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Games / Problems with IstvanV's Boulderdash Collection
« on: 2011.April.16. 18:28:41 »
Hi all,

the problem is, the Frontend eCC (EmuControlCenter) reads the crc 32 checksum of the startextensionfile (*.com) to identify a Game....

But IstvanV's Boulderdash Collection has the same crc32 for different Games  :(

bouldash.com = crc 61C8B682
- boulder3 (Boulder Dash 3 C64)
- boulder2 (Boulder Dash 2 C64)
- boulder1 (Boulder Dash C64)
- bouldash (CPC verzió)

bouldash.com = crc DC225A3F
- bd2cc (Boulder Dash Classic Collection)
- bd1cc (Boulder Dash 2 Classic Collection)

So i can't sort/archive them correctly with eCC.

The solution would be to have the *.com's in diff. crc32 checksumms !

@IstvanV : Can you change the startextensions in the games, the way, that each game has a diff. *.com - crc32 checksumm ?

That would be great  :cool:

Games / Enterprise goes TOSEC !
« on: 2011.March.12. 21:03:09 »
Hi Guy's,

i think you all know TOSEC and the TNC (Tosec Naming Convention)

There are currently only 49 Games listet at the TOSEC DAT "Enterprise 64 & 128 - Games (TOSEC-v2004-03-13_CM).dat"
And that's a shame for all Retro-Fans......
Now, i just want to inform you, that i'm working on renaming your Enterprise-Game-Dumps into TOSEC-Status.  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:
When i've finished it, i will give it to the TOSEC-Guy's for updating the Enterprise.Dat  :cool:

