks. However, there is so much to look at and so little time...

So, in the EP world, what software would be worth spending time looking at? What are the EP classics that I MUST see?

Is there any games or other software that really make use of Nick and Dave?

Also, if I ever did buy an EP machine what are the best add-ons?

Would appreciate any advice, tips etc.
Summary in Hungarian (thanks to google translate...)

Mi a legjobb szoftver / hardver?

Köszönöm a segítséget

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