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Maintenance / One Dead EP128...
« on: 2008.November.05. 17:09:12 »
Hi.  It's great to see there is still a thriving EP group!!!

I bought an Enterprise128 almost 15 years ago, to add to my retro-collection, but never really used it except for occasionally switching it on to see that it still worked.  My latest check reveals that all is not well - it will not power-on at all...

Apart from being able to confirm that the little red LED indicates power-up, I have also been able to deduce that all supply voltages are present, (+5v, +12v) as are the 4.433619Mhz, 8Mhz and the derived 4Mhz, which is being supplied to the Z80.  However, there appears to be no address/data bus activity at all, nor is there any RF (PAL) being produced by the modulator (no raster of any kind).

btw, the PCB is undamaged and in perfect condition, despite the computer having been dumped in a shed for many years.  Is there anyone with EP repairs experience, and if so, could you shed any light on exactly what component may have failed???


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