Up to now, i've renamed 370 Files : Here are some Examples.....
Code: [Select]
10 Hajó Elsüllyesztése (2000)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
10th Frame (1987)(U.S. Gold)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
10th Frame (1987)(U.S. Gold)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
180 (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
19 Part 1 - Boot Camp (1988)(Cascade Games)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[h BAM][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
3D Starfighter (1988)(Code Masters)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
4-es Játék (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
720 Degrees (1987)(U.S. Gold)[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
720 Degrees (1987)(U.S. Gold)[h Zozosoft][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
A-Team, The (1988)(Zafiro Software Division)(es)(Part 1 of 2)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
A-Team, The (1988)(Zafiro Software Division)(es)(Part 1 of 2)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
A-Team, The (1988)(Zafiro Software Division)(es)(Part 2 of 2)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
A-Team, The (1988)(Zafiro Software Division)(es)(Part 2 of 2)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Abyss (1985)(Artificial Intelligence).zip
Academy - Tau Ceti II (1987)(CRL Group)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
ACE - Air Combat Emulator (1986)(Cascade Games)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Action Force (1987)(Virgin Games)[h][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Action Force (1987)(Virgin Games)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Action Force II (1988)(Virgin Games)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Action Force II (1988)(Virgin Games)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Action Reflex (1986)(Mirrorsoft)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Advanced Pinball Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Adventure Quest (1984)(Level 9 Computing)[BASIC].zip
After the War - Part 1 (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)[h GunSoft][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Afterburner (1988)(Activision)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Agent Orange (1987)(A & F Software)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Airborne Ranger (1988)(Microprose Software)[h SEM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Airbrush (1983)(Soft Hits)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Airwolf (1985)(Elite Systems).zip
Airwolf (1985)(Elite Systems)[a].zip
Airwolf (1985)(Elite Systems)[t].zip
Airwolf II(1986)(Elite Systems)[h SEM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alchemist (1983)(Imagine Software)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alchemist (1983)(Imagine Software)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Alien 8 (1985)(Ultimate Play The Game)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alien Attack (1988)(Mr. X)[h Geco][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Alien Evolution (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alien Evolution (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Alien Highway - Encounter 2 (1986)(Vortex Software)[h Zozosoft - Apuci][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Altered Beast (1989)(Activision)[h GunSoft][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alternative World Games (1990)(A Studio).zip
Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][128K].zip
Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][128K][EP-Compression].zip
Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][48K].zip
Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][48K][EP-Compression].zip
Amoto's Puf (1988)(SPE)(es)[h Coorsore][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Amöba (1995)(MuMuS Soft)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Angel Nieto Pole 500cc (1990)(Opera Soft)(es)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Animal Vegetable Mineral (1985)(Bourne Educational)(hu)[BASIC].zip
Animal Vegetable Mineral (1985)(Bourne Educational)[BASIC].zip
Arcadia (1982)(Imagine Software)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Archon II - Adept (1989)(Electronic Arts)[h Jano][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arkanoid II - Revenge of Doh (1988)(Imagine Software)[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arkos (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[Part 2 of 3][h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arkos (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[Part 2 of 3][h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Arkos (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[Part 3 of 3][h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arkos (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[Part 3 of 3][h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Armageddon (1983)(Ocean Software)[h BeZo][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software)(es)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arnhem (1985)(CCS)(hu)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arnhem (1985)(CCS)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (1986)(Melbourne House)[h Sandor, G.][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (1986)(Melbourne House)[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Astro Blaster (1983)(Quicksilva)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter (1988)(Digital Integration)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter (1988)(Digital Integration)[h IstvanV][t][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Athena (1987)(Imagine Software[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum]).zip
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate Play The Game)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate Play The Game)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Atom Ant (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Atomix (2006)(PoviSoft).zip
ATV Simulator - All Terrain Vehicle (1987)(Codemasters)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
ATV Simulator - All Terrain Vehicle (1987)(Codemasters)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Automania (1985)(Mikro-Gen)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Autós Teszt (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Autóverseny (2000)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Avalon (1984)(Hewson Consultants)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Avenger (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[h Jano - Bill][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Awari (19xx)(Marik, Peter)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Falromboló (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Felhasználó Teszt (1994)(Kiss, Laszlo)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Flipi (1984)(Wr. Agostini)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Fradi Demo (19xx)(Horvath, Tamas)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Gombaszedö (19xx)(Erik Software)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Gyémánt Kaland (1992)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[requires brd-rom][BASIC].zip
Hamika (19xx)(Zozosoft)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Head over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)[h Geco][2007][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
HERO (2005)(Flynn)(PD)[h Geco][2009][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Holdraszállás (19xx)(Szabo, Tibor)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Holdraszállás (19xx)(Szabo, Tibor)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Hungry Men (19xx)(Bodnar, Tamas)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Huszonegyezés (1998)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Hydrofool (1987)(Faster Than Light)[h IstvanV][2010][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Impossible Mission (1985)(U.S. Gold)[h Geco][2010][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Impossible Mission (1985)(U.S. Gold)[h IstvanV][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)[h Geco][m][t][v1.07][2006][unreleased][Amstrad CPC] .zip
Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)[h Geco][m][t][v1.15][2006][unreleased][Amstrad CPC] .zip
Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)[h Geco][m][t][v2.07][2006][unreleased][Amstrad CPC] .zip
Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)[h Geco][m][t][v2.15][2006][unreleased][Amstrad CPC] .zip
IQ Teszt 1 (1988)(FSZ Studio)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
IQ Teszt 2 (1988)(FSZ Studio)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Itt a piros (1999)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Jump Jack (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Jól érzi magát a börében (1995)(Kiss, Laszlo)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip

and so on....

Hope to finish it in a few weeks  ;-)

Games / Problem with Batman (3D - Adventure)
« on: 2011.February.09. 20:32:13 »
Hi all,

what's the trick, to map any key or joystick for JUMP ?
Can't manage it....is this a bug ?

Games / GameBase Enterprise v1.00 released
« on: 2011.February.06. 19:59:56 »
Hi all,

i've finished the GameBase Enterprise v1.00  :)

You can DL it from :
- Underground Gamers (account required)
- Megaupload
- Here in the DL Section  or just push me  :smt006   

Of course, i gave you credits for all your Help for releasing this GameBase.
(Look on the GB-GUI at :  Help/About/Database  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Please test this GameBase and give me your Feedback.

