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Wanted / Lost magazines, books, soft and other stuff
« on: 2018.January.09. 14:42:03 »

1983.04 Personal Computer World [EN]
Article: "Intelligent Software", Personal Computer World, April 1983, p. 196
Advert: Samurai advert, Personal Computer World, April 1983, p. 249

1983.11 Educational Computing [EN]
Educational Computing, 1983 Nov, p13 (ISSN: 0143-6058)
Article: Microworld - A Machine Design to Whet the Appetite.

1984.01 Computer Answers #12 [EN]
Source: page 154

1984.01 What Micro [EN]
Article: All or Nothing

1984.03 Computing (U.K.) [EN]
Computing (U.K.), 1984 March 15, p2 (ISSN: 0144-3097)
Article: Flan Creates 90 Jobs to Produce New Micro

1984.03 Personal Computer World [EN]
Personal Computer World, March 1984, p. 18
Article: Late start

1984.05 Personal Computer World [EN]
Article: the elusive

1985.02 What Micro [EN]
Article: Beam us up, Scottie

1985.03 Personal Computer News [EN]
Personal Computer News, March 30th 1985, p. 2
Article: Monitor - In brief

1985.03 Personal Computing Today [EN]
Article: Hardware review

1985.05 Electronics and Computing Monthly [EN]
Electronics and Computing Monthly May 1985. pp.50-52.
Article: Beverley, Paul. "An Enterprising Interface."
Ports, use of a Microvitec colour monitor (by changing the links within the monitor), general details.
Source (search "Elan Enterprise 64 and 128")

1985.05 P.M. Computerheft [DE]
Article: Test: Homecomputer Mephisto

1985.06 Personal Computer World [EN]
Article: analogue clock

1985.11 Computer TEAM #11 [DE]

???1985-86 Computer Persönlich [DE]

???1985-86 Computer-Markt [DE]
(Can't find anything about that magazine or gazette)
Source (presumably here full article)

???1986 Playboy Germany [DE]
perhaps february issue
Source (presumably here full article)

1986.01 Data Welt [DE]

1986.01 Personal Computer World [EN]
Article: cuboid

1986.05 Personal Computer World [EN]
Article: keyboard tutor

1986.09 BANG #3 [EN]

1986.10 Personal Computer World [EN]
Article: cribbage

Radio Amateur Magazine (R.A.M.) [Dutch]

???2004.11 Personal Computer World [EN]
(I think so, because original issue was at November 1984)
"If you’re interested in the history of Olivetti, Sirius, Apricot, the Xerox Alto, Elan Enterprise, Memotech and the Sord M5, these were covered in my Retro column in Personal Computer World magazine, Oct 04, Nov 04, Dec 04, Feb 05, Mar 05, Apr 05 and Jun 05 issues respectively."


2013.02 RETURN [DE]
RETURN magazine Issue 13, published 2013-02-15 (Germany)
Source (7 pages 00:24-00:33)

2017.07-08 Amiga Future #127 [EN][DE]
Article: Specials: Enterprise 128k


Gordon, Alan M. - Super Programmer (1985)
Professional programming in ANSI Standard BASIC.
Sigma Press. ISBN 1-85058-002-2. The Enterprise 64 Computer ... is one of the few micro computers to implement Full ANSI BASIC


Technical manual on russian and IS-BASIC manual on russian
Русифицированное техническое руководство и справочник по IS-BASIC на русском языке

Техника-молодёжи 1992.03 стр.4:
Вы хотели бы заполучить редкостное в наших краях техническое руководство (Technical Manual) к вашему компьютеру? К тому же - на русском языке? Книга содержит подробное описание операционной системы и драйверов и явится незаменимым пособием для каждого - от начинающего пользователя до опытного программиста. Приложение к тексту - схемы подключения периферийных устройств. Предварительные заказы посылайте в адрес редакции «ТМ» с пометкой «Enterprise» на конверте. Помните: от вашей активности зависят сроки издания, тираж и следовательно, стоимость столь необходимого вам руководства."

Техника-молодёжи 1992.09 стр.7:
"Уважаемые пользователи ПК Enterprise 128!
Вас, естественно интересуют сроки выпуска и порядок реализации «Технического руководства» к Вашему компьютеру.
Приславших предварительные заказы просим не беспокоиться: все заявки будут учтены при определении тиража книги. Она готовится к изданию и увидит свет в конце этого - начале следующего года.
Ориентировочная цена - 200 руб. Условия приобретения сообщим дополнительно."


"Bits 'n' Pieces", Grampian TV's home computer series 1985
"Bits 'n' Pieces is a series of six programmes and will be screened from about mid-june onwards"

Other topics / Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2017.July.08. 17:03:55 »
Sometimes I'll put here some interesting (IMHO) materials.


