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Programming / Joystick Port
« on: 2015.May.28. 17:44:33 »
Before i search and try to google tramslate the wrong, i want to ask how to access the EP Joystick Port with ASM?

Thank you

Programming / Graphic
« on: 2015.May.20. 18:46:23 »
I don't know if this is the right subforum, but i want ask who to design screens etc. for the EP?

Is there a tool or a plugin for some PC prog? I know TommyGun, but here i cannot change the size.


Emulators / ep128emu on Windows
« on: 2015.May.16. 10:46:39 »
maybe someone can help. Evertime when i start the ep128emu on windows i got only a BLACK window!
No Enterprise logo nothing.
When i load different configurations nothing change. The EP32 emu work, but i wont to use the ep128emu.

I have also 2 real Enterprise 128 with the GREAT sd-card, but for programming and testing the emu is faster.

Normaly i use OSX, but here the ep128emu is the same , and the support on the internet is ZERO.

Best Regards,

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