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Games / Sub hunter conversion
« on: 2011.April.26. 23:11:34 »

I have just discovered the "Enterprise side" of the 8bits scene. That's a real surprise for me to see
that this nice but uncommon computer has fans and a strong activity.

I decided to register on this forum and to post this message to talk about Sub Hunter. I am the author
of the AY music of the CPC release of this game. I have downloaded it, and I must admit that I have been
disappointed by the "sound side" of the game. Most of the music are not well converted, drums and
hardware waves don't sounds correctly. I don't know if that's just a emulator problem (not sure).
If it is not so, I would like to understand why (Dave seems to have similar capabilities as AY) and maybe help
to correct the music, as I get the "original" tunes. All music have been done under Starkos, a cpc soundtracker.

I have tested other CPC ports, and I have been surprised to find hackers' name (Mc Spe) in the Exolon
loading screen ! If you need clean releases of CPC games for your ports, you can go to :


Sorry for my bad english...



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