Let's start from Red Moon from Level 9 Computing.
From many sources we can understand: game for EP must exists.
http://mocagh.org/rainbird/level9-history.pdf (year 1985 + photo)

But in software adverts of L9 you can see under games "The Worm in Paradise" and "Red Moon" little string "(Not Enterprise/Memotech)"
All L9 catalogs you can see here: http://mocagh.org/loadpage.php?getgame=header-rainbird

BTW, I found on that site booklet for "Colossal Adventure": http://mocagh.org/rainbird/colossaladventerprise-manual.pdf
(I doesn't saw it earlier)

And some "X-Ray" stuff...

Take Batman (hungary) kasette: http://ep128.hu/Album/Ep_Kazetta/Kazetta/Batman_hun.jpg
and make some gamma/contrast/brightness adjustments:

"El diales es Divertido"? Some Spain-language educational software?

I think, retailers in Hungary just take cassette with not very popular soft and record on them more interesting and valuable stuff.
Similar cassettes:

Games / 8-bit AKIN demake (Basic)
« on: 2017.January.29. 21:48:54 »
Preview version of the Akin game 8-bit demake.


Int Joy - movement
Space - select start cell / reload level

Main goal to draw full level at one colour (orange or blue). You can start from any cell, but you can pass each cell only once.
Using of crossroads or teleports not necessarily.

(At now game have just 2 levels, but I'll add more levels later)

Games / Pasziansz
« on: 2017.January.09. 15:50:05 »
Where I can see the rules of the first two (at the left) solitaire games?

3-rd - Double Klondike solitaire.
4-th - Carpet solitaire variation.

Other topics / Logos, labels and other pics for printing or editing
« on: 2016.December.18. 18:05:37 »
I've sorted out the mess at my PC and found few files what I've made.

Various EP Logos (made from scratch and have vectors files):

Function Keys Label I have posted here: https://enterpriseforever.com/other-topics/my-enterprise-64-128-the-story/msg32312/#msg32312

Label for SD card adapter:
(for printing)

Programming / HiSOFT Pascal
« on: 2016.June.07. 12:01:20 »
After long thinkings I want to try rewrite my game in Pascal.

And I have few questions:

  • what disadvantages has that compiler, in comparison with the IS-BASIC (or ZZZIPed BASIC);
  • what Pascal function/procedure can use instead Basic's DATA statement;
  • howto using channels: write/writeln to specified channel (because EP scecific functions has description only on magyar);

Games / Devils (BASIC)
« on: 2016.January.12. 11:37:16 »
Here I put sources of my little game on basic, that not compiled by ZZZIP.

BattleMode now isn't working properly (I'll remake it later and probably change it completely).
ArcadeMode working almost fine, but too slow in emulator even on speed 400% :( (compiled version without battle mode works at normal speed). Now present 2 levels, but for now it changes manually at line 5516.
Intro text just for stub.

At arcade mode you must find keys, open locks and grab upgrades (power,shield,... - I'll change their effects later).
But beware devils can steal keys, and you can't take then back.

When devil see you, he begins to pursue (and call his friends, if they are nearby).
After defeating all 4 enemies loads next level (even if you still not take all upgrades).
Eating dots restore you health (not now implementing in gameplay) and increase XP.

Hope it not sounds very complex :)

To be continued...

In its current form the core of the new operating system consumes only 40 KB of RAM and supports work on processors based on the architecture Zilog Z80. The system can be run on a wide variety of systems based on clones and embodiments Z80, including motherboards T80 FPGA. The system was originally designed for portability, for example, in the code already provided basic support for 8-bit processors Motorola 6809 and MOS 6502, which theoretically allows you to run the OS and for these systems.


Other topics / Demo on YouTube
« on: 2013.October.28. 12:06:11 »
I want to make videos of Enterprise demos and put them on YouTube.
How better to do? Short preview or the full text scrolls?
Because some demos have 1.5 hours long (e.g. Small Demo)

Some videos here.

Other topics / Testing tools
« on: 2013.June.20. 17:24:12 »

What software exist for testing EP hardware (which can be loaded from the tape)?

Programming / .BAS & .WP file format specification
« on: 2012.June.19. 21:41:51 »
Where I can find info about .BAS & .WP file format specifications?

Emulators / Alex's programs
« on: 2008.September.07. 17:50:51 »
I have simple Spectrum 48k Black&White emulator.

It works with real Spectrum Cassettes.

SP  version 1.1
    Spectrum 48K Emulator
    © 1993 Alexander Gusev.

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