Games / Gamebase Enterprise - Betatest !
« on: 2011.January.24. 17:04:07 »
Hi all,

before i want to release the GB Enterprise here in the DL-Section & on Underground Gamers, i need some Guy's for Betatesting the GB.
(a "friend" on the Gamebase-Forum will test the GB this evening, too)

1. Please use the latest "Main-Gamebase"  v1.3 for testing : get it here : http://www.bu22.com/

2. Download the GameBase EP from Megaupload or Rapidshare, and extract it to your Main-GB-Folder.

3. I've made some "special" config-*.cfg's" , to autorun all Games with GameBase Enterprise/ep128emu.
    But because the ep128emu don't support "relative paths" yet ,  the *.cfg-files in the Folder :
    Enterprise\Emulator\ep128emu\config-gb needs to be editing one time.

     Please take a look to the "IMPORTANT INFO.PDF"  (here i try to explain, how to setup the config-gb cfg's )

Note : For the DL from Megaupload :
             please rename the folder "config-gb - OLD" to "config-gb" ! (there's something wrong with the existing config-gb)
             So rename the actually config-gb into "config-gb -old1" or something else... ;-)

             (From Rapidshare, the folder should be o.k , i've made this later.....)

Important for me is to know, if the Games starts automatically with my "Gemus-Script" and my *.cfg's in the config-gb folder.
Also the Extras "Play Game (Disk)" & "Open Disk (Loader Menue).
Only the Games on Disk-Image "Games_01 - Games_09" has this extra, yet.

Here are some points, what's in this GameBase (yet) :

* ca. 1150 Games
* ca. 120 Demos & Utils (This is a "work in progress".....not all Utils are added, yet)
* All Games has screenshots.......demos & utils not (yet)
* All Conversions has a direct-link to WOS (spectrum-conversion) or CPC-Power (amstrad-conversion)
* All Games that has Infos on  "www.ep128.hu" has a link, too.
* Some Games (most letter A & B, yet) has Infos & links to other conversions of the Game. (C64, Amiga, Atari etc.)
* A few Games has a link to You Tube (i.e. Airwolf)

* There are also some other points in "extras", wich is a "work in progress".........

I'm working since June 2010 on this Project....
Well, i think it will take some month more (maybe 3....) , before all Entrys in this GB are 100 % perfect....
But i want to release it NOW  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:   
All other things will come in a later update (s).

So, please take a look ;-)

Megaupload : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CR3RME5O

Rapidshare : http://rapidshare.com/files/444267557/Gamebase_EP_Betatest.zip

P.S. @IstvanV and all other Developers on the ep128emu :

Is there a way , to "add" my config-cfg's for the Gamebase, into the Installer (ep128emu-2.0.9-1-i686.exe) ?
So, there would be no need for manually editing the *.cfg's in the config-gb  :roll:
That would be  much better for the "End-User" of the GameBase Enterprise.
Or maybe you can create an "extra"  ep128emu-Installer.exe  wich also contains the cfg's for GB Enterprise.....
(of course only when my "spcecial-cfg's" works perfectly with the GameBase/ep128emu )

Maybe, you can take a look at them  ;-)

Thanks for reading & for all your Help on this Project !!!
(of course you will be listed in the finished GameBase "Credits"  :lol: )

Cheers, Vicman

ohh...  I forgot something in : "..points, what's in this GameBase (yet)"
Gecos Emulators (CPC, ZX81, VIC20 and TVC) are in this GameBase, too  :!:
* CPC Emulator v2 & 287 playable Games
* ZX81 Emulator & 113 playable Games
* Vic20 Emulator & 55 playable Games
* TVC Emulator & 50 playable Games

Emulators / Wich Machine-Config for a "ISDOS - File"
« on: 2010.December.20. 20:23:03 »
Hi all,

to run the Game Seastalker , the ISDOS is needed in the Machine-Config.

But i can't figure out, in wich segment, do i have to put this  :oops:
(and wich do i need : exdos13isdos10esp.rom or exdos13isdos10hun.rom)

6179-0This is my "Standard Config." for the most Games

btw....the GameBase Enterprise is 90% finished  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Games / Question about Publisher and Developer
« on: 2010.November.17. 12:00:29 »
Hi Guys,

it seems, there are (maybe) some wrong Infos about the Publisher and Developer on this Website.... :oops:

Example 1 :
Abyss - Publisher (kiadó) : Entersoft....??.......  is that right ?

or should it be Publisher = Artificial Intelligence (look at the Tape)
..................Developer = Entersoft

Example 2 :
Catacomb (Tombs of Doom) should be Publisher = Enterprise Computers Ltd.  and  Developer = Entersoft

any idea ?

