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Programming / Graphics Attribute Mode Example
« on: 2020.October.02. 12:34:33 »

I'm coming from a ZX Spectrum background, and wondered if anyone could give me an example in BASIC of using the 'Graphics Attribute' mode? I looked in the manual, but can't see any examples.

Also, is there the equivalent of the Spectrum ATTR (X,Y) command which is useful when writing games in BASIC to find the attributes of a cell at a particular position.

Many thanks


Other topics / 10 Worst Home Computers
« on: 2016.February.24. 22:57:03 »
This appeared in the UK Computing magazine.  I don't think its fair that the Enterprise appeared here:


It was a great machine, just a little too late.

Emulators / ep128emu
« on: 2016.February.23. 19:27:21 »

I appreciate development of ep128emu has stalled, but I had a couple of questions:

Would it be possible to consider a 'Portable' Windows version? So it does not need installing?

Has anyone had success compiling a Raspberry Pi version?  I wanted to suggest to the RetroPie project the idea of including it?


Programming / Assembler Tutorial
« on: 2016.February.16. 22:05:09 »

Is there such a thing as an introductory text on assembly language for the Enterprise. I have done a small amount of z80 with the spectrum and cpc but can find nothing which is Enterprise specific especially in regard to the screen.

Would anyone be able to direct me to info on the screen memory and perhaps ROM calls with a simple example of filling the screen and left and right scrolls.

Also does anyone have the emulator file for the entersoft machine code tutorial tape? I looked at the accompanying PDF but it seems not to cover the screen.

Thanks very much.

Emulators / Any WIndows 7/8 Emulators being actively developed?
« on: 2013.June.06. 22:45:24 »

With ep128EMU last being updated in 2011, I wonder if there were any Enterprise emulators still being developed?

Best wishes

Peter Jones

Emulators / Loading Games into EP128 Emulator
« on: 2011.February.05. 20:24:14 »

Having used ZX Spectrum emulators for some time, I wanted to have a go with the Enterprise so downloaded the MS Windows version of the EP128 Emulator.  I downlaoded one of the .zip files of games and have files with various extensions from this site.  Could someone possibly go through the basics in a step by step way of loading games onto the emulator? 

I have found how to load the exos232uk.rom, but I am rather stuck from there.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Very best wishes

Peter Jones

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