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Hall of Fame / History of the Enterprise from www.theregister.co.uk
« on: 2013.October.29. 16:13:16 »
Hi guys,

Don't know if anyone has seen this but a nice write up on the history of Elan/FLan/Enterprise etc.

Enterprise History

Worth a read as had a few bits and pieces I didn't know about.



Closed topics / UK Ebay today
« on: 2007.November.18. 23:26:39 »
Lots of interest on the auctions that ended tonight on ebay (Sunday 18th November). Got asked a few questions by those people who where selling and bidding etc. so I passed on a link to here !!

So greetings in case your reading this  :)

If your interested in the Enterprise - definately the place to be !!



Input devices / Enterprise Keyboard Membranes
« on: 2007.August.10. 22:53:00 »

I know their is a company in the UK who will do a production run of Enterprise Membranes but with a minimum of 500. I've asked them to let me know how much a production run would cost - as I cant see many people outside of this forum needing one. The question is - do people need a new membrane or two and how much (in UK pounds) would we be prepared to pay?

I dont want to start a business selling them but happy to find out if the forum as a group can do a deal for them.

Does anyone want new membranes ???



Wanted / Enterprise on Vatera
« on: 2007.June.20. 23:44:55 »

Apologies in advance, but could someone let me know if this is a genuine Enterprise auction and how I go about bidding on it from the UK ?

Link on Vatera is: -


Might be easier to get another Enterprise than to try and find a keyboard membrane?



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