Games / EP Version of Wizard's Lair ?
« on: 2010.November.07. 20:53:50 »
Hi all,

where do i find the Enterprise dump of  Wizard's Lair?

There is only the spectrum conversion online...

But i think there must be an EP-Dump, 'cause you have a scan of the cover and tape .

Same question for the game Starstrike 3D (and maybe some other)....do you have an original EP-Dump for use in the Emulator ?

any idea ?.....or maybe nobody has make dump (yet) ?

Games / Converters : Who is Who ?
« on: 2010.September.12. 00:09:45 »
Hi all,

for my "Enterprise Gamebase-Project" i need some Infos about the Converters.

I would like to name the Game-Converters with :
a.) Real Name
b.) Nick Name
c.) Group (if possible)
d.) Picture from you  :mrgreen:

Of course, i need your permission to do it !

Example 1 :
Game : Battle of Britain
a.) Németh Zoltán
b.) Zozosoft
c.) -
d.) look at the picture :oops:

Example 2 :
Game : Black Tiger
a.) Béla Vincze György
b.) Exosworm
c.) Exosworm Digital Corp.
d.) None  :(

Now, i need your real name and the group-name from all Converters  :roll:

I've allready found some : (name,nick,group)
please correct it and/or help to complete : (maybe you also can give me some pictures  ;-) )
1. Németh Zoltán / Zozosoft / None
2. Béla Vincze György / Exosworm / Exosworm Digital Corp.
3. Hidas Szilard & Csikos Csaba / Hidas & Csikos / BAM
4. István Varga / IstvánV / None
5. Haluska László / Laszlo H. / HSoft
6. Richter Tamás / Moonlight / None
7. Horváth István / HIS / None

For the most Converters, i only know the Nickname (or sometimes the real-name and/or Group...) :
Attus, Geco, Andris (Andrewsoft), Attila, Jano, Coorsore, Gyányi Sándor, Jakosa (Gunsoft), BEZO, Billsoft, Joe
Kovacs Roland, Kuki Soft, Csabai Tibor, László Kiss, Legend, Mastersoft, Rolexsoft, Rudy, Future Soft

The List isn't complete, yet.....

Please, can you help to complete this ?
I want to give you your CREDITS in the GameBase EP-Forever
You have earned it

Emulators / relative path in a *.cfg - File ?
« on: 2010.July.29. 19:16:16 »
Hi all,

i need your help.

For my GameBase Enterprise Project, i've made this *.cfg to run *.bas files that needs the zrom :
Code: [Select]
memory.configFile ""
memory.ram.size 128
memory.rom.00.file "E:\\GameBase\\Enterprise\\Emulator\\ep128emu\\roms\\exos21.rom"
memory.rom.00.offset 0
memory.rom.01.file "E:\\GameBase\\Enterprise\\Emulator\\ep128emu\\roms\\exos21.rom"
memory.rom.01.offset 16384
memory.rom.02.file ""
memory.rom.02.offset 0
memory.rom.03.file ""
memory.rom.03.offset 0
memory.rom.04.file "E:\\GameBase\\Enterprise\\Emulator\\ep128emu\\roms\\asmon15.rom"
memory.rom.04.offset 0
memory.rom.05.file "E:\\GameBase\\Enterprise\\Emulator\\ep128emu\\roms\\asmon15.rom"
memory.rom.05.offset 16384
memory.rom.06.file "E:\\GameBase\\Enterprise\\Emulator\\ep128emu\\roms\\basic21.rom"
memory.rom.06.offset 0
memory.rom.07.file "E:\\GameBase\\Enterprise\\Emulator\\ep128emu\\roms\\epdos_z.rom"
memory.rom.07.offset 0
memory.rom.10.file "E:\\GameBase\\Enterprise\\Emulator\\ep128emu\\roms\\epfileio.rom"

but the end-user of my GameBase will probably not use the same folder for the GameBase....(in my case , it's on drive E:)

my question is :
is it possible to use "relative paths" in the *cfg-file ?

otherwise my "selfmade-cfg's" won't work for other peoples  :cry:

i thought something like :
Code: [Select]
memory.rom.00.file ".\GameBase\\Enterprise\\Emulator\\ep128emu\\roms\\exos21.rom"  :oops:

is there a way to make it work ?

Games / Battle of Britain
« on: 2010.July.20. 17:30:56 »
Hi all,

I've found a dump by Zozosoft from the game  "Battle of Britain" in the Spectrum Programok Atirasa - Thread. (Page 4)

But I can't find it on the Enterprise Játékok Homepage....

Why ? Has it a diff. name there ? isn't it a final version ? or have you forgotten to add this one ?  :oops:


I've found the link to the description, but not a download for the dump...

Games / "Real" Names for EP-Conversions
« on: 2010.July.17. 18:49:48 »
Hi Guy's,

i don't know, if you (allready) know it......
I found somtething out about the BAM Flipper on your EP-Games Homepage

BAM has taken the Titelscreen from the Spectrum Game Macadam Bumper

The Game itself is Flipi  ;-)

Author & Publisher is : Wr. Agostini (1984)

You can play it here:

Is this new for you ? 'cause publisher on your Page is BAMSoft , year is unknown....

Emulators / Snapshots-Images : Don't work allways ?
« on: 2010.June.26. 21:00:17 »
Hi all,

well, i'm back again  :oops:

I've made some other projects for the Frontend eCC & the Frontend GamesBase....
So, the time was to short for my Enterprise-Project...

Unfortunately the Head-Developer of the Frontend eCC has stopped (maybe paused) his work...
There are still many Features, i miss in eCC, therefore i've decided to start a "GameBase Enterprise - Project"
Don't know, if you know GameBase....but i think you do  ;-) (i.e. GameBase64 v.7)

I think this Project will take 3 - 6 Month before finished....maybe longer.....
But i've promissed myself to finsh it !

anyway....i need your help again :  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Because of the long Booting-time from EP128 (ca.20 seconds before a game is loaded), i want also use Snapshots (*.ep128s) as playable dumps,
because those "dumps" starts directly.

The problem is, not all Snapshots works fine. I.e. the Game 19-Part I......
I think this is because the game want to reload some stuff...and so, a Snaphot-Image don't work here.....right ?

Are there many games, that will not work as Snapshot ? - And How do i see it, and sort them out ?

Is it possible to reduce the "loading/booting-time" for a normal dump ? (use the dumps from http://www.ep128.hu/Ep_Games )

Here you can see an Example, starting 3D-Starfighter in the GameBase :

best regards,

Games / Probléma: Batman - A körgalléros Crusader Part I & 2
« on: 2009.October.10. 23:07:34 »
Hi Guy's,
I need your Help again.... :roll:

I can't figure out, how to start the 2 Games, when I'm at the Screen, where i can choose my Joystick.....
Nothing happens, when putting on 1,2,3,4 or 5....the Games don't start  :(

What's the trick ?           (using the dumps from ep128.hu )

Translation  :mrgreen:  :oops:
hello emberek

Én egyszer Szükségem van a segítségedre
Nem tudok rájönni, hogyan jutok a játék kezdődött ....
Semmi nem történik, amikor megnyomom a gombokat 1,2,3,4, vagy 5.
Mi a trükk?

I've already made a nice Fake-Cover  ;-)

Games / Enterprise added in Online-GameDB
« on: 2009.October.05. 23:20:05 »
Hi all,

your favorite 8bit-Computer is now added to the RomDB / GameDB :smt039
At this time, I've added the Games from 0-9 and Letter A.

I've also add the Info, who has converted the Game....(not for each game, yet)

@ Zozosoft here is the Entry for "your" Alien Highway  :ds_icon_cheesygrin: (look at : Additional infos....)

@All :
You can all help to add the Metainfos in the RomDB ! (publisher/developer/converter/Year etc.)
But for this, you have to use the eCC-Frontend.......
Another way is : Tell me your knowledge about the Games, and I will add this in eCC


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